GHP Q4 2019

20 GHP / Q4 2019 , A Smooth Ice Breaker into Mental Health Event planning company and top mixologists based inWiltshire, Elsie Road, has beenworking with Cornerstone Telecommunications Infrastructure (Cornerstone), to help raise awareness of their Mental Health campaignwith their innovate ‘ice breaker’ smoothies. Natalie Skinner, owner of Elsie Road said “With mental health constantly in the news at the moment, we wanted to play our part in raising awareness to help combat these worrying issues. Working with Cornerstone has enabled us to do just that.” Based in Reading, Cornerstone, invited Elsie Road and their Smoothie Bar to their offices to provide refreshing and healthy drinks to their staff. This created an ice breaker to start conversa- tions about mental health, which is usually a difficult subject matter. Natalie continues, “This activity was part of Cornerstone’s new ‘Mental Health Time to Talk Programme’, an initiative to get their employees to open up and remove the stigma surrounding mental health. The staff loved our smoothies, and before we knew it, people were opening up and sharing their own experiences, which was exactly the objective we’d set. “Mental health within the corporate world needs addressing. It is a top- ic close to my heart and we want to help other companies raise awareness using the Smoothie or Sorbet bar.” said Natalie. “I suggested to Cornerstone to implement a mental health pro- gramme some time ago and this idea came to me as a fun way to get conversations started in a unique way, rather than the usual ‘coffee and chat’ type of events. “Our long-term goal is to grow and evolve another business which raises awareness of men- tal health and helps corporates put mental health programmes in place.” continued Natalie. All profit made from this event was donated to the mental health charity, Mind. For companies looking to do a similar thing, Elsie Road is offer- ing their services at cost price to the first two companies to book. Just get in touch via their contact page Elsie Road on its own, or accom- panied by cocktail making classes, adds a very special ingredient to any corporate gathering or party. Cocktails can be tailored to incor- porate the theme of any event.