GHP Q4 2019

22 GHP / Q4 2019 , Bormioli Pharma Renovates Its Plant In San Vito Al Tagliamento As a result of an investment of over 20million euros, the plant expansion has been designed to ensure a high operational flexibility and to allow to operate with different formats and production technologies. Bormioli Pharma has recently unveiled its renovated plant in San Vito al Tag- liamento, in the North-Eastern Italy. The plant expansion features a brand new furnace and two new production lines, significantly increasing its operating capacity. The ceremony has been attended, among others, by Sergio Emidio Bini, Councillor to Productive Activities and Tourism of the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region, and Antonio Di Bisceglie, Mayor of San Vito al Tagliamento municipality. The investment, which amounted to a financial commitment of over 20 million euros, will allow, when fully operational, the increase of the production capacity from 30 tons / day to 110 tons / day, with the possibility of adding a third production line to extend the plant’s maximum capacity to up to 150 tons / day. The new plant, featuring cutting-edge technologies in dif- ferent areas, has been designed to ensure a high operational flex- ibility and to allow to operate with different formats and production technologies. In addition to high standards of energy efficiency, the plant now features a system of prevention and safety as well as an emission control mecha- nism of absolute excellence. To support the investment in the production site, Bormioli Pharma has implemented a substantial plan to hire new resources, which has resulted in an increase of about 50% in the workforce. This enabled the company to hire about 50 workers, who have already been involved in training sessions. “The decision to invest in the renovation and development of our plant in San Vito responds to the company’s growth plans and the need to improve our level of service, further reducing lead times and ensuring product availability even during periods of periodic maintenance of our production site in Bergantino. The construction of this plant further confirms the company’s ability to improve continuously, through the integration and development of its technological skills on production processes” commented Andrea Lodetti, CEO of Bormioli Pharma. “With the inauguration of the new plant, we have strengthened our position, further establishing the company as a partner of excellence in the global pharmaceutical industry”. In addition to the expansion of the production site in San Vito, Bormioli Pharma has recently announced the acquisition of the German company Remy & Geiser, specialized in closure and dosing systems as well as tubular glass vials, further confirming its growth and internationalization strategy. Bormioli Pharma is a plastic and glass pharmaceutical packaging company based in Parma. Ac- quired in November 2017 by the Triton investment fund, the com- pany produces about 5.5 billion pieces a year and employs about 900 people, 120 of which – when fully operational – are based in San Vito al Tagliamento plant.