GHP Q4 2019

GHP / Q4 2019 5 NEWS , Monash researchers use nanotechnology for pain relief. Researchers at the Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (MIPS) and the ARC Centre of Excellence in Convergent Bio- Nano Science and Technology (CBNS) have created a nanoparticle that could improve the properties of painkillers by delivering them directly to the source of pain. The international collaboration with researchers from the University of Santiago (Chile), Columbia University (USA) and the University of Queensland has been developing the new technology in the hope of replacing existing methods of pain relief such as opioids, which can have serious side-effects. In a paper published today in Nature Nanotechnology, the team featuring PhD candidate Paulina Ramírez-García, and group leaders Dr Nicholas Veldhuis and Professor Tom Davis from MIPS and CBNS, reveal how they have developed a nanoparticle drug carrier that can bypass the nerve cell surface and effectively interrupt the pain signal from within the cell, enabling greater relief from pain, with lower drug doses and fewer side effects. “We know that when pain occurs, certain receptors move to the interior of spinal neurons to transmit pain signals. When we take painkillers, these drugs freely distribute throughout the Weaning Off Opioids body, to not only block pain but also act on other tissues to produce side-effects,” said Ms Ramírez-García. “To overcome this, we harnessed nanotechnology to design nanoparticles that can selectively deliver drugs to these internal pain transmitting centres, concentrating the drug inside neurons where it is most effective at stopping the pain signal.” To validate this new approach to pain management, the preclinical experiments focussed on delivering a drug known as Aprepitant using these pain-relieving nanoparticles. Aprepitant had previously failed in clinical pain trials and is now only used in the clinic for treating severe nausea associated with chemotherapy. According to co-researcher Dr Veldhuis, this technology could be adapted to deliver other drugs, and has potential to address the growing global opioid epidemic. ”While opioids are still a highly effective treatment for debilitating pain, the risk of long-term dependence and other unwanted side effects can be damaging for individuals and families,” Dr Veldhuis said, “If we can use existing drugs in a more targeted away, there is significant potential to provide chronic pain sufferers with a non-opioid treatment option for pain relief.” The team will continue to explore the benefit of nanoparticle vehicles for improving other pain relief medications. 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These include: • Xero-LipoTM treatments designed to eliminate stubborn, localised fat deposits in areas that are resistant to exercise and diet • Neuromuscular Stimulation (NMS) to help strengthen muscles and tighten the skin in the treated areas • Hypoxi treatments concentrate on problem areas in easy cardio training, proven to combat cellulite, stubborn fat deposits and poor connective tissue • Velashape uses powerful technologies to focus on cellulite and loose skin • Cryotherapy where a cold mist of up to -125C is sprayed over a focus area to reduce inflammation, shrink fat cells, tighten skins, produces more collagen and elasticin – great for cellulite and auto-immune diseases, i.e. Psoriasis and eczema and sore and inflamed muscles and joints after surgery The advantages of thalassotherapy have been long extolled by the Greeks (and used to even be prescribed by the NHS) with health benefits that are particularly powerful for the elderly and those who have suffered sporting injuries. 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