GHP Q4 2019

8 GHP / Q4 2019 , Based onHarley Street in London, YourHealthFirst Clinic certainly finds itself in apt company. As a leading specialised clinic in non-surgical aesthetic treatments, the clinic has quickly become the ‘go-to’ establishment for best in class services and expertise. Following the clinic’s recognition in the 2019 Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards as the ‘Best Non- Invasive Cosmetic &Medical Treatments Clinic’, we spoke to Sofia Bouzian, Company Director, to find out more. A Leader in Non-Surgical Aesthetics Non-surgical treatments are certainly seeing a revitalised interest over the last couple of years as people realise the unique benefits and results of non-invasive medical procedures. Among this wave of interest, a small number of clinics have established themselves as leaders in this emerging industry. One of those, by all considerations, is YourHealthFirst Clinic. Led by Sofia, the clinic has moved from strength to strength, delivering exceptional results for their clients, as she explains in more detail. “More than anything, the clinic believes in achieving confidence, and we endeavour to work alongside our patients to enhance their natural beauty with bespoke treatments and techniques. Where we find a more specialised touch is required, we refer patients to other Doctors or Specialists. Our utmost priority is the health and wellbeing of the patient.” Specialising in all types of aesthetic treatments including; CoolSculpting, or ‘fat freezing’; anti-wrinkle injections; dermal fillers; hair loss solutions; Phlebotomy and blood test services; nutrition and sexual health screening, YourHealthFirst has positioned itself as a sort of one-stop-shop in the sphere. It’s no small feat, but it’s a role that the clinic has settled into with much aplomb – as their numerous, and overwhelmingly positive, client testimonials would attest to. For Sofia, the key to the clinic’s success lies in her staff and dedication to patient care. “The background of our staff is very important to YourHealthFirst. To help achieve this, we only employ qualified Doctors or nurses. The level of care, above all else, is pivotal to the clinic. We make great efforts to listen to our patients and advise them on treatments without pressure. Moreover, we have very affordable prices with excellent outcome, we don’t offer any treatment that we are know is not appropriate to our patients. Above all else, we value honesty and integrity. “We cater to a wide range of clients due to our multilingual staff and associations with other Harley Street licensed clinics. We also accept referrals and private exclusive clientele, like government officials, celebrities, royals and anyone else that wish to enhance their natural beauty,” Sofia adds. Despite the clinic’s enduring success, there are a number of challenges that face the greater industry as it matures. Naturally, as the sector becomes increasingly popular, regulatory changes loom imminent but, for now, Sofia is focused on public perception. “As demand grows and average lifespans increase, there will certainly be a countermovement to combat the ageing process. The number of products on the market will grow and treatments will evolve. Injectable treatments, to spotlight just one, will be longer lasting. A big fear at the moment is that all treatments are temporary, and that the average patient won’t be able to afford to ‘top it up’. Even now we’re seeing changes and advancements in this area.” Sofia continues this thread in her closing remarks, as she takes a moment to once again touch on the importance of quality treatment and processes. “As to our current understanding, the aging process occurs at different levels and it is important that we use only products that have CE Marks, that are 100% dynamic, and adapt naturally to the tissues. That is the key to achieving natural results.” Name: Sofia Bouzian Address: 1 Harley Street, Marylebone, London, W1G 9QD, United Kingdom Website: Telephone: 0207 225 3582 Aug19454