Q4 2020

GHP / Q4 2020 13 , Jul20384 Multi-award-winning global provider of in vitro diagnostics (IVDs), Fortress Diagnostics, is at the forefront of its game. We speak to DrMorteza Afrasiabi about the company and what it is that makes it so successful. Creating Opportunities Fortress Diagnostics develops, manufactures and supports an extensive portfolio of clinical diagnostic tests from its ISO 13485:2016-accredited facility in the UK. With objectives being to provide the highest level of diagnostic solutions globally through continued investment in research and development, Fortress Diagnostics is fully committed to the advancement of the diagnostic industry. “Here at Fortress Diagnostics, we reinvest a staggering 30% of turnover into Research and Development each year,” explains Morteza. “We employ a highly-skilled team of research scientists to innovate and optimise new and existing products to ensure that the diagnostic tests we produce are at the forefront of technology.” For the past 20 years, Fortress Diagnostics has provided its distributors and end-users with high quality products which not only meet, but exceed, market requirements and customer performance expectations. The high quality and competitive price of these products, along with a knowledgeable and dedicated customer service and technical support team, has been instrumental in the firm’s continued success. Today, there are more than 75,000 laboratories and major hospitals that routinely use Fortress Diagnostics’ products and through its global distribution network it provides highly accurate medical testing solutions to immunology, haematology and serological laboratories in hospitals, medical centres, clinics, blood banks and research institutions in over 100 international markets. But it’s not all about the product line and Morteza is quick to praise the firm’s employees for their professionalism, responsibility, courtesy, honest and good communication. “Fortress employees ensure we get the job done as well as the overall success of the company. Meeting deadlines and performing effectively builds the trust and quality behind our brand and the relationships we have with our partners and customers.” The company culture at Fortress Diagnostics is about continuous learning and personal development and, due to increased product demand, the company has increased headcount year on year. “Growth in headcount is set to continue with the development of the new R&D facility and increased sales demand providing new skilled roles in 2021,” Morteza continues. “Fortress is dedicated to supporting STEM roles in NI and works in partnership with local universities to prove opportunities for students to gain work experience and complete PhD studies.” Last year, 2019, was challenging for Fortress Diagnostics due to the delay in increasing its capacity to meet demand. Moving into a brand new custom-built 30,000 square-foot facility allowed them to increase the overall value and percentage (of total) sales internationally by more than 15%. This year, 2020, has also been challenging due to dealing with transport restrictions as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic which saw Fortress Diagnostics making changes to how it shipped orders to ensure all customer needs were met. Overall, it was a success and the number of partners increased plus their quality is much higher than previously. Regarding the future, Morteza states that the firm will continue to invest 30% of its turnover into R&D to ensure it continues to deliver the highest level of testing kits, across an ever-growing number of variants. “Going forward, we plan a further expansion on our new facilities to meet the needs of the business as our portfolio of product continues to grow. This includes Covid-19 Rapid Tests: Antibody, Antigen and Combo Influenza as well as a huge announcement on PCR development.” Contact: Martha O’Neill Web Address: www.fortressdiagnostics.com

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