Q4 2020

14 GHP / Q4 2020 , Jul20284 With a central location and a deep-rooted philosophy to provide exceptional customer service, Portuguese dental practise, Premier Dentalcenter, has a bright future ahead. Recently, we caught up with Carlos Vitória to find out more about the clinic and how, in Portugal, the dental industry is booming. Supported By Experience And Knowledge Premier Dentalcenter is a dental and orthodontics practice, based in Maia, Porto, offering a high level of dental care and procedures, ranging from implantology to aesthetics. This award-winning dental care and expert support is provided by a team of talented experts, all led by renowned Clinical Director, Dr Adriana Vitória, who draws on her vast wealth of experience in the industry to offer patients with the highest standards of services and care. As times have changed recently, patients can schedule their clinic appointment online, in person or over the phone, making the entire process easy and efficient. The clinic also offers a transparent pricing structure and a membership card to ensure that patients understand the price of their treatments. As such, they know that they are in safe hands when they seek dental treatment from Premier Dentalcenter and these are just a few of the unique selling points that the clinic can offer. “What really sets Premier Dentalcenter apart from its competitors is a philosophy applied to the smile,” begins Dental Business Manager, Dr Carlos Vitória. “This is made up of four aspects, each to encourage the best result from treatment for a client.” Through experience and knowledge, patients are offered the right knowledge to make an informed decision that relates to them and their values; trust and affection guides the way in which healthy relationships are developed with each patient; proximity and commitment shows a dedication to providing high quality care in a comfortable environment; while dedication and quality reflects the team that performs these tasks and ensures that there is always an excellent result from every dental treatment. The clinic is mainly focused on four dental treatment services: Advanced Implantology (All-on-4), Dental Aesthetics (Veneers and oral rehabilitation), Orthodontics (dental correction devices) and Facial Aesthetics (Hyaluronic Acid and Botulinum Toxin). The patients that Premier Dentalcenter treat are predominantly from the metropolitan region of Porto, but also from all over Portugal and, recently, the clinic has seen a large number of patients from other countries such as England, USA, Switzerland, Luxembourg, France, Belgium and Brazil. “With a treatment plan, a housing plan and a transport plan, we can make it possible for patients from other countries to get the treatments they want,” states Dr Carlos. One of the potential reasons for this influx of foreign visitors is that the dentistry sector in Portugal today is booming, with a large increase in the number of clinics and medical dentists, causing healthy competition for the sector to benefit patients. Being very well located in the city center, with access to a variety of public transport and in close proximity to Porto airport, Premier DentalCenter is poised to experience even more trade with potential expansion very much on the cards in order to keep pace with the constantly evolving industry. “We believe that dentistry will continue to evolve as a profession, requiring updates in the realms of equipment, technology and technique. As a business, it is dedicated to keeping up to date with these changes, in order to provide patients with the highest quality dental treatments. “Fundamentally, Premier Dentalcenter believes that dental hygiene is linked to a patient’s overall health, psychological attitude and self-esteem. As such, it aims to treat not only the physical teeth themselves, but also its client’s attitude to their care to drive them to better care for their teeth in the future. This will remain central to this innovative dental clinic’s approach as it looks towards a bright future.” Contact: Carlos Vitória Company: Premier Dentalcenter, Clínica Dentária Web Address: www.premierdentalcenter.pt

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