Q4 2020

GHP / Q4 2020 15 , Jul20225 At a time when cleanliness is highest on everyone’s agenda thanks to a worldwide pandemic, we at Global Health and Pharma turn the spotlight on to the CleanroomEngineering Specialists of the Year 2020 – Europe, DITTEL Engineering GmbH. Based in Germany and offering its services across the continent, DITTEL Engineering acts as a service provider for cleanroom technology, helping companies throughout Europe research and produce with exceptionally high levels of quality and purity. We find out just how important these services are at a time when cleanliness is of the utmost importance. Cleanrooms Keeping Clear of COVID For so many industries across the world, having a clean and particle- free workspace is imperative. Every industry can benefit from having a clean workspace, and that has never been more important than at the moment as the world continues to struggle against the effects of COVID-19. Companies all over Europe can benefit massively from the cleanroom technology that DITTEL Engineering offers. Amongst them are the automotive, aerospace, and plastics industries, where particles need to be kept away from finished products for the utmost safety. That is not all however, as there is also the pharmaceutical companies, medical technology manufacturers, food companies, laboratories, pharmacies, and hospitals that require a working environment that is free from particles and germs of all kinds. Whilst the necessity amongst all of these industries and companies remains the same, the requirements for their differing workspaces are fundamentally different in key ways. For instance, the microchips for computers are not produced in the same environment as a protective or decorative film used on modern vehicles. Therefore, it cannot be that one solution from DITTEL Engineering suits all clients. It is this philosophy and this insight that underpins the work of the engineering team at DITTEL Engineering, and is why the firm prides itself on delivering tailor-made clean rooms. Planners work with the clients to understand what products they will be delivering, and base their room designs around this knowledge. The more detailed this advanced planning is, the better the results. Also, this can lead to fewer surprises during the building phase, and results in less planning changes and additional costs throughout the duration of the project. Cleanrooms are not a normal building project, like the construction of a warehouse or other common architectural feat. Instead, they require specialized planning and specialized planners to deliver it as it should be. These individuals can oversee the independent construction supervision, but not the construction itself. The service package that DITTEL Engineering provides include the aforementioned customer- specific planning, as well as qualification, metrology, and project management as overseen by the specialized experts that the firm employs. However, the specializations do not end there for DITTEL Engineering, or for its customers. Thanks to its experience creating cleanrooms for various industries, DITTEL Engineering can also provide its customers with a broad overview of the current state of scientific and technological applications. At a time when the world is moving faster than ever before, this is vital for customers to know. The engineers that the firm employs accompany their clients in the trend towards more and more future-oriented technological efficiency of interdisciplinary technologies, as well as in the increased consideration of aspects such as energy efficiency and sustainability. Without the innovative work that DITTEL Engineering does, society would lack in so many industries and areas. It would not be possible to research, produce, or cure precisely, and there would be countless numbers of contaminants in many of the products that people use every single day. Since cleanroom technology has become an indispensable part of modern manufacturing methods, more and more companies and industries are looking to DITTEL Engineering when planning high-purity industrial and medical environments. The necessity to be clean and pure is one that should always be treated with importance, but recent events have forced many more industries to consider just how pure and clean their production methods are. Thanks to the sterling work of the firm, the world is surely a safer place than it would have been. Company: DITTEL Engineering GmbH Contact: Prof. Dr Gernod Dittel Website: www.dittel-engineering.de