Q4 2020

GHP / Q4 2020 17 , Jun20319 Pioneer In Varicose Vein Treatments TheWhiteley Clinic offers expert treatment of varicose veins and related vein conditions based on award-winning research. Recently, we profiled the clinic and caught up with its founder, ProfessorMarkWhiteley to find out more about howTheWhiteley Clinic offers one of the best varicose veins treatments in the UK today. The Whiteley Clinic introduced non- surgical varicose vein treatments in the United Kingdom when its founder, Professor Mark Whiteley, performed the first endovenous (non-surgical) varicose vein operation in March 1999. Professor Whiteley has been at the forefront of innovation in varicose vein treatments ever since. In 2001, he invented TRLOP with Judy Holdstock in 2001 and was the first in Europe to perform microwave ablation of varicose veins in February 2019. In addition to this, he was also the first in the world to perform HIFU (Sonovein) treatment of varicose veins commercially. “We are internationally recognised for our research into investigating and treating varicose veins, venous leg ulcers and pelvic congestion syndrome,” Mark explains. “Having spent two decades studying these, including over a hundred peer-reviewed research papers, five books, several national and international prizes and several PhDs, we now understand veins in a way they have never been understood before.” “Having spent two decades studying these, including over hundred peer-reviewed research papers, for books, several national and international prizes and several PhDs, we now understand veins in ways they have never been understood before.” Mark has been campaigning for 16 years to try and get patients with venous leg ulcers to be treated with endovenous techniques. Randomised controlled trials have shown this to be the optimal way of treating leg ulcers rather than the usual compression bandaging. “Not only would it save the country £2-3 billion per year, but it would also improve patient’s quality-of-life and not surprising, it is already NICE guidelines although nobody seems to follow them,” states Mark, who has written a book for patients and relatives to help them understand this approach called “Leg Ulcer Treatment Revolution.” Mark and his team are recognised as world leaders in the treatment of pelvic congestion syndrome, and Mark even wrote the first book on this subject for patients called ‘Pelvic congestion syndrome-chronic pelvic pain and pelvic venous disorders.’ Alongside this, Mark has also introduced aesthetic phlebology (the treatment of veins on the face, breasts, hands, arms and feet) and has recently patented a new technique for treating vertical bulging veins on the forehead. He and his colleague from Brazil have written the first ever research paper showing how these can be treated successfully. Ever since the Bristol heart scandal it has been known that patients will only be confident that doctors are getting good results, and the techniques they use are appropriate, if doctors and patients complete an ongoing registry in that condition. There are now many registries for heart disease, obesity surgery, major joint surgery, cancer et cetera. “This is why myself and the Whiteley clinic are founding members of The College of Phlebology Venous Registry. This registry will allow patients to check medium and long- term outcomes, ensuring that they know their treatments at The Whiteley Clinic will provide excellent long-term results.” The staff at The Whiteley Clinic are its biggest asset. “They are the fuel and energy to our company’s growth and success. Every employee in our company works their absolute best to ensure, as a team, The Whiteley Clinic can reach all its goals.” Knowing that the clinic’s employees are happy and enjoy helping and caring for patients allows for The Whiteley Clinic to have a phenomenal patient satisfactory rate, which plays a very pivotal role in its overall success. “We try to make sure that all of our staff and fellow professionals put the patient and patient care at the centre of all of our endeavours. In this way, whether it be dealing with patient enquiries, investigating or treating patients who have come to our clinics, or performing research and filling in registry data, we are all fixated on getting the very best for our patients.” The biggest challenge of late has been the Covid pandemic. As a medical facility, The Whiteley Clinic was able to develop a Covid secure protocol relatively quickly, and have it approved by an independent infection-control company. Prior to Covid, the Clinic was actively planning further expansion within the UK and had attracted interest from several potential investors and, Mark states, that they are all hoping to pick up where they left off. “Our research projects are proceeding to ensure that we remain at the top of venous surgery in the world and as we settle into the new post Covid norm, we expect to resume our growth and expansion first in the UK and beyond.” Contact: Professor Mark Whiteley/Caprice Chislett Company: The Whiteley Clinic Web Address: www.thewhiteleyclinic.co.uk

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