Q4 2020

18 GHP / Q4 2020 , Aug20321 Specializing in hyaluronic acidmicro-surgery, skincare, and anti-ageing procedures, Ai Beauty Ltd is currently the largest Asian aesthetic hospital in Europe, and is based in London. 2020may have been a difficult year for many, but it has not stopped this outstanding firm fromwinning the award for being 2020’s Most InnovativeMedical Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery Clinic – London. Join us as we take a closer look at what the aesthetic clinic has to offer those seeking their own version of perfection. An Amazing Aesthetic Success Story The name “Ai” comes from the Chinese word for “love”, which is also the name of the founder’s mother. Though it could refer to the founder’s love for the industry, the term Ai could also refer to the hospital as a whole being committed to achieving the combination of advanced aesthetic technology and professional medical knowledge in order to provide customers with a safe, effective, and pleasant experience. Being at the forefront of technology has allowed the clinic to become a renowned leader in its field, whilst maintaining the same commitment to customers at all times. For example, Ai Beauty was one of the first clinics in Europe to introduce Thermage FLX, and was also one of the first to perform the most Thermage FLX procedures in the United Kingdom. However, none of this has ever come in the way of the clinic’s hope to provide its clients with the top aesthetics service possible, but also the feeling of warmth and welcoming, and being cared for during a procedure. One of the core missions that underpins everything done at Ai Beauty is the belief that cutting- edge aesthetic technology and professional medical knowledge should come together to serve people and their concept of beauty. What brings together the clients that Ai Beauty serves is their common desire to seek out and discover Asian-style aesthetics. Ai Beauty approaches all of its clients after they have first come to them based on word-of-mouth references from previously satisfied customers. According to a recent marketing survey that the clinic undertook, more than three quarters of the clients choose to work with Ai Beauty following a referral from a friend. As one of the first medical aesthetic institutions that introduced the Asian service model in the United Kingdom, Ai Beauty has broken the traditional service model in the British aesthetics market. Confronting the cultural difference, the clinic was never sure that it would be able to attract enough clients throughout its first two years of being in business. Yet, the people came and the gamble paid dividends in huge ways. Today, Ai Beauty can remain very glad that it has continued to serve people diligently and with complete dedication to servitude. As of today, Ai Beauty has served more than ten thousand clients from all around the world, having worked hard to establish trust and an excellent reputation amongst them. Beauty takes many different forms, and can mean many different things to many different people. What must remain the same across every client that comes into the clinic at Ai Beauty is the sense of safety in every procedure. Not only has Ai Beauty earned abundant clinical experience with Asian clients over the years, but it has also set up its own medical research division to partner with numerous pioneering medical institutions and establish a set of safe and effective injection standards. These standards are tailored to Asian aesthetics and skin types, ensuring that they only receive the best and safest treatments available. Ai Beauty is also cautious of the quality of treatments provided to customers, which is why the clinic only partners with the world’s leading medical and pharmaceutical companies, and only employs the latest, safest, and most advanced medical devices. Looking to the future, Ai Beauty is preparing for the launch and establishment of an aesthetic training academy in the next few years. This academy will be launched with the hope that Ai Beauty can spread its unique procedure techniques through education, and therefore benefit more and more practitioners out working in the aesthetic field. Ultimately, these are techniques that have been refined and tested beyond belief, and can now be held up as a shining example of how to do aesthetics right. The industry can sometimes come under fire, but Ai Beauty stands tall and proud as a bastion of excellence in the aesthetics industry. Company: Ai Beauty Ltd Contact: Lydia Li Website: https://www.ai-beauty.co.uk/

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