Q4 2020

GHP / Q4 2020 19 , Aug20123 Quality of Care Everyone has the potential to be truly healthy. This means to live a life that is free of pain, barring accidents. The teamat Plato Chiropractic and Physiotherapy Health Clinic not only knows this, but is passionate about bringing it into reality. Recognized in GHP’s Global Excellence Awards, winning 2020’s Award for Excellence in Patient Care – Dubai/The Netherlands, we take a closer look to understand how they did it. When it comes to being healthy, it isn’t a matter of simply hoping for the best. Whilst some turn to drugs for pain relief, Plato Chiropractic and Physiotherapy Health Clinic believes that this can be achieved entirely naturally. Plato Chiropractic and Physiotherapy Health Clinic was founded by Dr. Wim Kes, a leading chiropractor with prestigious awards such as the 2013 Best Chiropractor of The Netherlands (Europe) to his name. With three clinics already thriving in the Netherlands, Plato established its newest centre in Motor City, Dubai in 2016, offering a bold new stage in its business ventures. The international success of Dr Kes’ approach is due in no small part to his tried and tested methodology. The ‘Kes Method’ is a unique manual treatment method which Dr. Kes developed more than twenty years ago with his expertise as a chiropractor, physiotherapist and PE teacher. The treatment was perfected with the help of chiropractors and specialists from across the globe and takes a unique approach to spinal care, analysing complaints from different perspectives to create an incredibly versatile treatment method. Eliminating the need for extensive, excessive and expensive treatment plans, Plato seeks to provide fast relief with sustainable results. After taking a comprehensive history and performing orthopaedic, neurological and chiropractic examinations, Plato provides a diagnosis in the first consultation. The chiropractor then explains the causes of the problem and formulates an extensive treatment program, including rehabilitation and prevention, that is tailored to the individual requirements of the client. Plato collaborates with physiotherapists, general practitioners, orthopaedic surgeons and other health care specialists to ensure thorough and effective reviews and treatments are carried out. The Kes Method is fundamentally built on the premise that those who maintain ongoing spinal care keep their spines in good condition with a fully operational nervous system. The result is a healthier body which everyone desires and deserves. With this ongoing care, the patient is able to activate the innate healing response that everyone has within them. The body has a natural ability to restore itself to its natural state, allowing the patient to carry out their life’s mission with ease. The work of Plato Chiropractic and Physiotherapy Health Clinic is open to the whole community. In fact, one of the key tenets of the business has been the provision of high quality, affordable health care in a comfortable and caring environment. The team strives to make a positive difference in the health of their patients, many of whom seek relief from pain. By providing thoughtful guidance towards achieving each patient’s wellness goals, the team tries to empower others with knowledge about their own bodies and well-being. The aim is to go beyond alleviating pain to inspire and educate patients to take an active role in their health. In the unlikely event Plato is unable to help, the team is able to connect patients with their vast network of specialists. For Plato, client care is of paramount importance and that includes referring patients elsewhere if that is the best solution for them. Chiropractic and physiotherapy health do not just involve treating symptoms. Such an approach is too limited for its broad scope and potential. Instead, treatment is focused directly on the cause of any uncomfortableness. Instead of controlling behaviors, it aims to free people to do what they want. By its nature, this holistic attitude means that upon finishing their treatments with Plato Chiropractic and Physiotherapy Health Clinic, people have the inspiration and resources to choose the optimal health solutions that works for them and their families. One of the great things about chiropractors is the way in which they can care for patients of all ages, with a host of different health conditions. Those with low back pain, neck pain and headaches have found that they can find long lasting relief, as have those with injuries and disorders involving all the body’s joints, ligaments and muscles. By applying a holistic approach to chiropractic treatments, Plato has had immeasurable impact on the physical health of more than 60,000 patients of all ages, not only providing immediate pain relief but offering expert advice on rehabilitation, ergonomics, prevention, posture and general health to provide results that last. Company: Plato Chiropractic and Physiotherapy Health Clinic Phone: 00971 (0)4 513 6918 Contact: Dr Wim Kes Web Address: www.platohealthclinic.com

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