Q4 2020

20 GHP / Q4 2020 , Jul20456 C M Y CM MY CY CMY K Led by the phenomenally talented Hina Solanki, Sol Cosmedics is an internationally-regarded provider of permanent and semi-permanent cosmetics. Following her recent success in GHP’s Global Excellence Awards, we took a closer look at Hina and her highly praised practice Sol Cosmedics to discover how they have established a reputation as being one of the UK’s most trustedmicropigmentation clinics on the market today. More Than Skin Deep Since its inception, Sol Cosmedics has grown rapidly into an internationally- regarded permanent and semi-permanent cosmetics provider, which works with celebrity and other high-profile clients from around the world. Although Sol Cosmedics is based in London, many of their clients come to see from all around the globe, after discovering the clinic online or having been recommended by a surgeon, health professional or friend. Working with a passion that is instantly felt by clients, Hina and her team aim to make everyone who enters Sol Cosmedics feel as comfortable as they can. Every individual should feel safe and secure, and Hina ensures that they know that both her and her team will do everything they can to help them and, most importantly, not judge them. For many people, it has taken them a lot of courage to come and see the team at Sol Cosmedics, especially when it could be due to more sensitive reasons such as self-harm scars or burns. This level of trust does not go unnoticed by the team as they feel incredibly honoured that clients have chosen them to help. Over the years, the clinic has been overwhelmed with gleaming reviews, highlighting the incredible work that Hina and her wonderful team effortlessly provide. Most recently, Hina was privileged to represent micro- pigmentation in the prestigious Parliamentary Review, which is a guide to industry best practice and sector leaders’ responses to political and economic challenges. As for what the future holds, Hina is the author of the UK’s only book on permanent cosmetics, the Permanent Makeup Guide. Having built a strong social media following over the years, one of Hina’s most recent projects is her podcast, Feel Fabulous. Listeners hear more about her positive outlook on life, as her focus in Feel Fabulous is on celebrating and learning from people who take a positive, enthusiastic, fabulous, approach to life, and helping encourage and lift up those who find life hard. Going forward, Hina is showing no signs of slowing down as she has will continue to deliver this positive filled podcast and write such fascinating books. For Sol Cosmedics, Hina and the team hope to further establish their reputation as one of the UK’s most trusted micropigmentation clinics, whilst continuing to welcome clients into their safe environment to help make a difference in their lives. Contact: Hina Solanki Web Address: www.solcosmedics.co.uk

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