Q4 2020

GHP / Q4 2020 21 , Aug20123 Aug20123 Happy Families Garavelas Medical Group is a global leader in the field of human reproductive medicine, bringing together a teamof world-class scientists and clinicians committed to providing the best in fertility care. Recently, we caught up with The Group’s Medical Director, Dr Attanasio Garavelas, about the Group and its specialisms. G M G is a partner of Iaso Maternity Hospital – Institute of Life, one of the largest and most advanced Assisted Reproduction Centre’s in Europe, and has been created within “IASO’’, the top Obstetrics and Gynaecology clinics in Greece. Services offered include IUI, NC, and ICSI to more sophisticated methods such as IMSI, time- lapse embryo-culture, blastocyst culture, micro-TESE and pre- implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD), PRP, MST. Medical Director, Dr Attanasio Garavelas, goes into more detail about the Group’s offerings. “In collaboration with embryo tools, we created Iolife a model unit into the premises of the maternity hospitals of IASO,” he begins. “We have assembled a top team of scientists in assisted reproduction ready to face even the most difficult cases. “With fully personalised treatments, adjusted to each pair separately, we guarantee the maximum safety and quality. We use the most advanced technology and apply innovative treatments and techniques. “The management system RI Witness, which monitors and records patient samples in each step of the process of assisted reproduction, operates as a safety net, giving confidence to our patients.” Dr. Garavelas continues to speak about the Group’s core objectives and underlying values. “Utmost expertise and professionalism are our strengths,” he states. “The scientific team of Garavelas Medical Group, has worked at the most reputable universities internationally and are distinguished members of the global reproductive medical community.” The Group’s Medical Director, Dr Attanasio Garavelas, is a highly experienced fertility specialist offering the most up-to-date treatment solutions combined with a caring and personal service. He works closely with the Embryology Laboratory Director of IOLIFE Eros Nikitos and Embryotools the leading embryologist advisor of the world’s largest IVF Center “IVI”. Under the supervision of such a dynamic team, the Group flourishes. The doctors and medical team at the Group regularly have studies published in some of the most distinguished medical journals, and are often invited to give lectures around the world regarding modern treatments of infertility. Doctor Garavelas feels that this level of expertise is key to the success of the Group. “We feel absolutely confident that we are ready to fulfil our vision: to become an Assisted Reproduction benchmark for couples all around Europe,” notes Doctor Garavelas, highlighting the success of the Group. “The birth of a healthy child, the safety of the woman during the entire process and the psychological health of the couple are our priorities. With us you will realise that infertility does not mean sterility and you will soon embrace parenthood. Ultimately, Garavelas Medical Group guarantees a journey without turbulence!” Contact: Ms Katerina Arampoglidou Email Address: [email protected] Company: Garavelas Medical Group Web Address: www.garavelas.com

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