Q4 2020

8 GHP / Q4 2020 transparent terms, the more so if it happens to be a jury trial. Speak slowly, follow the Judge and his/her speed of writing or typing as they will be keeping a record of the proceedings. Reflection Reflect on the outcome. After the verdict, as an expert do not take anything personally and learn what you need to learn. Similarly, as a witness to fact. Think over what transpired and take time to reflect on what went well and what could you have possibly done better, or at least differently. As Stuart Emery states, “The path to mastery in any subject is to correct, not protect” Be open and honest with yourself and always seek to improve your practice as well as in the reporting and delivery of your evidence. Once you have done so, move on. Civil Courts are not saying you are right or wrong in general terms, they are saying they prefer one set of evidence over another and it is only in the balance of probabilities. “The Health Professional in Court”: 10 Principles for Practice Conclusion Whether as defendant, witness to fact or expert witness, the process in civil litigation is the same. By gaining an understanding and some familiarity with the process, practitioners can develop both confidence and competence in their role of presenting evidence. As an expert, the more often you appear in Court the more competence you gain and therefore the more confident you become. Health care professionals are required ethically and by their professional bodies to continually update their practice, knowing why they do what they do in the way they do it, ensuring practice is evidence-based. However expert you are, you must not become complacent in either your practice or in Court. Finally, all witnesses must remain neutral, explain the range of opinions, and be aware of their own potential for selective bias in any evidence presented. Courts are reliant on credible, impartial and articulate health care professionals and presenting as such impacts greatly on personal, professional and financial standing.

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