GHP Q4 2021

10 GHP / Q4 2021 , Apr21758 NETSTAL is an international provider of premiumhigh-performance and high-precision injectionmoulding technology and system solutions. Awarded Best Medical Injection Moulding Packaging Company 2021 in this issue of Global Health & Pharmamagazine, NETSTAL impresses its customers with constant innovations and services, as well as with efficient and performance-driven technological approaches for the beverage, packaging and medical technology industries in particular. High-Precision Packaging Moulding As a traditional Swiss company, NETSTAL has been among the world’s leading suppliers of high-precision, high-speed plastic injection moulding machines which meet the most demanding requirements with regard to process control, quality of moulded parts and production performance. Its core values are ‘customer orientation’ where its team acts proactively to create added value; ‘enthusiasm’ where it lives a corporate culture that inspires and leaves room for humour; it strives for ‘innovative’, market- driven solutions and therefore is always one step ahead; it is committed to ‘quality’ and is always ready to improve; and its people work together for long- term ‘success’. These values ensure that the company offers an optimal brand experience in all phases of the customer lifecycle and that it continues to optimise this experience. NETSTAL’s customers are manufacturers of frequently required plastic articles such as medical consumables, thin-wall packaging, preforms for PET bottles and associated closures. It thus serves customers from the medical technology and food and beverage industries through its own regional sales and service offices, complemented by its network of leading independent distribution partners. NETSTAL’s particularly high- performance technology makes it stand out from its competitors. NETSTAL machines provide the highest speed, perfect precision and maximum reliability over many years of continuous operation under maximum load. In addition, the company’s outstanding services provide the best possible protection for its customers’ investments. In short, with NETSTAL, users benefit from the best quality and highest system availability on the market. Its customers consistently produce at the lowest unit costs and are therefore the most successful players in their markets. At the foundation of the business’ success is its staff. It is a modern, employee-friendly and performance-oriented employer. It hires new employees according to the aforementioned key values and competencies, and wherever possible, it gives priority to its internal applicants. Its staff fluctuation is very low, with many employees having been with the company for many years, sometimes in different roles and functions. In Switzerland, where NETSTAL is based, the level of the country’s colleges and universities is excellent in international ratings. This also means that it has direct access to very well-educated specialists. While NETSTAL is a highly successful business, that’s not to say that it doesn’t have its fair share of challenges. Currently, these are the discussions about the sustainability of plastics comparted to other materials as well as the further progress of digitalisation. Although NETSTAL has always done this, it needs to think even more about sustainability, further optimise its products and applications and also educate outside its industry. As far as digitalisation is concerned, unlike in the past, it needs to talk more intensively with other market participants about connectivity and the exchange and mutual use of data. Pure mechanical excellence is no longer sufficient today. COVID-19 has also had a lasting impact on the business. The capital goods business works on the basis of personal contacts, be it at meetings or trade fairs. All this fell away from one moment to the next and the company had to flexibly break new ground. Today, it is able to conduct “digital visits” with its customers at any time, including live demos of its products. Nevertheless, NETSTAL is looking forward to when personal contact with customers will be possible again without any worries. It was also able to profit in the medical technology sector, because suddenly the worldwide demand for disposables for COVID-19 tests (pipette tips, racks, plates, etc.) increased by leaps and bounds. Production capacities had to be ramped up quickly. So in this phase, NETSTAL was able to realise some additional exciting projects. Despite the major challenges ahead, NETSTAL continues to see interesting growth potential in the packaging, medical technology and beverage packaging markets it services. It is convinced that it has a solid basis with products and services. And, as already mentioned, the company is very customer-oriented, so it will therefore continue to focus its products and services even more on the customer benefits. Continuous innovation and a tenacious pursuit of further, albeit incremental, improvements must continue to be NETSTAL’s driving force in the future. Additionally, technological change, which it is already addressing, will offer opportunities and possibility which it may not even be able to assess today. What is certain is that in the future, the technical solution will be important in an overall package together with partnership-based support over the entire lifecycle. NETSTAL therefore sees its customers as long-term partners with whom it wants to move forward with. 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