GHP Q4 2021

GHP / Q4 2021 11 , Sep21768 With over 6000 clients worldwide, Connect 2 Cleanrooms has been a trusted solutions provider since its establishment in 2002. Recognised as the Best Modular CleanroomSolutions Company within the United Kingdom, C2C has a broad range of solutions that provides exceptional and functional performance that exceeds various requirements. In addition to its cleanrooms, C2C delivers equipment and furniture and consumables within the industry globally. Champions of Clean. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, there were viruses, diseases and infestations that have plagued the world. Still, with technology advancing along with medicine, and with our knowledge of science and biology evolving frequently, some of these matters have been easier to shake – while others need a little extra time. Likewise, with companies like Connect 2 Cleanrooms, fighting off some of the world’s most natural and unnatural causes has been significantly more manageable. At the very beginning, C2C’s first modular cleanroom project was for Manchester University. Then, a year later, C2C created the very first online cleanroom consumables shop. Shortly after C2C became accredited in 1S0 9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001 with the addition of a Safe Contractor’s award. Now, nearly 20 years later, C2C has become the leading modular cleanroom solutions company within the United Kingdom and has been recognised globally for its excellence within the industry. Explaining in-depth as to what C2C does precisely, Joe Govier, CEO of C2C, states, “With design and build, validation, consumables, and training services, we stand alone in supporting businesses with fully- integrated contamination control solutions from a single source. So, clients benefit from a partner that understands how their facility, testing, and processes interact.” Fundamentally, controlling airborne particulates to ISO 14644-1:2015 is a necessary obligation within several industries such as pharmaceutical, technology, and manufacturing, recognised globally as not just the base of standards but of the highest of them. Serving clients within these industries from start-up foundations to high-end organisations, C2C can provide custom-built, configurable, and ready to ship modular cleanroom solutions that ensure it will provide, in essence, the best of the best to everyone; regardless of status or requirements specified. While Covid-19 has been the most significant objective for many businesses over the past two years, C2C has been relentlessly working as an essential business to support the UK market and the NHS continuously. Overall, the pandemic has affected C2C slightly differently than most companies; as Joe explains, “The greatest success during this time been the resilience and agility shown by our team. This has enabled us to complete facility builds and even develop a new product that allowed us to react even more quickly to market demands.” Recently, due to Covid-19, there has been a surge in quick-to- market cleanrooms for lateral flow testing and vaccine production. Therefore, C2C used its ability to adapt to unprecedented circumstances and improve its support towards this issue by developing Rapidbloc cleanrooms. Joe explains, “We developed this cleanroom to meet the urgent demands of our customers in some of the world’s fastest-moving industries, such as healthcare and advanced manufacturing, mainly through the pandemic. Rapidbloc cleanrooms is a semi- bespoke cleanroom solution designed to deliver quality at speed, generating significant productivity gains to the customer as they can be designed, installed, and validated in four to six weeks.” Currently, the company has plans to continue its growth, focusing on the pharmaceutical sector and expanding its European subsidiary. The idea for C2C is to outsource additional European supply partners and contractors. By adapting towards this, it hopes to serve its customers better and mitigate the effects of Brexit. C2C’s presence in the industry has been nothing shy of a blessing within the modern world. With everything it has planned for its future, people can be sure that it will continue to be the leading Modular Cleanroom Solutions Company for many years to come. Company Name: Connect 2 Cleanrooms Ltd Contact Name: Joe Govier Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected]