GHP Q4 2021

12 GHP / Q4 2021 , Oct21403 ULU’s purpose is to help ‘U Love U’ as it develops andmarkets some of the best products in the industry. Its CBD products are specially designed to offer support solutions for a healthy lifestyle. Here we talk to Paul Hembery, Founder of ULU, about this innovative company. CBD Company of the Year 2021 - UK Administration Officer Paul Hembery says that ULU “is working to extend the knowledge and understanding of CBD and the role it can play in people’s lives. With multiple studies completed and many more in progress, we aim to educate and support our customers.” ULU has a huge range of products that can all benefit customers in different ways. From better hair, skin, and nails to healthier sleep and stress relief. “Working on solutions and market testing so that consumers have the opportunity to better understand the benefits of our products. With a wide range of solutions from skincare to tinctures, combination amino products, patches, and capsules, we have a solution for everyone,” Paul shares. According to the Dynata and YouGov studies, the majority of CBD users say that they receive a benefit form the CBD products that they use but, unfortunately, many don’t have access to high-quality products that really benefit them to the full capacity. ULU works in partnership with The Harley Street Hospital in London to create to highest quality products that help people to live their lives to the fullest. By working with this prestigious and respected hospital to develop lifechanging CBD products, ULU is forming long-term relationships that will inevitably shape the lives of many. It has now become the only CBD brand in the world that is allied with a world-famous hospital with an excellent research programme that has aided in building the products from a small idea into a huge success. The company culture very much revolves around development, passion, and discovery. This is for the benefit of all the customers as well as the growth and progress of the team. Paul tells us, “We look to recruit people with a positive and caring attitude, where the importance of others is paramount. As we are expanding globally, our team is filled with multi-cultural diversity.” By growing as a team and celebrating the differences of all of the staff members, ULU is an inclusive and distinct company that strives to bring out the best in everyone. With the future in mind, ULU is “looking to increase the range of products and will be expanding to Europe and the USA over the next six months,” Paul concludes. ULU is always looking for new ways to innovate and invent the best for its customers, and it carries out all of the relevant research to be able to make a huge difference to the health and wellbeing of its customers. Contact: Paul Hembery Company: ULU Web Address: