GHP Q4 2021

14 GHP / Q4 2021 , Sep21542 Providing a high-quality, friendly experience is at the heart of what West Berkshire Injury Clinic does. The services it provides circle around the patient and, ultimately, the clinic aims to create a suitable, bespoke treatment plan specific to each patient. West Berkshire Injury Clinic offer various holistic resolutions for a variety of health issues. Best Sports Therapy Clinic 2021 - Berkshire Covering the local community across the Newbury, Thatcham, and the Hungerford area, West Berkshire Injury Clinic provides musculoskeletal and nutritional support. Renowned for providing a friendly and professional service, West Berkshire Injury Clinic prides itself on its ability to create a welcoming atmosphere and build relationships with its clients. Furthermore, the clinic provides an array of services, including Osteopathy, Sports Therapy and massage including specialist services addressing chronic pain and specific issues e.g. Vocal Dysphonia. West Berkshire Injury Clinic will ensure that the treatment plan is suitable for each issue. Providing a holistic approach to each of its services, West Berkshire Injury Clinic tackles each problem with a deep understanding of the body, ultimately arriving at a suitable treatment plan. Using a unique blend of sports therapy, massage, and osteopathy techniques, it successfully treats a multitude of musculoskeletal injuries. Indeed, the clinic offers a plethora of treatment options, including nutrition advice from its state registered dietician. In addition, it offers a Women’s Health service suitable for women of all ages – treatments take place in a private room and can be administered by a female member of staff. Recently West Berkshire Injury Clinic introduced its ‘Pay It Forward’ scheme. Understanding the strain that the NHS is currently under due to the pandemic, the clinic is aware that certain treatments are being prioritised, leaving some patients struggling to receive access. The private sector often bridges that gap. However, many are unable to afford treatment. Henceforth, the scheme was created. Through the clinic’s website, people can donate any amount to the project, which, in turn, helps other people to receive the care that they need. West Berkshire Injury Clinic aims to continue providing the quality service it’s known for. Customers consistently leave the clinic feeling significant improvements to their health and wellbeing, with some claiming that they feel rebuilt. Indeed, this is why the clinic garners five-star reviews and positive comments. Many state that they are impressed by the friendly and informative staff, and that they felt incredibly comfortable in their presence. Furthermore, the team’s professionalism was complimented, with multiple comments commenting on their vast skillset. The clinic prides itself on these qualities, and therefore, it is deserving of the Best Sports Therapy Clinic 2021 – Berkshire. Contact: Andrew Spaak Company: West Berkshire Injury Clinic Web: