GHP Q4 2021

16 GHP / Q4 2021 , Sep21983 HUG – The Human Growth helps clients improve the performance of their businesses by focusing on the wellbeing of teams, offering an integrated approach with services tailored to their employees and their challenges. It designs tailor-made workshops adapted to the needs of each team, led by qualified professionals to strengthen companies’ competitiveness and attractiveness. Leading Providers of Mental Wellbeing Workshops – France The mental states of employees in France are moving more and more from feeling low (45%) to pure depression (from 21% to 36% from December 2020 to March 2021) – With isolation and uncertainties regarding the future having arisen due to the pandemic, issues surrounding employee wellbeing are becoming increasingly evident, meaning more need for intervention from companies such as HUG. HUG is a network of more than 120 qualified and trained people supporting companies’ staff to take a step back and reflect on their current situation within the workplace, while looking after their physical and mental wellbeing. Its workshops focus on prevention of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and stress, while also providing know- how to increase individual and collective performance in the workplace, improvement of skills in business, and development of soft skills. It enables businesses to move from intention to actually actioning the improvement of the quality of working life and overall performance. HUG’s interventions can vary from 20 minutes (for the most part) to an hour or more, depending on the needs of customers. Its wellbeing activities can include, but aren’t limited to sports, yoga, massage, micro-naps, physiotherapy, trampolining, lying down, and shiatsu. Its key themes for know-how workshops cover how to develop self-confidence; stress management; mobilising teams; using your voice to assert yourself; the importance of taking care of yourself, i.e. getting enough sleep, having a healthy diet; and more. A key focus of HUG is to teach employers the importance of taking care of their employees, trusting them, listening to them, understanding them, and adapting to their needs. It is crucial to make employees feel seen and valued, so they want to come to work every day, do their job to the best of their ability, and feel happy and comfortable in their workplace. Happy employees can only bring companies great benefits. From founder and CEO, Arnold Migan’s perspective, HUG is the outcome of more than 20 exciting years in various positions in the industry, including 10 years of people and business management. It is the result of his personal experience and observations of peoples’ behaviour in the working environment. Since 2007, Arnold has been scrutinising and analysing behaviours of employees and managers under the wellness and performance prism. He has identified weaknesses, fears, barriers, and constraints which put the success of companies and individuals out of reach. HUG was born to give managers and employees the keys to help them unlock their full potential, and there’s no sign of it stopping any time soon as it continues on its mission to change workplaces across France for the better. Company: HUG – The Human Growth Contact: Arnold Migan Email: [email protected] Website: