GHP Q4 2021

18 GHP / Q4 2021 , Aug21035 DesignatedMedical provides a full range of services to clients in the private healthcare sector. Its services allow clients to focus on the success of their healthcare businesses and to deliver an exceptional patient experience. DesignatedMedical underpins client businesses as trusted partners by providing the support services they need, includingMarketing, Medical PA services, Accountancy and HR/recruitment. Best Medical PA Services Provider - UK Designated Medical’s clients range from consultants working in private practice as a sole individual through to large healthcare providers operating numerous hospitals across the UK. Its clients choose it because it has a deep understanding of the private healthcare sector, and its people are experts in their field. The company’s strategy has always been to openly share its expertise so that potential clients get insight into the depth of understanding it has within its team, and this approach has allowed the company to develop a reputation as a trusted provider. At the foundation of Designated Medical’s service are core values of ‘Care’ – Caring about the client and its own team, endeavouring to ensure a positive experience for both, and believing a happy team leads to great work and delighted clients; ‘Growth’ – Focusing on helping clients to grow their businesses by recruiting the best team members to work with them, while supporting its team to achieve growth in their careers; ‘Ownership’ – Taking ownership of its clients’ objectives and playing its part in helping to achieve them, working hard to develop a full understanding of its clients’ business objectives so there is alignment; and ‘Aspiration’ – Striving to deliver outcomes that are positive for clients, their patients and their business, supporting them to achieve more. Providing Designated Medical’s marketing service is its team of marketing experts who advise and support clients with their marketing needs, from developing a robust strategy to attracting patients and referrers, to managing webinars, podcasts and their social media and website. Its experts evolve their marketing strategy and plan as the client’s business grows – delivering results and bringing success. Also crucial to companies is being able to make informed decisions based on the financial performance of their business, so Designated Medical gives clients the information they need in order to ensure they feel in control. Designated Medical’s accountants set up and manage clients’ financial responsibilities on their behalf, enabling them to focus on caring for their patients. Meanwhile, at the heart of every successful healthcare business and medical practice is the team of medical PAs, who play a significant role in delivering an exceptional patient service. A virtual medical PA is the perfect solution for consultants who are growing their private practice and/or working from a number of different locations. Designated Medical’s virtual medical PA service delivers an excellent medical PA service to consultants and their patients in a flexible and cost-effective manner. For consultants who work from one permanent location or for clinics needing an inhouse team, Designated Medical helps clients to recruit an employed individual into the role. Designated Medical’s HR experts support clients to deliver against their responsibilities as an employer, creating employment contracts, company handbooks, and managing their HR processes. They also support on strategic projects, for example, culture change programmes and succession planning. Its recruitment team assists clients to recruit the best employees for their team, its particular specialty being medical PAs. Overall, Designated Medical can support the entire recruitment process, from writing job descriptions, advertising roles, through to issuing contracts and ongoing support. The quality of these services provided by Designated Medical totally depends on the people in its team, their expertise and the manner in which they engage with clients, meaning they are critical to the success of the business. Its top priorities as a business are its clients and its people and it believes that its team being happy in their work leads to clients who are delighted with the company’s service. This high-quality service hasn’t faltered through the pandemic, either. The impact that COVID-19 has had on the private healthcare sector has been hugely significant and as a service provider to the sector, Designated Medical has been affected in serious ways. The biggest challenge has been coping with the ups and downs of patient activity over the months. However, one of the biggest advantages Designated Medical had during this period was that the company was founded on the basis of flexible working, with everyone on the team based at home, so there was no digital transformation required. This flexible approach also allows it to employ individuals from all areas of the UK and internationally as it is not restrained by proximity to the office. Ultimately, Designated Medical’s ambition is to provide the support services that its clients in the private healthcare sector require, and currently it is able to meet most needs with its marketing, accountancy, medical PA and HR/ recruitment services. It is looking to introduce additional services in the future including strategic consultancy services to help ambitious healthcare companies determine their strategic plans. Company: Designated Medical Contact: Jane Braithwaite Email: j[email protected] Web: