GHP Q4 2021

20 GHP / Q4 2021 , Sep21439 Evolve-Gym is a private personal training facility for women located in the heart of downtown Kuwait city. It strongly believes in the power of one-on-one training to deliver the fitness results the client deserves. Best Luxury Private Training Facility - Kuwait Evolve-Gym is beyond well- equipped, beyond friendly and beyond spotless, offering training programmes for all fitness levels and needs which aim to ensure each client feels supported, empowered and strong the moment they walk through the door. It encourages them to aim high, knowing there is a team of highly trained women behind them, rooting for them every step of the way. The Evolve team has been carefully handpicked, valuing certifications and experience as much as great personalities. The company believes in investing in the team as much as it believes in the investment on assets; with that, individuals can grow their careers as they advance into new roles and new challenges within the company, rewarding both parties in the long run. Evolve is a community of staff and clients; it’s not just a gym, but a club, a family. A supportive, welcoming environment which lets the team and clients feel at home. This nurturing atmosphere goes alongside exclusive access to numerous amenities for clients, including combined shower and changing rooms and an online fitness tracker through which they can track their fitness progress and nutritional information in real-time. Evolve also offers a laundry service for clients who prefer a more convenient gym experience, allowing them to leave their used gym attire at the gym post-workout. The team will then ensure the fitness gear is washed and ready for the customer on their return, ready to do it all again. Evolve provides a results- oriented personal training approach while utilising the most advanced metrics in the health and fitness industry. Whether you’re a beginner in fitness, a seasoned athlete, or someone who is looking for a quick and effective workout, it aims to create a bespoke training programme suited to the customer’s needs. Evolve’s various training methods are designed for weight loss, muscle gain, body shaping, summer body, fitness and endurance, low-intensity, resistance training, special conditions, pregnancy, and teenagers. There is a series of programmes available at Evolve, crafted to suit particular exercise preferences or requirements. Firstly, for clients who prefer to get their cardio fix without a side of weight training, Evolve offers cardio-only packages that grant access to the cardio equipment in the gym overlooking beautiful views of Kuwait city. For those gym-goers who prefer to exercise with a trainer on a one-on-one basis can be matched with a professional who will work with them to meet their fitness goals with an even more personal touch. Meanwhile, group training is an option for those who like to partner up with a friend around the same fitness level as themselves as a great way to keep motivated during a workout. Then, there is the pregnancy package. Developing good workout habits during pregnancy is key to getting your body back on track after birth. Evolve’s pregnancy programme is designed to boost confidence, minimise headaches, and ultimately make it easier for women to recover postpartum. Lastly, Evolve has created a fitness programme for women over 50 who are looking to keep fit and fierce. Whether new to fitness or an experienced athlete, Evolve can deliver personal training methods specifically designed for women over the age of 50. Prior to Evolve’s founding, Mohammed Al-Haroun and his wife, Ghezlan Al-Hathran studied the industry for years, tested and learned from many business models which helped them to develop an understanding that revolves around the client rather than the investment, the credibility, trust and quality of service – the key to every success story. Mohammed and Ghezlan have completely changed the face of how a gym is expected to be; instead of having shared zones, they have focused on private zones that offer all the necessary state-of-the-art equipment needed for clients to do multiple workouts. This helped Evolve’s personal training facility to offer a more focused approach and better results for clients. Evolve is also cashless, offering everything a client needs for free – water, snacks, tea or coffee. It also encourages members to get involved with social activities, as sometimes it hosts themed parties or has a DJ to give the gym that extra kick. Ultimately, fitness is a journey and everybody has to start somewhere. To get started, contact Evolve by email or its online web form. Company: Evolve-Gym Contact: Mohammed Al-Haroun Email: [email protected] Website: