GHP Q4 2021

22 GHP / Q4 2021 , Aug21062 SOLACTIS SAS is the food and feed ingredients armof the Greentech Group, a French biotechnology leader. The company firmly believes that nutrition is a source of progress that will allow people to be fit and healthy. SOLACTIS wants to be the pioneer in innovative solutions. It is for this reason that the company desires to contribute to the evolution of agri- food companies by helping them to develop a sustainable and profitable activity. Best Nutritional Ingredient Solutions Provider 2021 SOLACTIS SAS is renowned for its prebiotic products and has recently joined the Greentech Group in April 2021. The company’s core goal stems from sheer facts. In 2050, this planet will be home to 10 billion people, and the biggest challenge will be to supply sufficient quantities of healthy food to everyone without disturbing the climate. However, biotech’s are part of the solution. Today, they enable the long-due transformation of industrial models, the implementation of sustainable alternatives, in a more resilient economy, based on renewable living resources. SOLACTIS now creates high- tech active ingredients from natural sources, plant extracts, micro-algae, dairy, and probiotic strains. Its range includes functional ingredients, nutritional boosters, microbiota-active ingredients, healthy pigments, and non-animal alternatives. Addressed to large markets – food, food supplements and animal feed – SOLACTIS’s innovations represent proven, healthy, and sustainable alternatives for the benefit of future generations. Fully aligned with the Greentech Group approach, the company believes in shared progress, with the idea of preserving the source – as there is no future without safeguarding nature. In the field of food and feed ingredients, SOLACTIS has achieved the first health claim in Europe (EFSA claim) for non- digestible oligosaccharides and has built strong partnerships with demanding European and Asian scientific and business partners. Overall, SOLACTIS is a supplier of ingredients to new a generation of global developers of food products, food supplements and animal feeds. Between the climate emergency, consumer demand, and the need to produce differently, nutrition stakeholders are part of a sustainability approach: biotechnologies and biosciences offer a lasting solution. The company’s ambition is to be both the preferred ingredient supplier and the health-nutrition scientific partner of the food industry. Through overall globalization, diet is radically changing in many geographical zones over the planet, and the link between what you eat and how you feel is more and more disconnected. SOLACTIS proposes re-establishing the bonds between tasty and good food, environmentally sound production, and the best benefits for our health and bodies. Furthermore, the company offers functional ingredients, nutritional boosters, microbiota active ingredients, food colouring agents, and non- animal alternatives for food recipes. Having access to Greentech’s formidable library of raw materials - plant extracts, microalgae, probiotic bacteria - allows the company to expand its range of ingredients. Additionally, this access presents a unique offering for applications in human and animal nutrition. SOLACTIS’s food and feed become the entry point into the Greentech Group for nutrition, with access to a broader range, including marine bio-actives, bacteria, and plant extracts as alternative sources of vitamins (B12), omega3 (EPA / DHA), and vegetable proteins. Moreover, its team members are the key to its company success. SOLACTIS has ambitions to meet the critical challenges of One health (healthy environment, healthy animals, healthy humans), and it will deliver, thanks to its scientific successes and reliable technologies. Additionally, the team members at SOLACTIS are committed to providing by developing the business activity, with autonomy in their work and strong team spirit, for sharing and cross-fertilizing over the different activities of the Greentech Group. Currently, the expectations from its customers are high; however, the Covid-19 pandemic has taught SOLACTIS the hard way that it needs to reinforce people’s health and especially the immune system. Therefore, the food industry is activating all these new food developments, and the company is proposing solutions for today and tomorrow. For 2021 and beyond, SOLACTIS is actively working on new microbiota solutions, especially on combinations between the company’s historical prebiotic solutions and innovative probiotic strains from