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Q4 2022 Implantica: Healthcare Of Tomorrow Pushing Surgery Forward! When we want to advance into bold new sectors of medicine, what should guide this progress? Nothing inspires the team at Elucent Medical like serving the needs of patients as it finds ways to treat them with the care, dignity, and respect they deserve. Their innovative mindset and commitment to people have seen them named Leading Stereotactic Surgical Navigation System Company, 2022 – USA, in GHP’s 2022’s Global Excellence Awards.

Welcome to the Q4 edition of Global Health & Pharma Magazine 2022, providing you with all of the latest news and features from across the healthcare and pharmaceutical landscape. Q4 2022 There’s no denying how the health and pharma industry is one of the most innovative in the world, having over the past century played such a crucial role in the development of new and improved medicines to prevent and treat diseases, as well as enhance quality of life for so many. This unique, thriving industry continues to revolutionise healthcare by helping to tackle unmet medical needs. An example of a company doing just this is our cover feature, Elucent Medical, who deliver ground-breaking solutions that enable surgeons to provide individualised patient care, no matter how simple or complex, with great efficiency and effectiveness. It is an extraordinary company that continues to evolve and redefine the standards of care to improve patient lives, and we are delighted to be giving you an insight into its work. Overall, we are proud to bestow our awards upon a myriad of cuttingedge businesses as they end 2022 on a high. All of us at GHP wish you a restful and reflective festive season and a prosperous new year. We look forward to welcoming you back again for the Q1 issue. Rebecca Scotland, Editor Website: AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

Contents 4. News 6. Elucent Medical: Pushing Surgery Forward! 8. Harley Street Injectables: Best Skin Advisory & Treatment Experts - Central London 9. Focus 4 1 CIC: Most Innovative Mental Health User Led Organisation - Europe 10. Serene Baby Sleep Consulting LLC: Best Pediatric Sleep Consulting Company - California 11. ATP Adhesive Systems: Best Client-Specific Sustainable Adhesive Products 2022 – Europe 12. AD REHASENSE: SPACE LX The Lightweight Rollator 13. Twelvestone Health Partners: Most Patient-Centric Chronic Care Medication Managment Company - USA 14. Bedfont Scientific Ltd.: Breathe Easy With Bedfont Scientific Ltd. 15. Arterius Ltd: Leading Innovators of Vascular/Cardiovascular Scaffold Technology 2022 16. Implantica: Healthcare Of Tomorrow 18. Mawi DNA Technologies: Leading Innovators of Biosample Collection Technology 2022 19. Twig Fertility: Most Patient-Centric Fertility Clinic – Greater Toronto Area 20. Tayra: A Breath Of Fresh Air 21. Ranger Home Care: Most Dedicated Family-Run Care Services Company 2022 - Southern England 22. Right ePharmacy: Most Innovative Medicine Distribution Specialists - Africa 24. Fishtown Pharmacy: Best Independent Family-Owned Local Pharmacy - Pennsylvania 25. PolyNovo: Most Innovative Wound Care Medical Device Company 2022 26. Mackie Pharmacy: Best Community Pharmacy 2022 – Scotland & GHP Customer Care Excellence Award 2022 27. NELA Rehabiliation: Best Physio & Occupational Therapy Practice - Northern Louisiana & GHP Patient Care Excellence Award 2022 28. MaDonna Maria Maternity Hospital: Best Private Maternity Hospital - South Romania 29. IndySoft: Calibration Connoisseurs! 30. SRx Health Solutions: A Better Way For Wellbeing 31. AD Pathelen Health Care AG 32. Rinoplastia Barcelona: Best Functional & Aesthetic Nose Surgery Specialists Clinic - Spain 33. Christie Medical Holdings: MedTech Development Company of the Year - USA 34. ConfiDentist Group: Breath Easy With Bedfont Scientific Ltd. 35. Fairtility: Most Innovative Fertility Technology Company 2022 - Middle East 36. Chaneco: Best Orthopaedic Footwear & Orthotics Manufacturer 2022 - UK 37. Trident Medical Limited: Medical Care for All Events 38. Supplylife: Unlock Your Full Potential 39. AD REHASENSE: ICON 60 The Active Wheelchair 40. Renew Medical: Your Life, Renewed 41. Objective Health: Leading Innovators in Drug Testing Solutions 2022 42. Juvida Clinics Ltd: The Ethical Experts in Hair Rejuvenation 44. Aerolase: Leading the Way in Skin Health 45. Northwest Hair Restoration: Giving Clients Their Confidence Back 46. D21 FIT STUDIO: Best Safe & Effective Personal Fitness Facility - Cook County 47. Fitforlife: Best Health & Fitness Coach (UAE): Rhian Adams 48. Link Medical Solutions Ltd.: Delivering Cutting-Edge Healthcare to Those that Need it 49. Crown Aesthetics: Award Winning Skin Science 50. Winners’ Listings

NEWS Israeli startup Salignostics, which developed the SaliStick test kit, received the CE mark from the European authorities, has established a manufacturing facility in Israel, and is working to receive FDA approval in the US With SaliStick, a pregnancy test can be done anywhere and at any convenient time. The product is very simple, easy to use, and delivers accurate results in a few minutes Israeli startup Salignostics, the developer and provider of rapid saliva-based tests, is set to mass market SaliStick – the world’s first rapid saliva-based pregnancy test kit. Starting in the first quarter of 2023, SaliStick is expected to be available for purchase in several European countries, as well as South Africa, United Arab Emirates, and Israel. Salignostics is currently conducting discussions with various distributors in these territories. The kit has already been approved by the European CE certification and has received World’s first saliva-based pregnancy test set to arrive in stores in Europe, South Africa, and Israel in Q1-2023 Medical Devices and Accessories approval from Israel’s Ministry of Health. Salignostics has completed a 510(K) initial Q-submission of SaliStick to the FDA in the US. To support the commercialization of SaliStick, the company has established a new manufacturing facility in the Lavon Industrial Zone in Northern Israel with a monthly production capacity of 1 million units. SaliStick™ is the world’s only pregnancy home test that detects early pregnancy by saliva sampling instead of the known urine tests. With SaliStick, the test can be done anywhere and at any convenient time, with no need for a restroom. The test is very simple, easy to use, and delivers accurate results in no more than 10 minutes. According to the company’s Analysis, SaliStick is set to win significant market share due to its unique and innovative user experience. SaliStick will be presented at the Medica 2022 Trade Fair in Düsseldorf, Germany, which will take place between November 14th and November 17th. Salignostics’ booth will be located in Hall 1 / A18. Jerusalem-based Salignostics was founded in 2016 by a team of researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, who have many years of experience in cracking the secrets of saliva: Professor Aaron Palmon, Vice President for R&D at the Hebrew University; Dr. Omer Deutsch, who serves as CEO; Dr. Guy Krief, who serves as Deputy CEO and Director of Business Development; Dr. Raluca Cohen, who serves as Chief Scientific Officer; and Dr. Yoav Neumann, who serves as Senior Researcher. Salignostics’ Chief Commercialization Officer is Avraham Novogrocki (Novo), whose 35 years of executive experience includes management of large Israeli public companies. Following years of scientific research in saliva, the five founders began commercializing their intellectual property and developed user-friendly products to

NEWS • Sustainable alternative to squalene extracted from shark liver oil • Adjuvant component for parenteral drug delivery applications • Increases share of next-generation solutions at Evonik Evonik has launched a non-animal-derived squalene suitable for vaccines and other pharmaceutical applications. PhytoSquene® is the first known amaranth oil-derived squalene on the market for use in adjuvants in parenteral dosage forms. It meets the demand for a secure commercial supply of non-animal-derived squalene. NonGMP samples of PhytoSquene® are available immediately with GMP quality to follow in 2023. With the launch of PhytoSquene®, Evonik offers an alternative to animal-derived squalene, which for pharmaceutical applications is typically sourced from shark liver oil. Preserving biodiversity and ecosystems by reducing the need for animal-derived products is an important focus for Evonik and its life sciences division, Nutrition & Care. Nutrition & Care has formulated a clear vision to transform more than 70 percent of its portfolio in terms of revenue to next-generation solutions by 2032. Next-generation solutions are based on a thorough portfolio assessment and represent a superior sustainability benefit. “It is alarming that biodiversity across our planet is declining at a rapid rate. That’s why we are excited about empowering our customers to create products that preserve biodiversity and, at the same time, deliver high-quality treatments to patients,” said Thomas Riermeier, head of the Health Care business line at Evonik. PhytoSquene® is made from the oil of amaranth (Amaranthus caudatus) which is an herbaceous plant cultivated in many parts of the world. Being plant derived, PhytoSquene® ensures batch-to-batch consistency, quality and purity. It is compliant with European Pharmacopoeia (Ph. Eur.) specifications and there is no risk of pathogenic transmission. PhytoSquene® is also a solution for patients who cannot use animal-derived products for cultural or religious reasons. PhytoSquene® is the latest of Evonik’s innovations to provide the market with sustainable, non-animal-derived solutions. Earlier this year, Evonik launched the pharma-grade, plant-derived cholesterol PhytoChol®. Squalene is a natural organic compound that is used as a component in some adjuvant systems. Adjuvants are additives that boost the body’s immune response to the active ingredient in a vaccine. They reduce the amount of active ingredient needed, thus making it faster and easier to scale vaccine production, and reducing the chance of any side effects in patients. As a partner to the pharmaceutical industry, Evonik Health Care has been a leader in advanced drug delivery for decades. It supports pharmaceutical companies worldwide with comprehensive services for developing and manufacturing complex parenteral and oral drug products. This includes pharmaceutical excipients such as polymers and lipids, formulation development and the manufacture of clinical samples, as well as commercial drug products. Evonik launches plant-based squalene to boost vaccine efficacy accurately detect a range of physiological circumstances including pregnancy and COVID-19 on the basis of simple saliva samples. Among other innovations, the company developed products to detect malaria, cardiac risk, Helicobacter pylori and other diseases. During development of the tests, the company raised pre-seed and seed capital from private investors and received four grants from the Israel Innovation Authority. The company has raised a total of $16 million to date, and is now raising additional funding to support sales, marketing, and R&D. “Saliva is the key to rapid diagnostics for a variety of medical reasons. It is the only noninvasive, easy, and hygienic means to detect hormones, viruses, and even diseases,” said Prof. Aaron Palmon, co-founder of Salignostics. “With SaliStick, we leverage the powerful diagnostics abilities we have been able to create from analyzing saliva. This product completely removes the need for blood and urine samples when testing for pregnancy.”

6 When we want to advance into bold new sectors of medicine, what should guide this progress? Nothing inspires the team at Elucent Medical like serving the needs of patients as it finds ways to treat them with the care, dignity, and respect they deserve. Their innovative mindset and commitment to people have seen them named Leading Stereotactic Surgical Navigation System Company, 2022 – USA, in GHP’s 2022’s Global Excellence Awards. We take a closer look at the firm in light of this success. Pushing Surgery Forward! he world of medicine must constantly move ahead to serve the needs of patients through new techniques and technologies. Evolution in healthcare must address unmet clinical needs through efficient and effective means. The team behind Elucent Medical has made it their mission to ensure that their innovative solutions suit the specific unmet needs of patients and physicians worldwide. The focus of Elucent Medical has been on delivering physicians the ability to return to the precise location of cancer for treatment with real-time surgical navigation. Based in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, the team targeted the various difficulties associated with breast cancer treatments. Breast cancer affects 1 in every 8 women, given there are 3.9 billion women worldwide breast cancer ranks second in leading cause of death for women. The patients who are faced with a breast cancer diagnosis, leading to a targeted surgical removal treatment are faced with a biopsy and localization done with image guidance. Most undergo an invasive image guided “hook-wire localization” procedure the morning of surgery to assist in locating the tumor which has been the standard of care since the 1970’s. Finding a less intrusive, less painful, and more precise manner of that not only replaced the need for a hook-wire but also enable surgical tools that provided real-time navigation to the surgeon for the exact location for targeted tissue was first and foremost in the minds of the Elucent Medical team. To this end, founders Laura King, Lee Gravatt Wilke MD, Fred T. Lee MD, and Dan van der Weide PhD, each brought diverse skills to the table, further enhanced by the talented Elucent Medical team. United under a common goal, the firm has been able to secure impressive success in pushing the boundaries of clinical medicine with innovative technology. Their incredible product, the EnVisio™ Navigation System, redefines wireless navigation to solve the unique challenge presented to them by medical professionals, namely, how to return to a precise location for intervention to deliver a therapy or excise targeted tissue. First-generation navigation technology employs optical “line of sight” concepts or wired solutions that use camera-tracked tools for navigation systems. The innovation behind Elucent Medicine wireless, real-time navigation uses the proprietary SmartClip™ placed inside the body. The SmartClip™ is then able to send its unique signature “voice,” which indicates precisely where the target specimen plus the desired margin of healthy tissue before the surgical intervention. This product is FDA-cleared to remain permanently implanted as a fiducial soft tissue marker should surgery be deemed unnecessary. It’s not just those with breast cancer who can benefit from this new approach. Stereotactic Surgical Navigation also opens the door to treating diseases in soft tissues that lack anatomic landmarks, such as the lung, lymph, and colon. The SmartClip™ introducer offers patients a painless and unintrusive solution. The location of the SmartClip™ technology enables the EnVisio™ System to navigate the surgeon back to the cancerous tissue. The design of the EnVisio platform is to enable hospitals and physicians to utilize commonly used surgical tools and equipment that integrates with the EnVisio product portfolio further empowering the healthcare team to deliver the very best work on behalf of patients. In cancer, precision matters, and the need for this exciting, innovative approach to surgery has long been overlooked by companies, with medical practitioners settling for old-fashioned techniques that get the job done but might not deliver the best outcome for the patients. The new perspective offered by Elucent Medical, inspired by remarkable technological advances, has shifted viewpoints showing the incorporation of surgical navigation platforms deliver improved patient outcomes. The EnVisio products bring this advancement to the breast cancer space. T Apr22247

GHP Q4 2022 As new developments continue to enter the market, the Elucent Medical team intends to continue its winning strategy of delivering precision navigation for anatomical localization of soft tissue through integration with the surgeons cutting tools modernizing surgical technological solutions. Evolving is no easy task, but the team behind Elucent Medical has made it their mission. With a team of experts from diverse fields of expertise, they have delivered on their innovation, a next-generation navigation system that has enabled physician-guided patient procedures with precision. The dedication to redefining the standard of care to help improve patient lives is evident as the company reported over 5,000 patient procedures performed with EnVisio Surgical Navigation. With such triumphs behind them, it is clear that their success in the Global Excellence Awards is well deserved. We are excited to watch their growth. Company: Elucent Medical Name: Ginger Sands Email: [email protected]

8 GHP Q4 2022 As a private healthcare provider, Harley Street Injectables has made itself a rejuvenating, front-running, and foremost service for facial aesthetics. Nominally, its services are in aid of rejuvenation, antaging, and non-surgical facial and body treatments that include preventatives and a holistic attitude to both health and confidence. It hopes that the work it does with its clients will allow them to reclaim their self-worth and love the body they’re in, no matter how old they are. The hustle and bustle of modern life can be hard on skin; this is something that Harley Street Injectables has known since day 1, and that it dedicates itself to helping ease for its clients with rejuvenating and anti-aging treatments that are minimally invasive and maximumly effective. Fundamentally, the non-surgical services it offers have thusly become known as life-changing in their transformative nature, allowing clients to regain the spring in their step. It also offers leading dermatology that is just as exemplary, helping clients in being rid of acne, acne scarring, weight loss, tightening, and lifting. Moreover, with each procedure being specifically recommended by its professionals in a consultation during which Harley Street Injectables’ outstanding experts can tell a client what they think would help the most, its services will also be additionally tailored to fit each person’s case. This does an exemplary job of showing over telling its clients how it does not believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach. On the contrary, its vetted practitioners utilise their rigorous training to deliver the most innovative techniques, using only those they think will be most relevant and effective according to the over 50 years of combined experience shared between them. Accredited, world-renowned, and discrete, its staff are each frontrunners in their fields. Therefore, its treatment plans have become well known for the customer service acumen therein, with CEO Alice Henshaw treating the body dysmorphia treatments and ethical implications of her institute’s work as of paramount import. Alice’s own expertise is part of what draws clients to Harley Street Injectables, after all, with her incredible industry experience developing a loyal client base and referral network. Indeed, using her own influence to push towards greater innovations for Harley Street Injectables and cosmetic procedures in the macro scale, it hopes to continue developing new skincare products going forward. With this on the horizon for the near future, as well as a continued push towards dissipating the stigma still held towards aesthetic injectables, it hopes to keep leading by example. In this way, clients can continue to depend on it for the creation of naturally beautiful results that boost confidence in a discrete and reliable manner, allowing clients to regain self-esteem through the offerings of its CQC registered premises. Welcoming every gender, age, sexuality, race, and background, it simply wishes to do its best to help everyone who walks through its doors. The awards and glowing reviews it has won over its storied career promise to keep being the springboard that allows it to keep pushing this, and with over 10,000 procedures a year and counting, it is greatly looking forward to what the future has in store for it. Company: Harley Street Injectables Contact: Alice Henshaw Website: Best Skin Advisory & Treatment Experts - Central London Aug22161

9 GHP Q4 2022 Mental health has been in the media spotlight dozens of times over the past decade, with awareness increasing on a daily basis. However, there is still a great amount of work to be done – that’s where Focus 4-1, a lifesaving organisation, comes in. Most Innovative Mental Health User Led Organisation - Europe anessa Anenden has accomplished a lot in her life: she is a Master Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner with a BSc in Pharmacology, has worked as a Forensic DNA Trainer and Scientist, is a Mental Health First Aider, and much more. Vanessa also has lived experience of Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, severe depression, and severe anxiety – experience that she uses to help others through her organisation, Focus 4-1, London’s first 100% user-led mental health organisation. Priding itself on its independent status, Focus 4-1 works with and is run by individuals living with mental health issues who are currently accessing or who have previously accessed mental health services. The aim is to encourage, enable, and empower these individuals to thrive and accomplish their goals, no matter what their diagnosis may be. After all, Vanessa firmly believes “that the best people to know what they need is the individuals living with mental health challenges themselves. By turning the current approach on its head, I believe this approach will give every individual living with mental distress a voice and help them empower each other, themselves, and other people.” The best way of gaining an understanding of mental health issues is, of course, by speaking about them, and Focus 4-1 puts the “expert by experience at the centre, not at the edge.” For far too long people dealing with mental health problems have been shunned, their voices taken away. This has only created a stigma surrounding mental illness, and as a result, many people dealing with such issues have felt ashamed or like they cannot access help as they’ll be turned away. Yet by creating a safe and accessible community, Focus 4-1 subverts this stigma, allowing people to express themselves without fear or judgement. Moreover, Focus 4-1’s work has had an even greater impact, becoming a pivotal meeting point for South West London and St. George’s Mental Health NHS Trust (SWLSTG NHS TRUST) to engage with its service users. This has led to the improved provision of mental health services, ward facilities, treatments, and aftercare with the home treatment team – meaning that Focus 4-1 has gone from becoming an important barometer on service quality to an important contributor, with this being further evidenced by SWLSTG awarding the organisation a primary care uplift contract. Focus 4-1 collaborates with each of its members for development and design projects, for which it holds focus groups and consistent ongoing discussions. As part of this development, the organisation is constantly reviewing and evolving its service offerings in response to feedback from both its members and public bodies, including the ICB and Mental Health Trust. This ensures that its services are reflective of the needs and desires of those it supports. In addition, Focus 4-1 strives to be transparent, confidential, and upfront, maintaining itself as a small and agile organisation. However, whilst the organisation has had numerous triumphs, it has also faced several challenges. As a Black and Asian led organisation funding has been one of the most significant hurdles for Focus 4-1, as it has often been inconsistent or comes with constraints, which, with the organisation’s growth, has been causing greater problems. Indeed, this issue was further amplified by the outbreak of Covid-19, and it took the horrifying death of George Floyd for funders to even consider the organisation. These challenges have neither defined nor hindered Focus 4-1, as its success can be measured by the number of members that are still with the group; since 2013, no member of Focus 4-1 has died by suicide. Contact: Vanessa Anenden Company: Focus 4 1 CIC Web Address: V Aug22272

10 GHP Q4 2022 Sleep is of great importance, especially for babies. They’re going through a rapid stage of development and such growth takes place when they’re sleeping – which is why a lack of sleep can cause a wealth of issues for both the baby and the parents.Therefore, companies like Serene Baby Sleep Consulting have been designed to get sleeping back on schedule, providing relief for all the family. Best Pediatric Sleep Consulting Company - California etting your baby to sleep can be a difficult task, especially during the sleep regression that takes place at around four months old. A lack of sleep can cause several issues – a grumpy or fussy baby, sleep deprivation, and even developmental delays. There is, however, a solution: sleep consultants can support both you and your child through their sleeping journey, providing you with helpful advice, tips, and tricks to ensure as little sleep disruption as possible for you and your child. Serene Baby Sleep Consulting is one such service, providing pediatric sleep consulting to parents in order to solve their child’s sleep issues through establishing lasting healthy sleeping habits via tried and tested scientific approaches. The company’s unique methodology is built around gentle yet highly effective strategies that aim to solve the root cause of the problem, and this is, quite simply, why Serene Baby Sleep Consulting has a 100% success rate. Moreover, the company largely works with babies aged between 0-36 months, with many of these clients joining Serene Baby Sleep Consulting through referrals from previous clients, collaborations, social media, and word of mouth, the latter of which the company notes as being ‘huge and priceless’ in terms of client acquisition. Whilst Serene Baby Sleep Consulting’s work speaks for itself, its clients’ testimonies certainly help. For example, one customer, named Kathy, writes, ‘I can’t believe that my baby is sleeping through the night. After 3 days of working with Ghislaine, our son began sleeping through the night. It felt so good that I asked my husband if we should check on the baby. I couldn’t believe that he can sleep through the night. Ghislaine was our sleep fairy. Highly recommended!!!!!’ Mentioned in the comment is the company’s Owner and Founder, Ghislaine Nnaji. A qualified Pediatric Sleep Consultant, Newborn Care Specialist, and a Published Author of the book “A Nurturing Approach to Baby Sleep Training: A step-by-step guide for new moms”, Ghislaine boasts over ten years of experience in the field, helping countless babies to sleep through the night and providing relief to the parents. With two children of her own, Ghislaine knows first-hand the frustration and exhaustion that sleepless nights bring, and therefore, she is able to completely empathise with each and every client. Within her current position, Ghislaine manages a small team, who she describes as her rock, but this does not deter her from getting involved in every client’s journey. Serene Baby Sleep Consulting prioritises client-centricity, developing a culture that supports the family through every step. As such, the company’s mission can be described in three words: hopeful, helpful, and healthy – it instils hope for better sleeping habits, helps families reach their goals, and creates healthy and well-rested babies and parents. During the pandemic, the importance of the team was greater emphasised, as the demand for sleep training consulting increased tenfold. This is largely due to the rise in remote working and families spending more time confined in the same space. Whilst under normal circumstances Serene Baby Sleep Consulting would have fulfilled such services face-to-face, the pandemic and introduction of restrictions made this impossible, so the company had to adapt quickly. Serene Baby Sleep Consulting has had to become more innovative in how it offers its virtual services, as it is vital for the company to maintain the same standard and results. So far, this has been extremely effective, and has set Serene Baby Sleep Consulting up for an exciting future! Contact: Ghislaine Nnaji Company: Serene Baby Sleep Consulting LLC Web Address: G Aug22713

11 GHP Q4 2022 a reliable and innovative business that has altered the way we see sustainability in this realm. Fundamentally, its infrastructure is one of teamwork, customer service, quality products, and high energy growth, with the best people numbering amongst its ranks in order to make the best products possible. Such a staff have made its current unblemished reputation possible, and – even in the face of Covid-19 – it is proud to say that recent challenges have not stymied its development. With a huge increase in demand for products used in Covid-19 testing, it will continue to step up to the plate for the medical industry, expanding its facilities and market segment in a sustainable push towards the future. Company: ATP Adhesive Systems Contact: Daniel Eng Email: [email protected] Website: The producer of single and double-sided adhesive tapes and films, ATP Adhesive Systems has made itself an independent and innovative company at the very forefront of the industry. Committed to offering the best of the best when it comes to competitive prices, sustainability, and quality products, its customer specific developments and solutions have set it head and shoulders above its competitors at every turn,making itself astrongvoice in plastics, automotive, aerospace, medical, hygiene, construction, and electronics. ATP Adhesive Systems is a company of German make that embodies the ideas of German ingenuity. Nominally, its products are all developed with specific industry applications in mind, as ATP understands that one size certainly does not fit all. Whether it’s crafting products for automotive clients or aerospace professionals, it will always put its heart and soul into crafting the right product for the right job, allowing it to become a staunch partner to its clients. Using state-of-the-art coating and converting lines to produce high grade single and double-sided self-adhesive tape systems including heat-activated systems, all of which are produced latex and solvent free in order to be environmentally friendly and recyclable. Thus, its products for the medical sector have been developed with the OEM directly. Dependant on the OEM it is in service to at the time, ATP also works with tier one partners in order to scale-up a project appropriately, allowing its tape to be used in products that integrate seamlessly into existing high-volume manufacture. This all begins with understanding the nitty gritty of a client’s requirements. The R&D team works in its Swiss laboratories and translates its clients wishes to actionable parameters that the German production plant can act on. With its class 7 clean rooms further customizing the tape solution into die-cut pieces supplied on rolls, bulk, or individually packed – and even sterilised – allowing the products to go straight into the customers distribution networks. Its internal culture is one of taking great pride in each of these processes. With ISO 13485 certified converting facilities in the UK, ATP has established itself as Best Client-Specific Sustainable Adhesive Products 2022 – Europe Sep22322

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13 GHP Q4 2022 Helping its patients to transition from acute care to post-acute-care environments, Twelvestone Health Partners hopes to be the support system that its patients can rely on. With its clients being the sufferers of chronic and complex medical conditions, this faithemboldened organization has gone through several evolutions that have led it to where it is today, earning it a reputation as the education and infusion services company that allows patients to regain control over their lives. Most Patient-Centric Chronic Care Medication Managment Company - USA ne of the foremost faith-emboldened chronic care medication management organizations in the USA, Twelvestone Health Partners has built itself around patients and their families, helping those suffering with a huge range of conditions to manage their symptoms and control their pain effectively. From multiple sclerosis to haemophilia, its onsite infusion centres are conveniently located in suburban areas with good transport links. Being a specialist pharmacy that gives patients access to the medications they need on time and within budget, its packaged medications – as well as in-branch and at-home infusions – have secured it a reputation for reliability and excellence all over the Southeast of the country. With 7 locations, it expects much more growth as it moves towards a bright future, forecasting the doubling of its number of locations within the next year and a half. Having begun in 1980, it has gone from single retail pharmacy to multiple company pharmacy, and then to specialty pharmacy, showing that such development has characterized this company since the very first days of its operation. Nominally, its clients select it over its competitors for its dedication to a higher purpose, experience, channel partners, access to multiple payer relationships, care co-ordination, patient centric delivery model, exemplary staff, leadership, innovation, and strategic joint ventures. With a streamlined service that cuts the red tape away, allowing its clients to access what they need when they need it, it recognises that those with chronic illness will require more support than the average patient. Indeed, each patient will also need a vastly different mitigation strategy each. Depending on the person themselves, their medical history, their condition, and all manner of other factors, the required treatments could be highly variant, and it rejects the status quo of treating all patients the same, instead treating them with the individual respect they deserve. This excellence, its committed staff, and its comfortable infusion centres have all endeared it greatly to its clients and their families. Therefore, 12 Stone Health is confident that it will only continue to grow from here, looking forward to unveiling its new infusion centres as far as Atlanta and Nashville, allowing it to reach out to and help so many more people, achieving its mission of more broadly accessible care for chronic illness sufferers. Company: Twelvestone Health Partners Contact: Amanda Cecconi Website: O Aug22692 One of the foremost faithemboldened chronic care medication management organizations in the USA, Twelvestone Health Partners has built itself around patients and their families, helping those suffering with a huge range of conditions to manage their symptoms and control their pain effectively.

14 GHP Q4 2022 Leading Innovators of Breath Analysis Technology 2022 is a title that perfectly describes Bedfont Scientific Ltd. Innovative, advanced, and helpful, the company’s products provide a new way to monitor and manage breath analysis. Breathe Easy With Bedfont Scientific Ltd. ince 1976, Bedfont Scientific Ltd. has been manufacturing medical technology in the form of breath analysis monitors; Smokerlyzer® for smoking cessation; ToxCO® for emergency services to mass screen for CO poisoning; NObreath® to aid in the diagnosis and management of asthma; and the Gastrolyzer® aids in the detection of gastrointestinal disorders and food intolerances. Such products have been built upon the company’s mission statement – ‘Through technical innovation and professional best practice, Bedfont Scientific Ltd. creates leading-edge breath analysis medical devices. With family values at our core, we not only aim to significantly improve quality of life, but to save it.’ Indeed, Bedfont Scientific Ltd. is a hub for innovation, working with carefully selected distributors who are vital to the company’s success, and together they work to educate governments, key opinion leaders, and healthcare professionals worldwide about the company’s products and the issues they’ve been designed to aid. Moreover, Bedfont Scientific Ltd. has been in business for over four decades, and it is now on its second-generation of family ownership. Of course, this comes with several benefits, as Jason Smith, Managing Director, explains, ‘As a second-generation family company, our knowledge is passed down – it stays within the family. This, coupled with the understanding of new business methods and technologies that arise from changing worlds, gives us a competitive advantage against others.’ This has been vital to the company’s success; however, its employees – the Bedfont Family – have also been integral to the company’s growth. Therefore, when hiring new employees, Bedfont Scientific Ltd. searches for individuals who are driven to innovate and induce change, and of course, they must be willing to invest in the company just as Bedfont Scientific Ltd. invests in them. In essence, Bedfont Scientific Ltd. takes pride in nurturing talent, offering a multitude of apprenticeship schemes and advanced training programmes that help it to specialise and grow new and existing departments. ‘The level of care and detail we put into our employees’ wellbeing and personal and professional progression has helped us have a low turnover of staff and low levels absence, but also gives us dedicated teams who are well trained and equipped to meet their goals, helping us to remain productive and profitable as a company,’ adds Jason. Prioritising this area of business was especially important in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, which posed as a potential threat to Bedfont Scientific Ltd.’s products, as Covid-19 spreads through the breath. Bedfont Scientific Ltd.’s breath testing procedures were allowed to continue as they are not classified as Aerosol Generating Procedures. The safety of such products – including bacterial and viral efficacy – was tested by Public Health England, with results determining the effectiveness of Bedfont Scientific Ltd.’s mouthpiece filters, ultimately finding that they filter out particles smaller than that of COVID-19, strengthening the safety of breath testing. ‘Additionally, we re-purposed our iCOquit Smokerlyzer to be used for healthcare professionals. The new iCOquit was adapted from the iCO following market feedback; it was initially designed as a personal device but due the demand from COVID-19 we brought production forward and it is now being used to help patients monitor their CO levels at home,’ Jason enthuses. Over the next few years, Bedfont Scientific Ltd. plans to continue developing its products, bolstering its growth, product ranges, and turnover. The company also vows to fulfil such developments in an eco-friendly manner. Sustainability is Bedfont Scientific Ltd.’s new focus, and it is currently reviewing all products, consumables, and packaging, but also making changes throughout production lines to reduce its climate impact. In terms of expansion, the company is setting its sights on the USA, as it has recently acquired FDA clearance for its NObreath FeNO monitor. Contact: Kristina Sedge Company: Bedfont Scientific Ltd. Web Address: S Sep22071 est. 1976

15 GHP Q4 2022 Arterius’ added value is defined by its technologies, offering to the biggest and best players in each medical device industry sector to enhance the performance of their products. There are various beneficial aspects which capture a share of a very significant market: • The central problem with the first-generation biodegradable stents was their large strut size (both thickness and width), and rate of failure (due to fracture or heterogeneous strut resorption). Arterius has an opportunity to develop a range of biodegradable stents to address these unmet clinical issues which are capable of overturning the longstanding dominance of metal products. • The competition is unable to replicate the mechanical benefits achieved by Arterius’ manufacturing process without infringing Arterius’ patent, affording Arterius, a significant head-start in the race to commercialise a biodegradable stent. • The cardiovascular and vascular products market, comprise both large, highly mature indications and numerous immature high growth markets, including the China/Asia regional markets, which have lower barriers to entry relative to the potential economic returns. • The Arterius team has significant experience in the development of medical devices. The development team is supported by a consortium of experts comprising of a clinical advisory team, regulatory team, and well-known material scientists and engineers from academia. The company has also formed several collaborative relationships with academic, clinical research centres and commercial partners to explore its patented core technology of solid-phase orientation to enhance the biodegradable polymer stentsmechanical characteristics. As Chief Technical Director with over 40 years of research experience in biomaterial sciences, Kadem Al-Lamee has been involved in and managed a number of these collaborations with major medical devices, biotechnology companies and academics. His role at Arterius is to ensure that innovation is always the highest priority within the various projects, leading to business success. Arterius employs highly skilled staff within the fields of polymer chemistry, biomaterials sciences, biomedical engineering, regulatory and quality assurance. The extensive and varied experience of its staff in different applications of medical devices allows them to apply its technologies to clients’ devices in a very short period of time. Arterius is now very much focused on its future, where it has plans to develop a range of technologies to be applied onto peripheral vascular biodegradable stents and drug-coated balloon products which are very attractive to the largest and well-resourced medical device manufactures. The most recent development in the range of devices being used are drug-coated balloons (DCBs). DCBs were developed to reduce high restenosis rates, particularly in peripheral vessels but also to prevent coronary artery in-stent restenosis. The surface of these balloons carries antiproliferative/anti-thrombotic drugs that is delivered to the vessel wall when inflated. The drugs help prevent restenosis in a diseased vessel wall with significantly less drug passing into the blood stream, potentially reducing unforeseen adverse events, including mortality. Arterius Ltd. is a medical devices company which was established by Kadem Al-Lamee and Alistair Taylor in 2009. The company’s goalsaretoapplyitsadvancedandinnovative technologies of biomaterial science and engineering onto its clients’ products to enhance their device performances, ultimately resulting in greater patient benefit. Arterius has established a strong pre-clinical data package around next-generation fully biodegradable drug-eluting stents. A stent is a small mesh tube which is placed in a diseased artery to keep it open following a minimally invasive procedure to widen the blood vessel (also known as angioplasty). The clinical performance of stents depends on the following parameters: the mechanical and physical properties of the material utilised to produce the device, the device design, and the effectiveness of the drug incorporated into the device to prevent restenosis (re-narrowing). Although metal stent technologies have been evolving for decades with claims based on improved outcome due to the advancement of these parameters, there are fundamental problems with inserting (and leaving) a permanent implant in a blood vessel. These problems manifest months or even years following the procedure in the form of thrombosis, lumen re-narrowing, chronic local inflammatory reactions, mechanical behaviour mismatch between stented and non-stented vessel, and may also reduce options for future (needed) interventions. While these events are relatively rare, the widespread use of metal stents places an unacceptable burden of morbidity and mortality on doctors. Following stent implantation, the need for vessel scaffolding and drug delivery are only temporarily (6-12 months) required until the arterial remodelling, and healing is completed. Therefore, the first-generation biodegradable (polymer based) stents were developed to provide comparable mechanical support for long enough to prevent restenosis of the diseased arteries, before disappearing once their job is done. However, the larger physical dimensions (stent strut thickness higher than 120-micron) of these biodegradable stents, the low tensile strength, and the low radial strength, have resulted in other, unforeseen consequences, in the form of slightly higher rates of thrombosis and difficulty with stent implantation. High tensile strength material helps to achieve a stent with high radial strength and thinner struts to improve trackability, flexibility, and deliverability to smaller vessels. Hence, Arterius has developed a novel low-cost manufacturing process which enables the production of the next-generation high tensile strength polymeric biodegradable stents with the lowest strut thickness (95-micron) comparable to the best-in-class commercially available metal products. Leading Innovators of Vascular/Cardiovascular Scaffold Technology 2022 Sep22346 Company: Arterius Ltd For the technologies contact: Kadem Al-Lamee, PhD, CChem, FRSC – Chief Technical Officer Email: [email protected] Website:

16 The future of healthcare is in how we leverage technology. Since 2015, the team at Implantica has been developing a broad patent-protected product portfolio and pipeline primarily based on two platform technologies. With innovation and entrepreneurial success at the core of the firm, it’s little wonder we’re recognising their achievements in GHP’s Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2022, where they were named Most Innovative MedTech Company - Central Europe The journey to Implantica starts with Dr. Peter Forsell. He’s the firm’s founder, principal shareholder, CEO, a world-renowned specialist surgeon and inventor of most of Implantica’s product pipeline. He is always on the lookout for how fresh ideas and new innovations can serve to improve patient care and drive the business forward. Dr. Forsell has an excellent track record for successfully launching medical devices into the marketspace. His development of the adjustable gastric band led the way for new innovations, as it took 28% of the global market, excluding the US. Implantica is his latest business, one which is looking to move advanced technology into the body with the bold ambition to potentially transform care for millions of patients around the world. Healthcare is an expensive business, that will be revolutionised by technology in the years to come. Implantica stands at the forefront of that revolution, with almost 2,000 innovative patents in key markets around the world. Most eHealth technologies are focused primarily on gathering information from outside the body, but Implantica’s unique eHealth platform e-InVivo is designed to change treatment from distance, monitor various health parameters, deliver information to the caregiver and control treatment, all from inside the body. The eHealth technology platform was the basis for discovering not only how existing treatments could be improved but also developing new treatment options often previously seen as unachievable. Thanks to these improved technological advancements and treatment approach, the Implantica team has been able to drive unimagined innovation and create almost endless potential for improving healthcare. Such incredible achievements have been the result of a combination of Dr. Peter Forsell’s surgical and medical expertise, his experience gained from running successful medical implant businesses and strategic decision making. He led a talented team of 70 engineers to analyse the over 300 individual inventions which he had created in many treatment fields before 40 implant candidates were selected. This took eight years of development but has put Implantica in an incredible position. Implantica’s diverse medical technology patent portfolio is carefully designed to address large unmet medical/patient needs as well as to improve quality of life. Often specific disease areas have been underserved for many years, with severe consequences for patients and the healthcare system. By developing specific solutions focused on these areas, the team has ensured that their products will have the maximum impact on society at large. Implantica’s incredible innovations have proven immensely popular with the public, who are the ultimate beneficiaries of what they offer. It is, however, medical surgeons and professionals who need proven solutions to treat medical conditions. These medical professionals are often looking for new solutions that can transform their patients’ lives and are willing to explore stateof-the-art technology to better their patients’ health and wellbeing. Implantica’s products have the potential to revolutionise someone’s quality of life, especially those who might feel there is no treatment solution and no way forward at all. At the heart of much of what the team has been working on recently are two platform technologies. These take the form of an eHealth platform designed to monitor a broad range of health parameters, control treatment from outside the body, communicate to the caregiver on distance and remotely adjust treatment. Furthermore, a wireless energising platform has been developed, designed to power remote-controlled implants wirelessly through intact skin. It’s little wonder that the team is fiercely protective of their patents, having filed comprehensively with regards to this innovative platform technology. The team’s IP portfolio has grown significantly over the past few months, covering not only the eHealth platform in general, but extending the scope and term of patent protection for the pipeline products. As the industry continues to expand, the Implantica team and technology have secured their place at the heart of it. Moving forward, however, will depend on the successes of products already on the market or currently under development. The team’s research over the last few years has been focused on two treatment areas, gastrointestinal surgery and urology. Many people suffer from Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), which causes stomach acid to repeatedly flow back into the oesophagus, the tube-like organ connecting the mouth and stomach. More than one billion of the world’s population is affected by GERD, with 400 million suffering every day. Continued patient suffering, speaks of the highly ineffective nature of current treatment options for a large number of patients. RefluxStop by Implantica is the first treatment of its kind, an implantable device that will treat the root cause of acid reflux. This Jul22600 Healthcare Of Tomorrow