GHP Q4 2022

19 GHP Q4 2022 Everyone deserves the opportunity to build and grow a family. In keeping with that belief, the reproductive health start-up Twig Fertility blends the best medicine, technology, and compassionate care to help patients reach their family building goals. Making sure they see the person beyond the patient at every step of the journey;Twig is an organisation that relentlessly pursues a better fertility experience for one and all. Most Patient-Centric Fertility Clinic – Greater Toronto Area etup and operating out of Toronto, Canada, Twig Fertility is a modern and forward-thinking clinic focusing on family building, fertility preservation, genetics and wellness. Its team passionately believes that everyone deserves the opportunity to build a family and takes a whole-person approach to fertility care. As a proud advocate and supporter of the LGBT2SQ+ community and a trans-affirming space, Twig Fertility is mindful of ensuring everyone feels welcome in all aspects of their care. Twig champions inclusivity and welcomes people from across the full spectrum of lived experience, regardless of their gender identification, gender expression, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, religion, ability, or HIV status. “We’re creating the experience I wish we had when going through fertility care,” are the words of Co-Founder and former fertility patient Tanner Kohara regarding the clinic’s approach. Twig offers a range of fertility services including IVF, preimplantation genetic testing, egg freezing, sperm freezing, third-party reproduction (donor egg and donor sperm), and early pregnancy care. In addition, Twig provides in-house genetic counselling, reproductive, counselling, urology, and mental health services. Patients also have access to acupuncture, naturopathy, and nutrition coaching. Twig’s on-site, state-of-the-art embryology lab is designed to help its patients achieve the best possible outcomes . It is equipped with best-in-class technology to provide your eggs, sperm, or embryos with the best possible environment for growth, including a world-class air system – that ensures no dust, dirt, or viruses can impact the embryo’s development – as well as a time-lapse incubator, which provides both a safe environment for the embryo to develop and documents all the significant steps and changes. In addition, the embryology lab is accompanied by Twig Fertility’s andrology lab, where it performs semen analyses and prepares sperm samples for IUI, IVF, and sperm freezing. It is protected with the same rigour and care as the other lab and ensures everything is safe, efficient, and above board. A huge factor that Twig Fertility maintains a strong belief in is the balance between caring for Mental, physical and emotional wellbeing alongside its services. This is an essential part of the fertility journey in the eyes of the Twig team. As such, it empowers its patients by ensuring full transparency and understanding at every stage of the process, making each patient experience personal and tailored whilst being available for support at every step along the way. Twig Fertility continues to follow health care guidelines, including screening and mask- wearing and conducting as much interaction as it can virtually, versus in person. Some unexpected benefits are the increased openness to virtual consults due to more patient familiarity with telehealth practices which has supported lower inperson patient volumes that supports COVID-19 protocols. Twig Fertility looks forward to growing and expanding its operations in the Greater Toronto Area and beyond. It has already proven itself an imperative service to those seeking to build families of their own, with its cutting-edge technology and wellpreserved labs taking advantage of the latest in fertility science to ensure results. But what will always remain Twig Fertility’s greatest asset – and what truly makes it the Most Patient-Centric Fertility Clinic in the GTA – is the care it takes to ensure its patients are informed and cared for and that their goals are reached. From its focus on inclusivity to its balance of emotional and mental health, Twig Fertility is an exemplary clinic with gold standard services. Contact: Emma Mills-George Company: Twig Fertility Web Address: S Jul22516