GHP Q4 2022

GHP Q4 2022 temperature control, remote monitoring, logistics tracking, and disconnected connectivity. In addition to this, Right ePharmacy’s Pharmacy Dispensing Units have also become widely known across the industry. Able to vastly improve pharmacy dispensing capabilities with 24/7 accessible ATM Pharmacies, a single unit can serve up to 5580 patients a month during business hours, dispensing and labelling medication for patients. Using robotic technology, cloud-based software, and telepharmacy through live video links, patients get access to pharmacists and medication without needing to go to a physical pharmacy. Both of these Right ePharmacy solutions remove remote logistical hassle and results in an improved experience for the patient. Right ePharmacy also led the successful deployment of its solutions during the Covid-19 pandemic. This allowed countries to quicky scale and deploy responsive solutions to make medication safely available to patients, during lock down. This, together with supporting mass healthcare programmes such as the JansenSisonke vaccine trial. Having successfully expanded its reach in Sub-Saharan Africa, Right ePharmacy hopes to soon explore other emerging markets and territories such as Greece, Cyprus, and Brazil, to have its solutions reach more patients and impact more lives. Their team is well versed in ensuring compliance to local governance and regulation requirements when designing new procedures and workflows. Right ePharmacy’s clients range from public institutions and NGOs to private clients. Supporting environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) goals, Right ePharmacy has recently extended its services and solutions to the mining and automotive sectors. Adaptable, agile, and proud, Right ePharmacy is responsive in the face of healthcare needs and challenges, using innovation to address the issues faced by the traditional healthcare system. Company: Right ePharmacy Contact: Natasja Martens Website: Patient using one of Right ePharmacy’s innovative dispensing solutions, the Collect&Go SmartlockerTM