GHP Q4 2022

30 GHP Q4 2022 Canada’s healthcare system is under immense pressure, and those who suffer most are, of course, the patients. After over a decade of running pharmacies, Adesh Vora wanted to make a real difference. The result was SRx Health Solutions. We take a closer look at the team’s success in GHP’s Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2022 where they were named Leading Collaborative Pharmacist & Healthcare Network 2022 – Canada. A Better Way For Wellbeing n 2013, SRx opened two specialty pharmacies. The aim was simple. Deliver an integrated healthcare solutions model that considered all the stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem. The result was to be a one-stop-shop for those who needed quality, specialized care. From these humble beginnings, SRx has grown into a network of over 24 specialty pharmacies, 57 clinics, 4 clinical trial sites, 80 pharmacists, 250 nurses, as well as a wholesale and distribution division, a diagnostics division, PSP division, allied nursing and healthcare practitioners, and pharmaceutical regulatory/consulting/ pharmacovigilance services. Whatever your healthcare needs, the SRx team are able to provide a comprehensive system of help. For nearly a decade, SRx has been a pillar of support to numerous stakeholders, including patients, physicians, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and Payors. SRx’s integrated model, has enabled SRx to support Canadians with not only streamlined, comprehensive care, but care that is tailored entirely to need. Uniquely, the pharmacists employed by SRx are experts in chronic disease and specialty medication support, but they also provide support and added value for everyday prescriptions/ treatments too. SRx was founded out of a desire to fix a broken healthcare system and make healthcare simple. The need for this kind of healthcare reform has only been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the driving reasons behind our broken healthcare system is that it struggles to modernize and take advantage of the potential of new and trusted technologies. SRx has made a name for itself as a pioneer in leveraging technology to enhance health outcomes and to improve quality of care. In many ways, the SRx team’s embracing of technology has given it a major competitive advantage over their peers. They not only have an integrated model and collaborative network, but have developed a proprietary ACCESS (Automated Customization Commercialization Efficiency and Scheduling Solution) program. This drives every part of the business. Developed by SRx’s PSP industry professionals, ACCESS has eliminated the administrative burden for staff, allowing them to focus on high-value activities, such as patient and healthcare practitioner support and relations. Wherever appropriate, stages of the patient journey is automated using artificial intelligence as the bedrock of streamlining processes. What this does is allow healthcare teams to prioritize focusing on patients and their wellbeing. The streamlined solution has proven to support patients, physicians, and pharmaceutical companies in equal measure, bridging the gaps in care that might otherwise arise. Looking ahead, the team intend to expand their technological offerings to their patients, with a mobile app launched towards the end of 2022. This impressive model will further create a one-stop healthcare hub for on-demand access to quality services. With patients needing a wide range of care, the mysrx app gives them access to not only a pharmacist, but an appropriate specialist from the comfort of their own phones. Patients can track their treatments, fill their prescriptions and schedule free medication deliveries right to their door. As a hub for health, this is set to be the ultimate offering on the market. Patients deserve access to the best possible form of healthcare, and SRx isn’t just a step up from the service Canadians are used to, but has led enormous change in the way in which true comprehensive care is delivered. We celebrate their tremendous success and look forward to what they offer in the weeks and months to come. Company: SRx Health Solutions Name: Stephanie Nazywalskyj Email: stephan[email protected] Web Address: I Sep22182