GHP Q4 2022

44 GHP Q4 2022 Worldwide leader in laser skin health, Aerolase has over two decades of research and development under its belt. Aerolase treatments help practices and patients by improving treatment outcomes, reducing end costs, and improving profitability. Aerolase is our Most Innovative Laser Skin Health Company 2022 – USA. Leading the Way in Skin Health asers have been around in dermatology since the early 1960s when scientist Leon Goldman began to experiment with hair and tattoo removal and the treatment of pigmented lesions. Since then, many more treatments have been identified and processes refined. Laser device creator, Aerolase is on a mission to enable every skin health professional to help every patient love their skin. No mean feat when you think about the number and diversity of skin conditions they may be faced with. Take one of the most common skin conditions, acne. Those afflicted with acne can bear the physical and emotional scars forever. And whilst there are hundreds of different over-the-counter medicines, they can’t help everyone. Heating sebaceous glands, coagulating capillaries, and destroying acne bacteria using Aerolase treatments gives acne sufferers a safe and effective alternative to topical meds. It can reduce the impact of scarring, too. In fact, there seems to be almost no limit to what Aerolase devices can treat when it comes to both medical dermatology and aesthetic rejuvenation. The company has transformed these areas of laser medicine using patented design innovations. Arolase offers four laser packages for clinics: The Neo Elite® is effective for all-around skin therapy. Able to tackle 36 different conditions, this model is particularly effective for hair removal, melasma, facial veins, and nail fungus. Treatments are performed without the need for anesthetics or skin cooling which are often required for older laser treatments. Era Elite® promotes skin rejuvenation which works to combat the signs of aging. Reducing pore size, smoothing wrinkles, and banishing scars and sun damage, Era Elite® promotes radiant, healthy skin. Reverse by Aerolase® rolls Neo Elite and Era Elite into one package for clinics wanting to offer the full range of services to its clients. Improving upon existing lasers developed to treat vascular lesions, treatment with the Neo V®, is effective and comfortable. One plastic surgeon reported a dramatic reduction in the appearance of scars for patients who were victims of an explosion. Added to this formidable range is a light-based device, Exci308®. It is specifically developed to tackle autoimmune skin conditions such as vitiligo and psoriasis. Offering an alternative to traditional treatments for these conditions can be life-changing. Clients report being delighted with the end results and often remark on the painless nature of treatments. Requiring no contact, the procedures often don’t involve any ‘downtime’, leaving clients free to get on with their day. Aerolase makes a commitment to clinics, too. From those starting out in their careers to others with established practices, Aerolase is willing to provide the help and support needed to make the transition to being part of the ‘Aerolase Community’. To find out more about incorporating Aerolase into your practice, please visit the company website. Contact: Pavel Efremkin Company: Aerolase Web Address: L Oct22216