GHP Q4 2022

47 GHP Q4 2022 There’s not much that Rhian Adams doesn’t do in the health, wellness and parenting sphere. As a well-deserved winner in the Fitness and Nutrition Awards, GHP News spoke with Rhian to find out more about her numerous achievements, vision, and history. Best Health & Fitness Coach (UAE): Rhian Adams hian Adams wears many hats, to put it lightly. As an expert, influencer, and specialist, she has forged a formidable reputation in the UAE, and indeed around the world. Here, Rhian offers more insight, “I’m a Special Needs Mum, Camel rider and Advanced exercise specialist.” But that is only scratching the surface. Over the last 17 years, Rhian has worked with children and mothers, members of the royal family and sports players to help people to lead happier, healthier lives. Working within the UAE, Rhian has created an industry around her achievements and personality, as she continues, “I am actively involved in the Health and Fitness industry in the UAE. I regularly publish health and wellness articles and am eagerly waiting on the publishing of my new book - beautiful bump to bulletproof body, due to be released Spring 2023! “I am based in Dubai, originally from the UK and have competed in international sports competitions for bodybuilding in Australia, Iceland, Belgium, the UK and the UAE. I have also represented Wales, my home country, in Rugby and taken teams on trekking expeditions to Kilimanjaro.” It hasn’t all been smooth sailing, however. When it comes to challenges, Rhian has undergone experiences that have only helped to empower her, and reinforce that she is on the right path, as she explains further. “16 months ago, my son was diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome, a rare genetic disease affecting 1 in 15,000 babies. When we received Samson’s diagnosis of ‘Angelman Syndrome’ I had never heard of it. For something caused by chance on conception it could not sound any worse… severe developmental delay, intellectual disability, sleep disorders, inability to talk, life debilitating seizures, suppressed immunity and swallowing issues…. As you can imagine our life came to a halt, the diagnosis was followed with a lot of grieving. “One year following diagnosis we have had eight hospital stays (the longest being 28 days in intensive care for the whole of April 2021 where we nearly lost our beautiful son), hundreds if not thousands of seizures, a tube fitted into his stomach to consume water, a guessing game at his needs and many, many nights with no sleep.” Moreover, while the pandemic has been challenging for many, it has certainly impacted most people’s health and fitness. For Rhian, this was almost a justification for her holistic approach to health and wellness. After all, as she says, “fitness extends to so much more than the physical realm and maintenance of a body shape.” Being truly fit and healthy relies on a full body and mind wellness, as Rhian discusses further. “It encompasses the mental, emotional, and spiritual existence too which are all required to battle the many highs and lows of life, from, sickness, to the unknown, to spontaneous vacations to even surprise pregnancies! I have focused more on educating, empowering, and equipping my clients more than ever before and I am immensely proud of the enthusiasm and eagerness to become the best they can be in health and life.” As we move to conclude, Rhian takes a moment to look back on more recent achievements. “I competed in the Spartan World Championships at the end of this year, I knew that with my training history, skills and what I had been through the last 12 months that I would successfully complete the 21k run over the highest sand dunes in the world, and I finished the race in 5 and a half hours to finish in 8th place in my category and have taken first place in regional Spartans, alongside this I have been awarded Advanced Exercise Specialist Award and Silver Award for Personal Trainer of the Year. Recently, I was awarded Health Coach of the year by Beingshe - A women’s empowerment and entrepreneurship program in Dubai.” Among her many achievements, Rhian is also a: Certified Doula, offering evidence-based education on labour and birthing techniques, alongside post-partum recovery consultancy. Rhian is also a certified pre-natal Coach, and a prenatal Tutor and Assessor. Personal Trainer (PT of theYear for 2018, and a Runner Up in 2019) Parent and Lifestyle Influencer Creator of Babyandme (Mum and BabyWellness) Ambassador forWomensbest and Mumzworld Company: Fitforlife Name: Rhian Adams Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.rhia[email protected] Telephone: +971522751074 R Sep22307