GHP Q4 2022

Winners’ Listings 2022’s Global Excellence Awards Women’s Health Innovators of the Year 2022 Phil Groom Hegenberger Medical “Hegenberger Medical is an award-winning UK healthcare company dedicated to improving maternal health and postpartum suturing outcomes and improving the birth experiences of millions of women worldwide. The Hegenberger Retractor is a Scandinavian innovation, optimizing the suturing procedure and treatment of postpartum genital trauma by improving visibility and access for clinicians. The first innovation in the field of obstetric practice by a midwife for almost 200 years.” Best Medical Risk Analysis Company 2022 - Suffolk Munro Medical Solutions “Munro Medical Solutions provide medical risk analysis, medical support, bespoke medical kits and equipment, and medical training courses for corporations, organizations and individuals. Services include up-to-date medical and security information and support. Physical medical support and advice for clients going to remote locations and expeditions. Evidence-based medical training courses and bespoke medical kits. Every Step Of The Way!” Leading Providers of Metagenomics Services 2022 Mo Langhi CosmosID Best Medical Scribe Technology Provider 2022 - USA Deep Scribe Using proprietary AI and natural language processing, DeepScribe is automating the biggest administrative burden in healthcare: documentation. Through an easy-to-use iOS app, DeepScribe ambiently captures the natural conversation between clinician and patient, and then automatically produces notes directly into the medical record system. This streamline process saves clinicians 3-4 hours per day and allows them to focus more intently on their patients and rediscover a healthier life-work balance Leading Stereotactic Surgical Navigation System Company, 2022 - USA Ginger Sands Elucent Medical