GHP Q4 2022

Winners’ Listings 2023’s Global Excellence Awards Best Vitamin & Supplements Store 2023 - UK Charlotte Leaper Cambridge Nutraceuticals Cambridge Nutraceuticals helps people achieve a better quality of life through highly effective, scientifically researched supplements developed in Cambridge. Our UK brand is FutureYou Cambridge. Cambridge is part of our identity, it’s where we have developed close ties with world-leading institutions and highly regarded nutritional and medical experts who advise us. Every product is the focus of multiple clinical trials and is manufactured using the highest quality ingredients. Best Online Fertility Care Specialists 2023 - UK Lucy Buckley Dr Fertility Best Hormone Optimisation & Testosterone Replacement Therapy 2023 - UK Alphagenix “As men reach their 30’s, Testosterone levels can begin to drop below the optimal range, resulting in symptoms such as low libido, energy and mood, brain fog, erectile dysfunction, reduced muscle mass/weakness, lack of motivation, lowered self-confidence and depression. Alphagenix are passionate about improving the quality of life for men nationwide through education, investigation, diagnosis and the treatment of low Testosterone levels through TRT. Book a FREE discovery call today.” Best Dental Loupes Solutions 2023 - UK Thomas Hayes-Powell Bryant Dental Best Drug-Free Pain Relief Solutions 2023 - USA Amy Baxter Pain Care Labs Our drug-free pain solution platform and products are trusted worldwide to give Power Over Pain. Our patented mechanical stimulation frequency cancels pain, and our thermal vibration synergy treats pain and restricted motion. The technology developed for Buzzy for needle pain, VibraCool plantar, knee, and elbow solutions, and Duotherm for low back pain are NIHdeveloped and proven effective in over 80 clinical trials. Learn more today!