GHP Q4 2023

10 With the rising costs in healthcare, and the larger need for digital solutions, we’re proud to highlight the work of an independent pharmacy with a difference. Medvantx is a specialist healthcare firm based in San Diego, CA. Connecting patients with providers and healthcare organizations, Medvantx ensures they receive the medication and the treatment they both need and deserve. Here we talk to Medvantx’s CEO, Prasanna Parthasarathy, as it secures its title in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2023. Businesses can improve the user experience (UX) of their services with the help of technological solutions. These solutions, such as AI driven, easy-to-use platforms – especially those which incorporate modernized analysis and compliance regulations in addition to their base purpose of access to care for all patients – are pushing the boundaries of the healthcare industry as we know it. AI powered algorithms, which help with analysis of purchase patterns, ensure services can be streamlined and perfected – giving providers and manufacturers the chance to understand the demand within their sector, and allowing them to react in good time. In order to adapt to the trends of their industries, providers need the power of analysis behind them so that they can ensure their output matches the needs of their patients. Of course, the healthcare industry – especially health insurance – is complex, and the rising costs don’t make things any easier. With the digital age booming, we see more innovative solutions to simplify every process from sector to sector – and Medvantx’s technology is raising the bar for the healthcare industry in the present and the generations to come. Medvantx was established in 2013 to “bridge the gap between patients and their much needed medications.” Its core mission is to pave the way to patient access, and its work truly demonstrates its passion for helping those who need a better system to rely on. As a non-commercial pharmacy, Medvantx supports large pharmaceutical manufacturers in their endeavours. Its pioneering platform is helping it to address the difficulties that its clients face, and present them with everything they need to have access to the care they need at the time. Due to the transformative nature of the industry, Medvantx strives to deliver the best, and most sophisticated, solutions which are guaranteed to improve experiences of all people alike. Its work is being recognised more than ever, and it’s easy to see why. We all depend on the healthcare industry at some point or another. Whether we need to have access to long-term care or one off care, it’s inevitable that we’ll need to access different types of medication or services in our lives. A plethora of solutions have been created around the world for these moments, but Medvantx’s software has delivered a new dawn for the digital aspect of access to care. Medvantx collaborates with healthcare providers, manufacturers, and organizations in order to battle against the difficulties they face when trying to access the medication they require. The issues experienced could be due to financial constraints or insurance coverage limitations, but Medvantx has created a software that can do it all, for less. Working tirelessly to help a diverse plethora of individuals, Medvantx uses its core values to drive it towards success for the future of healthcare. Prasanna tells us, “Our clients primarily include individuals who find it difficult to afford or access their necessary medications due to financial constraints or insurance coverage limitations. Our specific focus is on creating accessibility for these individuals, leveraging our resources and technology to ensure they receive the medications they need.” Following on from entering the life-impacting medical device segment in 2021, the Medvantx INSIGHTS Platform was launched in 2022 to “further the advancement of access to care.” This platform gives Medvantx an edge over it competitors by helping patients to manage their medication seamlessly and in a timely manner. The innovative mobile and Cloud solutions within Medvantx INSIGHTS platform created a smoother UX. This not only helps to connect patients with their medication, but it also aids a “frictionless” relationship between patient and provider. Medvantx INSIGHTS platform is split into three distinct sections such as “Connect”, “Engage”, and “Analytics”. To start, its “Connect” Best Independent NonCommercial Dispensing Pharmacy 2023 – USA