GHP Q4 2023

15 GHP Q4 2023 upply Life invites its customers to make the necessary changes that their bodies need, and pledges to help those suffering from conditions brought on as a result of intolerances to certain foods. With its simple process, customers can begin to notice an easing of their symptoms after just days of making key changes to their diet. Bolstered by a team of expertly qualified nutritionists, any suggestions made will fit in with a client’s lifestyle and are certain to show results. More than 100 five-star reviews on the company site from customers, doctors, and coaches solidify the company’s claims, and make it the ultimate choice for those tackling the daily struggle of food intolerance. Supply Life’s easy-to-use home food intolerance test kit offers rapid results that are delivered within 7 days, and all samples are tested twice in the company’s Cambridge-based lab, done to ensure the findings are, “as accurate as possible”, explains Jack. Each customer is then provided a 12-page report and the business will test more than 200 different foods against the sample to see what food is best for their body. Founder Ricky Singh struggled with IBS for many years, and it was his desire to do something about this that set the wheels in motion for the establishment of Supply Life, which today helps hundreds of thousands of people manage their health effectively. After countless hours of studying his condition, Ricky realised that the key to managing his IBS was to cut the foods out of his diet that threw his metabolism off balance, and only eat the foods that he could easily digest. From here, the evolution of the endeavour was natural, and soon Ricky and his team had developed a test that cleverly identifies any food IgG antibodies in a blood sample binding to a food extract, thus indicating whether or not these antibodies are present. The innovative software then produces a unique printout of the results, matching the antibody result to each of the requested foods to outline what causes the issue. When a particular food causes high levels of these IgG antibodies, they form with protein in the food and form what is known as an antigenantibody complex. Although these are often eliminated by other cells in the immune system, occasionally they become anchored to tissues in the body, which leads to chronic inflammation and the on-set of symptoms. As one can imagine, Supply’s Life test is thus extremely useful for a host of people around the world, particularly athletes, who rely on their bodies for the purposes of advancing their careers. To this end, Ricky and the team have this year worked with Team GB athletes in the fields of rowing, cycling, and taekwondo, as well Supply Life offers the UK’s best-rated food intolerance test, and is trusted by doctors, Premier League football clubs, and professional athletes alike. Best for Food Sensitivity and Food Intolerance Tests 2023 awardee Supply Life helps customers with such issues as bloating, IBS, skin conditions, low energy levels and unwanted weight retention, with a whopping 92% of its customers seeing measurable benefits since partnering with the business.The company stands out as the only CE-marked intolerance lab across the UK, as well as being the only one to use microarray technology, and offer a full aftercare service, complete with a call from a nutritionist, a bespoke meal plan, 30-day on-going support, and access to guidebooks. We speak with Jack Sullivan, who provides further insight into the company and its revolutionary tests. Supplying the Means to Improve Life as four football teams and Matchroom Boxing. This is in addition to the more than 20,000 other people whose lives have been immeasurably benefited by the test in 2023 alone. Since being established more than 6 years ago, Supply Life has so far found in excess of 4.2 million intolerances, with an average of 12 found per test, highlighting its effectiveness. Having been featured in publications such as The Times, The Sun and Daily Mail, as well as being the food intolerance testing kit of choice for West Ham United FC, the quality of the results speak for themselves. With Ricky’s personal struggles battling IBS and an innate desire to help others driving the company forward, Supply Life has established itself as the UK’s leading food intolerance test kit, and thus is more than deserving of this award championing its successes in the field and making lives considerably better every single day. Contact: Jack Sullivan Company: Supply Life Web Address: S