GHP Q4 2023

17 GHP Q4 2023 “Our staff wellbeing is a priority at NewMed, with perks such as celebrating ‘workiversaries’, monthly tournaments, walking desks to help encourage healthy habits, a good work-life balance, flexibility, and the ability to work from home. Encouraging staff wellbeing allows us to create better working relationships, promoting collaboration within the office.” Ultimately, there aren’t all that many companies working in the PEMF therapy space in the UK, which has allowed NewMed some freedom to set its own foundations and work to its own pace, achieving growth organically over time. This growth has included the development of its own PEMF device, CELLER8, as Ellie continues. “The CELLER8 device was designed to fill the gap in the devices that we currently stock, so that customers have another option which ticks a lot of boxes that other devices do not.” This frames the company’s future too, as it looks to keep its client-centric focus while bolstering its services and product line to best achieve its working mission. “As well as working on the new device, NewMed wishes to remain as the leaders in the PEMF market and to continue to build on the brand. We have already attended various events and exhibitions to spread the word about PEMF,” Ellie concludes. Contact Details Company: NewMed Ltd Name: Ellie Baker, Marketing Co-Ordinator Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: Station Yard, Station Road, Harrietsham, Kent, ME171JA Telephone: 01622854864 y all considerations, PEMF therapy is still gaining ground in regard to becoming a known therapy in the larger market. Yet, NewMed Ltd has positioned itself as an expert in this industry, leading the way and setting the benchmark on best practices. The team’s ethos is one pivoted towards reducing bias, and reporting accurately on the benefits of PEMF therapy, which has, in turn, fed into its ever-burgeoning reputation. To put it all simply, its clients appreciate that its mission remains one catered to client-centricity – working in their best interests – rather than one dedicated to churning out sales, as Ellie explains in her opening comments. “NewMed works hard to help improve quality of lives by helping to implement PEMF therapy into people’s health and wellness routines. As the UK’s one-stop shop for PEMF therapy, it is NewMed’s mission to promote the benefits of PEMF through independent and unbiased reviews. Our passion for helping improve people’s health and wellbeing makes us stand out in the PEMF industry across the UK. We don’t only sell devices and let customers be on their way. We offer both before sale and after sale support, with customers still asking for advice years after purchasing a device.” This support can be provided across a plethora of platforms and outlets, including NewMed’s PEMF Podcast, free consultations, and its in-house education hub. Again, reaffirming the team’s position as true experts in this evolving and ever-advancing space. This is made all the more impressive when you consider that this team isn’t especially large, as Ellie moves on to discuss. “NewMed’s team come together as a collective to make decisions and input ideas. We have regular ‘out-of-office’ activities to help us maintain good working relationships between us all. In the PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) therapy space, there’s only really one name in the UK market that stands out, time and time again, for its frankly dominating presence.That name is NewMed Ltd, and it has firmly established itself as a key element on the greater landscape since its formation. We spoke with Marketing Co-Ordinator Ellie Baker to find out more about the team’s achievements following their recognition as this year’s Best PEMF Therapy Mats & Devices Company in the UK. NewMed Ltd: Your OneStop-Shop for PEMF Therapy B Oct23380