GHP Q4 2023

20 GHP Q4 2023 Oct23280 Today, Gabriella Bragée and Bragée Osteopati have helped some 10,000 clients to achieve a life defined by better health.Yet, Gabriella is only just getting started, with a goal to help ten times that number over the next seven years. We spoke to Gabriella on the back of Bragée Osteopati’s recognition in the Fitness and Nutrition Awards 2023 programme to find out how she delivers expert, life-changing services to thousands of clients. At its core, Bragée Osteopati is a clinic that provides osteopathy, myofascial treatments, and function medicine support. Driven by a holistic perspective to care and treatment, Gabriella has achieved extraordinary results for thousands of clients. By tackling treatment from a variety of different angles and perspectives, Gabriella improves the efficacy of her services and increases the likelihood of long-term change on behalf of the client, as she explains in more detail. “I differentiate taking care of the whole person, body, and mind holistically, from the inside out. I help people with simple but essential superpowers that can upgrade their health and become their healthiest version. I work with your breath, your body’s selfhealing capacity, and test-based life-changing nutrition balances: one cell, one breath, and one movement at a time.” All of this is brought into higher relief when you consider that Gabriella recently came out as a SCAD (Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection) survivor, as she continues. “However, I’m more than grateful. This leaves me with a great window of opportunity: to help others understand the importance of selfcare to help the body heal and be flexible enough as a solopreneur and business owner. To grab an opportunity out of a challenge, to find new ways, and to gain more knowledge about the female heart.” Capitalising on this opportunity, Gabriella has also started a blog to help others understand this rare and often mysterious condition. Yet, the heart of Gabriella’s expertise can be found in her background in corporate and board work in sports associations, which has helped ‘round out’ her approach towards one that balances holistic knowledge, with relevant industry and business acumen. With years and years under her belt in this space, clients can rest assured that Gabriella has the tools to help clients live healthier lives, whatever unique challenges she may face on the road to get there. “My clients have diverse backgrounds, but the exact initial expectations are to be served in better health – pain-free or with better nutritional balances, breaths, and minds.” Now, Gabriella is well aware that her reputation has reached a point that clients expect swift results, and she has so far retained that expectation. “My clients expect me to be professional and have an extensive network of other professionals. Finding the quickest and healthiest way to succeed is essential – away from the pain points or health risks the clients wish to mitigate or take charge of.” Ultimately, all of that has led to where she remains today, with all plans looking ahead at further expansion into new areas and opportunities to enhance her current treatment plan. Here, Gabriella offers some closing comments on what lies next for Bragée Osteopati. “At the end of 2023, I will expand and build in more breathwork and coaching in my clinical work. This enables me to offer a deepened healing and growth process for those who like to be captains of their own growth and personal development journeys. Breathwork is powerful, well-researched, and safe, and shows many beneficial health changes, such as lowering stress and anxiety and increasing general self-healing capacity within the body. And your breath is free, always accessible once you learn how to use it more wisely.” Company: Bragée Osteopati (osteopathy in English) Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: Snapphanegatan 12B, 281 36 Haessleholm Telephone: +46 736480502 Best Holistic Health Clinic 2023 - Sweden