GHP Q4 2023

23 GHP Q4 2023 evolving. To succeed as a business, Sigma must remain agile and adapt to the changing factors and trends that continue to shape the industry. By innovating its products and services, the business can be forward-thinking and help customers prepare for the future. Part of Sigma’s growth strategy has involved the creation of corporate subsidiaries like SigCare, SigSpecials, RXfarma, and the OPD laboratories. These different brands have helped the business diversify its portfolio and reach new audiences. On the growth of the Sigma Group, co-founder, Dr Bharat Shah CBE shares, “Our story is one of family success. We are strong in our belief that together we can make a difference in the world we live in, and this difference can be shared with everyone: our customers, our suppliers, and most importantly, our loyal staff members who are our greatest asset.” In the pharmacy sector, it is vital that staff are well-trained and competent in their roles. The customer service team delivers an essential service by providing fast responses to customers, who are often under substantial pressure to deliver. Sigma prides itself on its employees’ professionalism and places a high premium on its business integrity, providing transparent communication to build customer trust. Team members are also encouraged to be innovative, and within Sigma’s collaborative culture, they are encouraged to share feedback and ideas. Operating within the ever-changing pharmaceutical industry, Sigma continues to adapt its approach to incorporate the latest global trends and developments in technology. The business prioritises customers first and has remained steadfast in its values of evolution, integrity, transparency, and unity. These values continue to propel Sigma towards future innovation and support the company’s family-led foundation. The business is committed to the satisfaction of its esteemed customers, suppliers, and employees as without them, Sigma has no company. For its indispensable services, Sigma Pharmaceuticals plc has received our award for this year’s Best Independent Pharmacy Wholesaler. Contact: Dr Bharat K H Shah, CBE Company: Sigma Pharmaceuticals plc Web Address: ased in Watford, Sigma offers an industry leading range of products including generics, branded medicines, OTC medicines, parallel imports, and unlicensed medicines. It is the company’s mission to consistently grow while achieving satisfaction for its valued customers, suppliers, and employees. The business offers next day delivery with over 10 million boxes of medication delivered through its fleet every month and holds product licences in Bangladesh, China, and India. Sigma has been sourcing UK brands for a number of years and has a strong relationship with many EU countries that manufacture and strictly regulate their products. Sigma employs over 500 workers across various departments, ranging from admin staff, customer service teams, delivery drivers, pharmacists, R&D experts, sales teams, and warehouse teams. By utilising its market intelligence and experience, Sigma supplies an extensive suite of products to the health and care services sector. With temperature-controlled warehouses and cold storage delivery vehicles, the business can ensure the safe storage and delivery of its products to support its diverse clientele. Sigma’s new automated warehouse has been designed with the latest built-in FMD technology. Full Material Declaration technology is renowned in the industry as the best method for ensuring compliance with global product regulations. Warehouse automation and the speed of product collection are essential factors in making Sigma a reliable supplier among its competitors. The company is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of service and achieving consistent customer satisfaction through its delivery channels. Sigma’s primary client base is mainly based in the independent UK community pharmacy sector. In this competitive environment, the business has retained many loyal customers since its inception. As a family-run business, Sigma relies on an ethos of strength and unity which is integrated into its company culture. This operating ethos has resulted in the business’s growing number of happy customers across the UK independent pharmacy sector. The company is committed to a fast and streamlined customer response process from the initial order to order fulfilment. The entire process is completed within its purposebuilt warehouse to minimise picking mistakes which can lead to lost time. The world of pharmacy is always Sigma Pharmaceuticals plc is a family-owned business and the largest independent shortline pharmaceutical wholesaler in the UK. For over 40 years, the company has served its clientele of pharmacies, doctors, hospitals, and care homes. Dedicated to putting people first, Sigma caters to its customers with a wide range of products at competitive prices. Sigma’s continuous efforts to achieve customer satisfaction have won the business a Global Excellence Award for this year’s Best Independent Pharmacy Wholesaler. A Customer-Centric Approach in the Pharmaceutical Industry B