GHP Q4 2023

29 GHP Q4 2023 usion Aesthetics proudly offers cosmetic treatments that are delivered by skilled healthcare professionals, with this wide range of non-surgical solutions serving to demonstrably benefit clients and restore an innate sense of confidence through a noticeable difference in appearance. Areas covered by the company include beauty, injectable aesthetics, non-invasive aesthetics, laser treatments, facials, CACI treatments, and 3D Lipo treatments. With their expertise in the field of health to boot, Mark and Karen have curated a business that is representative of the perfect blend of medicine and beauty. The company offers standard beauty treatments as well as some more complex non-invasive and non-surgical procedures. Beauty treatments offered by the company are gel nails, lash lifts, and brow tinting/waxing, with each of these services being carried out to the highest quality of finishes. Within this category is also Fusion Aesthetics’ extensive range of facials, which includes the coolift facial treatment, dermapen & roller micro-needling, dermaplaning, LED light therapy (opera facial), platelet rich plasma treatment (vampire facial), microdermabrasion, facial spider vein, and finally, both carbon and CACI facials. Across this extensive range is something for everyone, whatever their needs may be. For those looking for stellar results from methods that are non-invasive and pain-free, Fusion Aesthetics’ selection of non-invasive aesthetics are sure to do the trick, with the company offering no-needle lip fillers, cryopen, 3D Lipo (fat freeze), as well as CACI bum and eye lifts. The name CACI arises frequently across the company’s treatment offerings, and it something that everyone in the industry or interested in this style of treatment should be made aware of. Since 1992, CACI International has been revolutionising the beauty with its cutting-edge technology, which offers advanced non-surgical treatments suitable for face and body that tackles a variety of skin concerns and delivers instantaneous results. This continuously innovative technology is favoured by an impressive selection of royalty, film stars, models, and beauticians worldwide, and as such, is often described as being, “the red-carpet beauty secret”. Key areas of focus for this treatment are improving the appearance of dark circles, toning, lines, and wrinkles on the face, and can be used on other areas of the body to tighten the skin, and reduce the visibility of stretch marks, cellulite, and jowls. Fusion Aesthetics is in possession of a top of the range synergy machine which offers all of the above treatments in addition to a gentlemen’s facial, hydratone, and purifying, to name just a few. On top of these excellent non-invasive solutions that serve as the perfect choice for those seeking painless treatment, an array of Sheerness in Kent is home to Fusion Aesthetics, a family-run business owned and operated by Mark and Karen Rendall, with this husband-and-wife duo both being skilled educators and Health Care Professional Council (HCPC) registered paramedics. Best Non-Surgical Aesthetics Clinic 2023 – Kent awardee Fusion Aesthetics was established a few years ago, when Karen decided to retrain and make a career for herself in the beauty industry. Using a range of medical techniques fused with aesthetics, a business was created that has grown from trading in a small private clinic and salons to today boasting its own high street clinic, more than seven years after this journey began. Elegantly Fusing Medicine and Beauty injectable aesthetics are also present, with these offering instant and long-lasting results that are sure to improve one’s appearance and immeasurably benefit both mental and physical health as a result of the newfound confidence this vast range of affordable treatments can bring. Offerings in this sector include wrinkle reduction injections, needle lip fillers, profilo, smoker’s lines, facial fillers, vitamin b12 injections, leg spider veins, slimming injections, fat dissolving, skin boosters, and hair restoration (PRP). Rounding off Fusion Aesthetics extensive list of services is its laser treatments, which include hair removal, tattoo removal, skin rejuvenation, as well as pigmentation, acne, wrinkle, and birthmark therapy, empowering clients to alter the elements of themselves they may feel uncomfortable with and champion their appearance. This is certainly the case for a great number of the company’s clientele, with many leaving five-star reviews on Facebook that frequently credit the professionalism, care, painless treatments, and helpful aftercare they receive, cementing the business as a standout entity in the industry. Ultimately, Fusion Aesthetics has established itself as the ultimate one-stop shop solution for all one’s non-surgical aesthetic needs, bolstered by Mark and Karen’s unwavering dedication to their craft and the offering of industry-leading services all delivered with tenderness. With all of this in mind, the company is more than deserving of this award celebrating its excellence in the field of aesthetic treatment. Contact: Karen Rendall Company: Fusion Aesthetics Web Address: F