GHP Q4 2023

31 GHP Q4 2023 perating out of a purpose-built rural setting, Dr Claudia Petillon has built a formidable clinic through a commitment to state-of-the-art treatment informed by undeniable expertise. From the outset, it’s clear that Claudia gave considerable thought to all elements of the clinic, ensuring that all patients are allowed total peace of mind the moment they pull into the (ample) car park. It’s about leaving an exceptional first impression that builds a complete image of professionalism and capability, as Claudia explains in her opening comments. “I wanted patients to be reassured by the cleanliness and professionalism of the clinic but also feel pampered when having their treatments. The clinic is ten minutes off the M1 and has major road links to Nottingham, Derby, and Leicester as well as being a few minutes from East Midlands Parkway train station. The clinic is surrounded by countryside, providing a very relaxed environment and a promise of discrete care. I am proudly a small business with only two dedicated staff. I am the medical director, and, as well as being a fully qualified GP, I trained in all areas of aesthetics, eventually becoming a trainer myself for a large aesthetic training company.” At the core of this is Claudia’s belief that client-centricity should form the foundation and cornerstone for all efforts in this industry. As she says, “size isn’t everything”, and her relatively small clinic – at least in comparison with larger businesses – allows for a more personal, dedicated quality of care for every single patient that comes through her door. “It is hard being a small fish in the aesthetics world and hard not to compare myself to larger clinics, but my main drive is patient satisfaction and a feeling of a job well done for each and every patient. I believe in delivering a business class experience and part of that means I do not want to overfill my clinic. I want time with my patients so I can give them one-to-one unrushed care. I appreciate that I could maximise my margin by reducing appointment length, but I thrive on my repeat business and giving the patient time to talk and understand their treatment options and give fully informed consent for treatment, which is vital.” “My business has grown organically over the past year with an increase in 42% in my patient numbers.” As it stands, Claudia has nurtured a strong reputation for a resultsdriven practice and cost-effective treatment plans. Yet, she remains diligently aware of the greater landscape, and areas of possible improvement – both in terms of treatments, and in further developing her own methods and offerings to meet, and exceed, current industry benchmarks. Claudia offers more insight into the newest treatment Established in 2017, Dr CP Aesthetics has swiftly become a standout clinic on the greater aesthetics landscape, renowned for its expertise and history of extraordinary success. We spoke with Owner Dr Claudia Petillon to find out more about her clinic on the back of her recognition as 2023’s Leading Aesthetics Practitioner in the East Midlands. Extraordinary Expertise in the East Midlands under Dr CP Aesthetics: “The newest treatment is the 3JUVE Lynton Laser system as very few clinics near me offer this service. It has three technologies which would appeal to every patient that walks through the door and fills a perfect niche in my aesthetics repertoire. I also purchased Dermaforce which is a micro needling and radio frequency device as I wanted a rejuvenating treatment that does not require injecting toxin or filler. This has been really popular, and patients love this ‘natural’ way of rejuvenation.” She adds, “The newest injectable treatment I am offering in clinic are the polynucleotides. It has become very popular with my patients to include alongside their regular maintenance therapies.” It must be emphasised that every treatment – and indeed, every member of staff – is only incorporated into the fold after careful consideration. At the front of that consideration is, always, a focus on maintaining the clinic’s current reputation and standard of care. That’s critical and will remain critical to Claudia moving forwards. She tells us, “I am very cautious about expanding my staffing as I need to maintain the highest calibre and standard of care. I thus want to grow my team slowly and carefully.” Ultimately, that careful diligence also defines how Claudia plans to expand and grow the clinic moving forwards. It’s not about capitalising on every opportunity, but about organic, maintainable expansion that maintains quality, as she discusses in her closing remarks. “I could have expanded further and faster by getting another injector, however I pride myself on being a small practice giving personalised bespoke patient care with the highest possible standards resulting in excellent patient retention and satisfaction.” Company: Dr CP Aesthetics Contact: Dr Claudia Petillon MB BS, MRCPCH, MRCGP Website: Email: [email protected] Telephone: 0115 772 2363 O