2019 Social Care Awards

10 GHP / Social Care Awards 2019 , Marine Academy Primary GHP Excellence Award in Educational Special Needs Management - South West England An innovative primary school supporting a range of pupils, Marine Academy Primary is ambitious, rich in aspirational values and totally inclusive. We profile the school to find out more and explore how it works alongside parents and caregivers to prepare pupils for the world of today. Marine Academy Primary is dedicated to creating a sustainable learning environment, full of opportunities for all. Specifically, it offers opportunities for many groups in the community. By working together with local strategic partners, Marine Academy Primary has created a learning strategy that will significantly reduce the number of young people not in education employment or training (NEETs) and the aim is to very quickly reach the point at which no student leaving Marine Academy Primary does so without a clear and aspirational pathway. The demands of the 21st century require Marine Academy Primary students to be alert to the emerging technologies and the new possibilities that this will create; they will be flexible, adaptable, evaluative and analytical, able to swiftly adapt to change. As such, the school develops its students’ skills so that they can become self-aware, independently minded and confident citizens of the future. Marine Academy Primary constantly seeks to improve education in northwest Plymouth and the City beyond. This personal investment in, and commitment to, education will lift the aspirations and self- confidence of its entire community for generations to come. Looking ahead, Marine Academy Primary is working with partners to position the Academy as a place of innovation and development, embracing sustainable achievement, to ensure that the children within the Plymouth community have access to the very finest of resources including the expertise of the University’s staff and also the mentoring and support of the student ambassadors. Education Outside the Classroom means that the school’s children are engaged with their environment, working with the richness and natural beauty of the school’s region, developing an understanding and knowledge of all that surrounds them, grounding their learning in the relevance of what is around them. Fundamentally, all of this means that Marine Academy Primary pupils and students have access to a unique combination of opportunities that will improve personal futures and Plymouth’s prosperity. This will remain central to the school’s ongoing focus over the years ahead. Contact Details: Company: Marine Academy Primary Contact: Siobhan Meredith Website: marineacademy.org.uk

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