2019 Social Care Awards

GHP / Social Care Awards 2019 11 , N.ableD C.I.C Best Exercise & Nutritional Therapy Providers 2019 - Southern England Jan19015 Drawing on Founder Nadine’s experience with the UK’s health and social care system, N.ableD works to provide an innovative range of solutions, which includes exercise therapy, nutritional therapy, physiotherapy, yoga therapy and massage therapy. Supporting a range of clients of all ages and abilities, the firm works collaboratively with clients to offer them a unique service offering, as Nadine highlights. “N.ableD is the only home-based health and wellbeing service that works collaboratively across multiple professional disciplines to support and empower vulnerable people to achieve great health and improve their quality of life. Our focus is on increasing our clients’ physical activity levels, N.ableD is a home-based health and wellbeing service for those who are looking to get their health back on track following an injury, illness or a recent hospitalisation. We spoke to Founder Nadine Denneth to find out more about the unique range of services her firmhas to offer in this vital sector. so we can help them to reduce or avoid unnecessary social care arrangements further down the line. “For example, strength and balance training can reduce the risk of falls in the home, yet people often mistakenly believe that exercising with a long-term condition will make things worse. More rather, the more conditions someone has, the more they need to improve their strength, stamina, flexibility and skill, which is why the work we do with our clients is vital in helping to prevent further deterioration and escalation of health and social care needs.” Looking ahead, Nadine is keen to drive the social care industry towards a greater focus on preventative measures to reduce the burden that many disabilities have on the NHS, as she explains in her concluding comments. Contact Details: Company: N.ableD C.I.C Name: Nadine Denneth Address: 4 Stirling House, Sunderland Quay, Culpeper Close, Rochester, Kent, ME2 4HN Telephone Number: 0300 030 1033 Web Address: www.nabled.org.uk “Moving forward, at N.ableD we would like to see more being done to prevent healthcare problems, such as frailty and cognitive decline - both of which can be significantly improved with exercise and nutritional therapy, to help reduce the costly, and often unnecessary, burden of social care. Our focus will remain on supporting our clients in this area, and we are thrilled to be recognised as one of the pioneering firms leading the way forward to address one of the biggest health and social care issues of our time. We will continue to lead the market in terms of recovery therapy and are excited for what the future holds for us and our clients.”

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