Social Care Awards 2020

6 GHP / Social Care Awards 2020 , The ambitious intention of theMarine Academy Plymouth is to create a systemwhere every single one of their students can go to University but in an increasingly complicated world, some people need a helping hand to achieve their full potential. We took a closer look at how it intends to apply its innovative and inclusive approach for the benefits of tomorrow’s world. Recognised Leaders in Educational Special Needs Management - South West England Proud to be different, Marine Academy has big ambitions for its students. With a challenging curriculum and high expectations, the exceptional teaching staff accept no excuses for failure. They want their students to go on to achieve great things and will push hard to get them there, supporting them as necessary. Teaching across Key Stages 1-5, Marine Academy has the potential to teach its students from early days in nursery, right through to sixth form. As such, what it teaches, and the way in which it teaches, is incredibly important. The key ethos of a world-class education that champions traditional academic subjects, supported by politeness and discipline, runs through all the facilities. They ask of a lot of their students with the intention of preparing them for the future. This applies to those in need of special needs assistance. The school’s naturally ambitious approach does not preclude anyone from attending, and all children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) are welcome at any level. Marine Academy operate to incredible standards, with carefully implemented strategies ensuring no barriers Dec19150 to education from the beginning of a child’s school career all the way through to their final graduation from Sixth Form. All teachers at Marine Academy are recognised as teachers of SEND, accepting responsibility for the wellbeing and general education of these students. Each is expected to aware of the learning needs of all children in their care and differentiate their strategies and resources to ensure effective teaching. The scope offered by the term means that more able students might well require assistance even if not advertised by the SEND Code of Practice. The different aspects of the school handle the matter in their own individual ways, making the transitions between the key stages one of the utmost importance. By identifying those who have additional needs from primary school and offering an enhanced transition, this process can be made much more pleasant for all. These transitions apply at the educational flashpoints of year 7 and post-16, with the school working to make it as straightforward as possible with support from the Transition Coordinator to attend taster days as well as additional visits to colleges and other providers. This involves building up a trusting relationship with parents and carers, meeting regularly to ensure that the child is developing to their best possible self. At a primary and nursery level, SEND care is mostly handled by teachers while at the secondary school, a major project has been the Wellbeing Zone. This area is a purpose-built SEND space. In this space the needs of students with SEN and literacy needs can be met, as well as providing a place where help and support can be offered to those who need a helping hand. This is an important distinction, as SEN students do not operate to a separate curriculum to other students. They are all taught to the same standards and supported appropriately. As a result, SEN students are expected to achieve as highly as their peers throughout their school career. The need for excellence is entirely understandable in an increasingly competitive world, but the challenge is always to take everybody on that journey. Marine Academy goes above and beyond to engage with everyone that comes through its door, providing the world-class education it has become renowned for. Contact Details Company: Marine Academy Plymouth Contact: Siobhan Meredith Website: