Social Care Awards 2021

10 GHP / Social Care Awards 2021 , Dec20401 The Grove Care Home in Burnley, Lancashire, has been providing comprehensive care to the elderly and young physically disabled for more than a decade. Balancingmeticulous professionalismwith genuine compassion, the teamat The Grove has created a warm, positive environment inwhich residents and service users can truly feel at home. As the centre celebrates its well-deserved recognition at the GHP News: Social Care Awards 2021, Manager Claire Tighe tells us more. Situated in the Rosegrove area of Burnley, Lancashire, The Grove Care Home specialises in high standards of nursing and residential care for the elderly, providing CQC compliant care in a warm, friendly environment. Devoted to the happiness and wellbeing of its residents and their loved ones, The Grove has created a safe, stimulating and homely environment over the last twelve years. The team, headed by Manager Claire Tighe who is a registered nurse with more than twenty years of experience in care homes, is made up of qualified staff who are on hand to support the physical and mental needs of those in their care, 24 hours a day. Offering care on all levels for service users aged over 65, the Grove team is well-experienced and proficient in nursing, residential, respite and palliative care. However their support and care are required, the Grove team are committed to delivering it with excellence. To that end, the team is governed by the Principles of Care, which together culminate in a positive environment that treats residents and users as individuals. From encouraging independence and fulfilment to respecting the dignity of service users to providing companionship, The Grove goes above and beyond to ensure its residents are comfortable and content. The centre also guarantees delicious and nutritious meals, regular visits from religious representatives of all faiths, and a full range of creative and social activities. Residents are regularly consulted on what these activities should include and the resultant programme is expansive. From day trips and film showings to karaoke and quiz nights, clients are offered a wide range of activities that are intellectually stimulating, creative, sensory and, most importantly, fun. Whilst the ongoing pandemic may have put a temporary halt to excursions out, The Grove continues to honour its commitment to keeping residents entertained and active, with a ‘full and fun activity programme’ for all, as Claire tells us. ‘[There has been] crafts, competitive games, pyjama parties, football competitions, residents sending postcards to their loved ones, encouraging the community to send cards and drawings to residents, and developing penpals between locals. We’ve had regular cafe and afternoon teas, and we’ve celebrated VE day, summer gardening projects, 90th and 100th birthdays.’ Consequently, The Grove’s Activity Coordinator, Laura Foulds, was nominated for and awarded a Special Contribution Award by the local MP for her outstanding work, dedication and professionalism during the Covid-19 crisis. Indeed, the whole team at the home have felt the love and gratitude from the residents and their relatives during this challenging time. Their resilience, kindness, and total dedication to the happiness and wellbeing of their residents is further testament to the heroism of every member of staff. The Grove has always prioritised communication with relatives of residents and keeping families in regular contact. Whilst this has been made difficult during the past year, it is the efforts and adaptability of the home which truly merits the award for Most Companionate Care Home – Lancashire. Implementing stringent infection control measures that has seen the team constantly wearing PPE and doors closed to visitors, The Grove has committed itself to the safety of its residents, all whilst keeping the spirits of them and their loved ones high. “We’ve implemented video calls, window visits, regular newsletters to relatives, and important updates on restrictions to relatives and residents,” says Claire of the home’s efforts to balance physical and mental wellbeing. Whilst the pandemic may not be over yet, residents, service users and family members of The Grove can look ahead with optimism, confident in the knowledge that Claire and her award-winning team have their best interests at heart. Company: The Grove Care Home Contact: Claire Tighe | Manager Most Companionate Care Home - Lancashire