Social Care Awards 2021

16 GHP / Social Care Awards 2021 , Offering one of the most expansive ranges of techniques in the UK, Neurokinex is serving its clientele with a friendly and forward-thinking approach to rehabilitation. The company behind neurological rehabilitation centres in Hemel Hempstead, Gatwick and Bristol, Neurokinex is a social enterprise that provides specialised rehabilitation for people with spinal cord and brain injuries. It prides itself on the accessibility and inclusiveness of its programmes, dedicated to providing personable and friendly support to those living with various forms of paralysis. Included among the many conditions it manages are strokes and neurological conditions like multiple sclerosis and transverse myelitis. Additionally, the establishments it operates out of are all outpatient, community-based gyms that offer rehabilitation in an encouraging environment to clients learning to manage their diagnosis or long- term illness. Its programmes aim to optimise the individual client’s function through encouraging neuroplasticity, staying at the forefront of neurorehabilitation’s most recent breakthroughs. Furthermore, these programmes use the principles of intensive, purposeful and engaging activity to keep both mind and body stimulated, in weight bearing positions where possible. Such regimens focus on the client’s wellness progress by minimising secondary complications, focusing on attaining good cardiovascular fitness, strength and endurance alongside the maintenance of muscle length and health. With regards to those of its clients living with spinal injuries, its programmes Best Neurological Rehabilitation Programme - UK Dec20591 meet the exercise guidelines recommended for them. For Neurokinex, its focus in terms of social care lies in the prevention of secondary complications for its clients. There are a myriad variant issues that can all arise from long term management of the conditions they face every day – these can include reduced lean muscle mass, weight gain and depression - all of which seriously impact quality of life. Neurokinex is committed to supporting its clients in reducing the risk of these conditions and coping with them in an appropriate and effective manner. This also diminishes the risk of hospital re-admissions and improves the client’s independence through enabling greater motor function and physical ability. Furthermore, several of its staff have previously worked within hospital settings, and thus have seen first-hand the impact of such secondary conditions on patient wellbeing, as well as the impact of constant re-admission. By offering ways in which to reduce the risk of these circumstances, it helps clients to maintain good quality of life and increases independence. This rehabilitation company follows evidence collated from decades of worldwide modern research, constantly upgrading its existing measures and adopting new techniques as they are developed and released. Furthermore, Neurokinex was the first rehabilitation centre in the UK to offer new ‘wide pulse stimulation’ technology to its clients and is currently taking part in an innovative research study that seeks to investigate the use of transcutaneous spinal cord stimulation as a treatment for spinal cord injury. Neurokinex also regularly surveys its client base to gain insight from their experience. It prides itself on staying as informed as possible on the views of its service users, implementing their feedback into its plans for future development. Lastly, Neurokinex is a member of the internationally renowned Christopher & Dana Reeve’s Neuro Recovery Network. Membership of this body affords it access to the best in practical techniques and research. However, Neurokinex has found challenges regarding social care funding as it is prone to fluctuation, which unfortunately has meant for somewhat of a ‘postcode lottery’ for its users. In some areas, they can receive funding for their personal health budget and wellbeing, whereas some other users aren’t even aware such things exist. The pandemic has provided further challenges to social care in adaptation of services with the safety of its staff and clients in mind. However, Neurokinex was taken aback by the support and funding it received over lockdown; many took part in fundraising to help it stay afloat, as well as supporting the ‘Neurokinex Charitable Trust’ to allow it to continue providing the Step Up Scheme. This scheme offers newly injured clients six free sessions to give them the chance to trial the Neurokinex programme. Internally, Neurokinex is committed to cultivating an atmosphere of mutual positivity, encouragement and trust between clients and staff. When hiring, it focuses on the importance of teamwork and support, recognising each staff member for their individual strengths and contributions. It also ensures it introduces any prospective hires to the clients to allow them to give their perspective on the individual, as well as opening a dialogue up within the team to discuss whether the person fits. Company: Neurokinex Email: [email protected] Website: