Social Care Awards 2021

4 GHP / Social Care Awards 2021 , Forever finding newways to be an active participant in improving its community and services, the Leading Care Company is an exemplary home care provider. As it moves into a new year of operation, it discusses its dedication to quality care and social responsibility. Most Compassionate Home Care Agency - Berkshire Based in its home county of Berkshire, the Leading Care Company supports the people in its local area in all their care needs. Its core belief is that ‘home is where the heart is’ – as a premier care provider, it is dedicated to serving its clients within their own homes to ensure that those spaces are happy and safe. It seeks to change lives every day by delivering award winning support. Furthermore, it wishes all its clients to continue living as full a life as possible in their homes, achieving the highest standards with a dedicated team of empathetic and diverse professionals. It has become ever more committed to this over the past year of challenges, especially since the home has become the one-stop location for all of life’s activities more so than ever before. It prides itself on being safe, effective, and responsive. The heads of the company are also experienced healthcare professionals; Kieran Rabbitt, the owner, qualified as an optometrist in 2000, and his wife is a qualified audiologist. The owner founded Leading Care upon a desire to use his experience in care, professional clinical settings, and domestic work, growing a team that could truly make a difference. Alongside the owners, the rest of the company’s Care Workers have backgrounds in everything from specialised Dec20335 fields to nursing and are compassionate caregivers. The company wanted it mentioned here that it sends its thanks to every one of them for the work they do – their combined efforts ‘make a huge difference every day to each client’. Leading Care has accumulated this team over many years of attracting the right kinds of people and has a heavy focus on training. It believes that by ensuring its staff have the most up to date training and education below their belts regarding best practice and techniques, it will be able to serve its clients to the best of its ability as a company. Notably, this applies to its work with service users suffering from dementia. Its Care Workers treat each client with individual care and attention. The training that the team receives is a mixture of online and face to face training, and most of the senior team are completing further NVQs– this hankering for knowledge is encouraged, cultivating an atmosphere of forever bettering oneself. The business has also invested in leading healthcare technologies, enabling its Care Workers to be responsive, adaptable, efficient, and connected. Leading Care also has a dedicated recruitment consultant and applies a tried and tested strategy when it comes to recruiting new candidates for its team, many joining through word of mouth or recommendations. Due its positive and supportive ethos, Leading Care has a very low turnover rate, with Care Workers feeling motivated in their work. It also prioritises good communication within its ranks; due to this, the team have strong relationships with local councils and local Health and Social Care professionals. During the pandemic, Leading Care found itself having to find new ways to adapt. This included investing in altering and upgrading certain areas of its operation: IT and software was worked on to enable increased remote work for the office team, as well as allowing paperwork to move into a paperless format. During this time, Leading Care communicated closely with local authorities to remain flexible and safe in its practices. It has recently put a special Covid-19 response team together for one council and grown its Live-In service, wherein Care Workers live with clients in their own homes. The demand for this service has since only increased. Being based in Berkshire has given Leading Care an accumulative and expansive knowledge of working with a myriad of different demographics, cultures, religions, and needs. It is proud of the diversity in both the people it serves and its Care Workers, and believes that its vision, culture, and team will lead it forward to success. Presently however, its current challenge remains the pandemic and its management. Working with vulnerable individuals means that it is constantly working on ways it could be more diligent to protect their safety, an aspect of its business that Leading Care takes very seriously. Furthermore, it has increased its support, training measures, and developments for its staff, helping to make it the most attractive career proposition it can be for new Care Workers. Leading Care will also keep working with local communities including homeless shelters and hospices to better aid its community. Company: The Leading Care Company Contact: Abi Canvin Website: