Social Care Awards 2021

GHP / Social Care Awards 2021 7 , Jan21314 Providing hot meals to those in need has perhaps become evenmore important during the recent Covid-19 pandemic, due to thousands of elderly and vulnerable people having to self- isolate and being completely on their own. Clair Redman, the owner andmanager of privately run ‘meals-on-wheels’ service Home Delivery Lunches, tells us more about the company and how she has fought hard to keep everyone safe and business operating as usual. Best Lunch Delivery Service – Torbay Home Delivery Lunches is a small family-run business that cooks and delivers hot ready-to-eat meals to elderly and vulnerable people within the community. Operating from Torbay, the company delivers to the surrounding areas of Torquay, Paignton, Totnes and Brixham in Devon, and the service is available 365 days of the year. Manager, Clair and her husband William, took over the firm two and a half years ago. She tells us more about what it has to offer. “Our meals are freshly cooked and delivered hot to your door by our polite and caring drivers,” she begins. “The service we offer is invaluable to those who need help, who are unable to get out and it can be a lifeline. It’s also ideal for carers as they have complete peace of mind that the person they are looking after is getting a regular hot meal each and every day.” There’s a wide range of choice for the service users to choose from, with classic favourites being very popular, and there are one, two or three-course options to ensure everyone has their fill. Many of the staff members have worked for the company for many years and Clair describes them all as “a very loyal work force” and likens the business to one big happy family unit. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the team have all had to work hard together to ensure that the services they offer can still operate each day and that their clients still get their meals, with both staff members and the end users working with them to keep everyone safe. “Come rain or shine we were all determined that not even Covid-19 was going to stop us,” Clair says. “We kept our social distance whilst still trying to be there for our customers, especially the ones who have dementia and who are not totally aware of what is happening.” Regarding the future, Clair and her dedicated team are determined to continue their good work and carry on providing fresh, hot meals to those in need. Company: Home Delivery Lunches Contact: Clair Redman Web: