Social Care Awards 2021

8 GHP / Social Care Awards 2021 , Jan21066 Based in Scotland, Horizons Residential Care is committed to providing support to children. We speak toMarion Drummond who tells us more about what the organisation offers and how it is passionate about the care that it delivers. Best Care Home Group – Lothian Horizons Residential Care is a group of residential children’s homes supporting young people between the ages of 8-18 years old with bespoke care packages, created with the local authorities, to best suit the needs of the individual. Established in 2013 and based in The Lothians of Scotland, Horizons operates four separate residential homes which offer children a safe and nurturing environment for them to thrive. The firm prides itself on its bespoke residential care packages, which are created and delivered by passionate and experienced staff. Care Manager, Marion Drummond, tells us more about the organisation and its objectives. “Our focus is to deliver high quality, trauma-informed care for children who have experienced social, emotional and behavioural challenges. We believe that the development of relationships is fundamental in supporting our young people, the better we know our young people, the better we can meet their needs!” Marion and the team at Horizons are able to provide this support by offering a 1-to-1 staffing ratio for the children and young people, in order to ensure that they experience person-centred care at all times. The staff teams are competent and confident in delivering care which aims to meet and exceed the National Care Standards. Horizons understands that, to achieve the SHANARRI based outcomes and make a real positive impact on the future of our young people, this 1-to-1 ratio is fundamental to ensure the needs of every individual are met. Each service is designed to meet the needs of a maximum of three young people. This enables meaningful life space interventions to be sustained and progression made to deepen the positive growing experience that Horizons can provide and to support the young people to make sense of their past experiences and recognise their full potential. “It is our belief that working in partnership with professionals and families, combined with our ethos, will allow us to achieve goals and objectives for looked after children across Scotland.” Based in a small mining village in West Lothian, which frequently sees substantial snowfall (a challenge in itself) the staff- base at Horizons have risen to the issues posed by the recent Covid-19 pandemic and ensured that they were still able to operate safely and continue their good work. “We did have contingency plans in place should staff have to go into isolation or lockdown with our children and young people,” Marion explains. “Our staff have maintained their high standards and the 1-to-1 ratio of care throughout the coronavirus pandemic, due to their high levels of dedication and their commitment to the children and young people.” Indeed, the staff at Horizons are very determined to meet challenges such as the pandemic as a team and pull together to tackle any difficulties faced, as Marion states: “It’s a great organisation to be a part of – we’re all one big team. They are second-to-none!” Regarding the future, Marion foresees more of the same excellent work and care in the community, with the potential to expand services that are already provided to cover a wider area and encompass more young people who are in need of support. Company: Horizons Residential Care Ltd Contact: Marion Drummond Website: