Social Care Awards 2021

GHP / Social Care Awards 2021 9 , Nilaqua, part of the UKmanufacturer of NoRinse bathing products, Waterless Limited, is an innovative brand that has been transforming the lives of patients and nurses for over a decade. Providing ameans of washing bedbound and aquaphobic patients without water for a faster, easier, and less stressful bathing experience, Nilaqua’s award-winning solution is used daily by the NHS and care homes across the UK. Since 2009, the Gloucestershire- based team of innovators at Waterless Limited has pioneered bathing and hygiene solutions for the healthcare industry of the UK, striving to alleviate pressures on the NHS and its nurses whilst providing dignity and independence to patients. Nilaqua, one of the company’s leading brands, was created with that mission in mind and today provides hospitals, care homes, and patients living at home with advanced, eco-friendly bathing products that do not require additional water or rinsing. For patients who are bedbound, unstable on their feet, or suffer aquaphobia in addition to illnesses like Dementia or Alzheimer’s, washing can be upsetting, degrading, and generally lengthy and difficult for all parties. Nilaqua facilitates washing while seated or lying down, avoiding the risks of slips and falls, cutting cleaning time by 50% and providing a thorough clean that leaves hair and skin soft, without stress or upset. The “Towel Off” Nilaqua Hair Care and Body Care ranges use a gentle, water-based formula that can be used on all skin types for daily washing. Simply apply directly to the scalp or body, massage to lift dirt and grease and, once the product is wet and Dec20498 soapy, remove by thoroughly towel drying. Nilaqua eliminates the need for buckets of water and cloths, to create an easy, comfortable bathing experience. Moreover, the water-based solution offers an eco-friendly alternative to baby wipes, sachets, aerosols and more, as well as reducing wasted water. The majority of Nilaqua’s products are packaged using 25% recycled plastic & produced with 100% renewable electricity, whilst the formula itself is as kind to the environment as it is to the skin. As a relatively novel concept, Waterless Limited has ensured its Nilaqua products are easy to use thanks to its clear instructions and usage videos that are available on the Nilaqua website. The team also provides free samples to hospitals and care groups so that nurses can experience the revolutionary product for themselves, whilst the client testimonials on the Nilaqua website and social media platforms are apt references for the transformative power of Nilaqua’s offering. The team remains on hand via phone or email to provide support and advice to all nurses, carers, and patients. In order to maintain the high standard of customer service and innovation that Waterless Limited has become synonymous with across the UK, the firm invests heavily in its team. Rewarding hard work with staff meals, promotions, and bonuses, Waterless Limited has cultivated a positive working environment in which its team of innovators are regularly inspired in the development of new products. Including infusing fragrances into their immensely successful alcohol-free hand sanitizer, that tackled the virus in less than a minute and provided post- application protection through its antimicrobial layer that stayed on the hands instead of evaporating like most sanitizers. Many years ago Nilaqua believed there had to be a better, kinder way than alcohol and thus the hygiene range was born. Nilaqua’s non tainting, food safe surface sprays offer the same benefits for thirty days. Using a decade of research and experience in the hygiene industry, Waterless Limited has been able to make vital contributions to the protection of nurses and patients against viruses, bacteria, spores and fungi. Now, having recently expanded into a new production facility in Swansea and celebrating the firm’s success at the GHP News: Social Care Awards 2021, Waterless Limited is able to look ahead with great optimism. Powered by continuous innovation and a drive to improve the lives of nurses, carers and patients alike, Nilaqua has proudly established itself as a leader of the Personal Care market. Company: Waterless Limited Contact: 01453 357337 Website: or Best Waterless Product Provider - UK