Social Care Awards 2022

Social Care Awards 2022

2 GHP / Social Care Awards 2022 Editor’s Note , GHP News is delighted to announce the Social Care Awards 2022. Welcome to our Social Care Awards 2022, proudly hosted by GHP News! We aim to recognise the enormous contributions of global organisations and professionals who have provided the best possible care and support within the social care sector, particularly during the incredibly challenging Covid-19 pandemic. Social care is vital to provide direct help for those in need of physical, emotional and social support. Some of the services that are provided include welfare counselling services, aged-care assistance, adoption services, disabilities assistance and youth welfare etc. Sif Brookes, Senior Editor Website: AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

GHP / Social Care Awards 2022 3 Contents , Contents 4. Senior Moments Care: Best Domiciliary Care & Daytime Support Business - Lancashire 5. The Chaseley Trust: Most Innovative Nursing Home Charity - Sussex 6. Maidstone Home Care: Most Trusted PWD & Dementia Home Care Agency - Kent 7. HOPE Genesis NPO: Best Birth Rate Improvement Initiative - Greece 8. Valuing Individual People: Best Adult Dementia Day Care Centre – West Midlands 9. Checked In Care: A world where all people live their best lives with choice and dignity 10. Lilli: Best Health Monitoring Technology Specialists 2022

4 GHP / Social Care Awards 2022 , Jan22454 Senior Moments Care is a company based on the Fylde Coast. Fundamentally, it supports people who need that additional bit of support, but would like to remain in their own homes, giving them the ability to retain as much of their independence as possible by putting the power over their own care back in their hands. Its wellbeing team, a well-organised and well-trained group of experts who operate with empathy and understanding, also support those who live with dementia and other conditions in the accredited daytime support centre that it makes sure is ready to welcome to clients with open arms. Between both of these offerings, it makes clear that its priority is always the client. No matter their needs, no matter how complex, it will always go above and beyond to ensure they are comfortable and happy, granting them the respect they deserve and ensuring this goes both ways as often as possible by demonstrating a comprehensive knowledge of the challenges they face. In short, its focus is to provide relationship-based, flexible care packages. These allow its clients to continue living life to the fullest, doing the things they enjoy and having access to care as and when they need it, building its model of care around the knowledge that its staff have gathered over their years of experience in social care both in the Lancashire region and further afield. At Senior Moments Care, it believes that the way forward for social care is a holistic movement that combines empathy and expertise in equal measure, good communication taking precedence at all times so it can ensure everyone is on the same page. Nominally, it champions its open-door policy and the way it ensures constant, open discussion between clients and staff as the reason behind the lack of complaints it has received since its inception. As with every organisation in the care industry, it has faced difficulties over the past years regarding staffing, finding itself somewhat short staffed at critical moments and thus having to adapt its processes accordingly in order to ensure that no detail is left unattended to, it uses this to inform the excellence it is currently known for. Thus, despite the trials and tribulations posed to it by the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus, it has been able to pull through. With the backup of its daytime support team to provide shortterm cover for its home team workers, its daytime support service has been thriving, providing its service users with the additional support that they need throughout this period of increased isolation. Between its totally person-centric culture, its unique induction programme, and its position based in the Victorian seaside town of Lytham St Annes, it helps many private clients throughout the region, looking forward to continuing to serve them with its trademark diligence and excellence as it moves forward into 2022. Company: Senior Moments Care Contact: Sally Thompson Website: Best Domiciliary Care & Daytime Support Business - Lancashire Being an incredibly warmand friendly care organisation operating out of a sleepy seaside town, dedicated to excellent customer service and fantastic standards of care, SeniorMoments Care has made itself a linchpin for senior care in its area. With both its home visitation team and its daytime centre havingmade a name for itself by providing empathic, understanding, and professionallymanaged services that its service users appreciate for giving them the care they need whilst not hindering their independence, SeniorMoments Care’s focus on client happiness is second to none.

GHP / Social Care Awards 2022 5 , Dec21667 The Chaseley Trust (Chaseley) is an independent charityowned care home situated in a stunning location on Eastbourne’s seafront. It provides specialist, complex nursing care for adults with a wide range of neurological and physical disabilities, such as spinal injuries, acquired and traumatic brain injuries, stroke, loss of limbs and progressive conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, Motor Neurone and Parkinson’s Disease. Chaseley’s vision is to provide the kindest care to each and every person in its home. “Kind care is the best care that we would expect every human to receive,” explains Emma RichSpice, the Trust’s CEO. “Our multi-disciplinary approach to service delivery is governed by the simple principle that people are the beating heart of what we do – the people who use our services, the people who deliver our services and the people we collaborate with.” Chaseley’s primary purpose is to provide specialised nursing care that encompasses its core values of respect, empowerment, excellence, integrity, and community and the main objective of the Trust is to have a home that is positive and provides open and transparent care – this is done by incorporating an open-door policy as well as holding regular staff and resident forums in order to share ideas and discuss any concerns. The dedicated team constantly works alongside the residents and their families to create a real holistic community feel and it maintains strong working relationships with its professional partners and stakeholders, as well as with the residents and their loved ones, to ensure the best package of care is given to each resident. Chaseley aims to continually improve its services and working practices to ensure that it can deliver the best care possible in a safe and secure environment. It supports people to be reflective and embrace change, whilst motivating and empowering them to recognise their value and support them to reach their goals. Jodie enthuses, “Having a CEO that leads from the home itself and not from a desk has seen a real culture change here at Chaseley over the last year and has definitely improved staff and resident morale as well as promoting a holistic and balanced culture within the work force.” During the pandemic, Chaseley experienced a rise in applicants new to care and saw this as an opportunity to expand its team. The value placed on staff members is evident, and all employees enjoy a variety of benefits, such as competitive rates of pay, enhancement for additional full shifts, medical cover, free life insurance and shift flexibility within a rolling rota system. In addition, staff are provided with thank you incentives across the year, some examples being free staff meals, gift vouchers, and well-being gift packs. “Covid has had a massive impact,” Jodie states. “It has created new roles, as well as challenges within those roles, but overall, it has helped the team to grow. It has enabled us to all pull together, to show unity and respect no matter what your role is within the home.” Recently, Chaseley was recognised in the Global Health & Pharma Social Care Awards 2022 and named Most Innovative Nursing Home Charity in Sussex. Regarding the future, the Trust has completed a full building survey on the home, which has generated a 15-year development plan to modernise, update and refresh it throughout. Having just celebrated its 75th anniversary, the team wants to use this plan to ensure the home’s functionality and improvement in the services to guarantee another successful 75 years! The final thought comes from Emma Rich-Spice, Chaseley’s Chief Executive Officer, who was appointed in 2021. “Leading a Trust like Chaseley comes with great responsibility and this means working continuously to develop the capabilities of not only Chaseley as a building, but also that of its residents and workforce. It’s about understanding the world around which Chaseley resides and the development of a holistic setting, which protects the precious people we are lucky enough to look after and those key staff who work tirelessly every day to provide the best possible care there is. Thank you all for being so wonderful and amazing.” Contact Details Contact: Jodie Cornford Company: The Chaseley Trust Web Address: Most Innovative Nursing Home Charity - Sussex Officially opening its doors in October 1946, with its first patients arriving fromStoke Mandeville Hospital just a few days later, The Chaseley Trust has stood the test of time. We find out more in the wake of the Trust celebrating its 75th anniversary and being named in the Social Care Awards 2022.

6 GHP / Social Care Awards 2022 , Jan22450 Witha renowned reputation for providing excellent care for the elderly, vulnerable adults and the terminally ill,MaidstoneHome Care Limitedhas been recognised asKent’s Most TrustedPWDandDementiaHome CareAgency. Established as a family-owned andmanaged care agency,Maidstone tailors each care package to suit the delicate and specifically requiredneeds of its clients, all whilstmonitoring and adapting services to meet the evolvingnecessities of each individual – delivering carewithdignity and respect. Most Trusted PWD & Dementia Home Care Agency - Kent Based in the beautiful village of Aylesford, Maidstone Home Care Limited was founded on a simple mission – to provide outstanding care to its clients and to treat every person with dignity and respect while making sure they are clean, comfortable, and free from pain. A top tier service that captures the dedicated and compassionate nature of the establishment’s founders. Director Lois Laing expands on this notion and states, “We firmly believe that we lead by example. We do everything in our power to uphold the mission, vision and values that we set all those years ago when we first had our dream of how we wanted our ideal care agency to run. We are a small care agency, and we have purposefully stayed this way. Lyn (co-founder) and I are proud to say that we know every Client under our care and every carer employed.” At Maidstone’s, formerly known as ‘Lyn’s Care LTD,’ is reputable and proud of its high-quality delivery, a priority that is well regarded within the establishment. To keep their innate reputation for providing excellence in the healthcare sector, Maidstone only recruits, trains and develop people with a caring and empathetic nature. Thus, ensuring that the company will uphold its exceptionally high standards whilst providing a continual comprehensive training program with constant support for employees to develop skills that match the company’s integrity. “We have always been extremely selective in who we hire, and this has benefitted our care agency greatly. Every carer we have is genuinely caring, loyal, professional, and they really do go above and beyond their call of duty, especially in these last two challenging years,” explains Lois. For many businesses across the nation, the past few years have been a constant struggle due to the Covid-19 pandemic and its surrounding effects such as restrictions, guidelines, isolation and more. For Maidstone, it has been nothing short of difficult. However, Lois expands on the silver lining that has enabled the company to overcome these challenges and recognises its team as the benefactor. “Maidstone’s is a team that pulls together when we have staff shortages due to isolating; a team that pulls together to make sure that clients in need have food parcels, personal hygiene products, pads etc. The NHS is coming through for us to make sure we have everything that we need to do our jobs properly. Being a carer may not be the most glamourous job in the world, but Lyn and I are proud to be carers and work alongside our colleagues. They are the most wonderful, selfless and caring people we know.” Regardless of the shortages of carers across the whole care sector, Lois, Lyn and their incredible team at Maidstone have remained in good spirits and are continually amazed at the truly selfless length its carers will go to in order to keep clients and other colleagues safe. Maidstone’s is a total encompassing establishment that facilitates the true nature of caring, starting from the founders and is instilled throughout the workplace - capturing the wonderful essence of being a carer at Maidstone. Most notable, Maidstone is recognised for going above and beyond in order to ensure clients are well taken care of, even outside their premises and thus have been accredited for their care packages. Under circumstances where elderly patients are under ‘end of life’ care and don’t have family support to aid in the basic and essential items, Maidstone ensures they are not without by providing the care they so desperately require. Therefore, Maidstone offers the essentials such as bedding, blankets, washing bowls, flannels, shower gels, creams, incontinence pads, toilet rolls, wet wipes, bin backs, pyjamas and in some rare cases basic food items. “two of our wonderful Carers, Sue and Julie thought outside the box and were able to obtain a fund to help those in need and starter kits have now been made up. Not only does it offer the personal hygiene items detailed above, but it shows that although our patients may not have family around them, they are not alone. They have us there to support them, look after them and be there for them in such a poignant time in their life and to deliver our care with human kindness,” explains Lois. A truly devoted team of carers works within the walls of Maidstone. Despite the difficulties that many businesses face, the establishment has banded together to provide a continual and exceptional duty for care for its patients and workers, entirely deserving of the title Most Trusted Care Home Agency in Kent. Company Name: Maidstone Home Care Contact Name: Lois Laing Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected]

GHP / Social Care Awards 2022 7 , Dec21476 Founded in 2015 by Dr Stefanos Chandakas, MD, MBA, PhD, Obstetrician-Gynaecologist and Endoscopic Surgeon, HOPE Genesis is a Greek non-profit company operating in the health and social welfare sector, which aspires to reverse the trend of declining birth rates in Greece. We find out more about the company in the wake of it being named in the Global Health & Pharma Social Care Awards 2022. Best Birth Rate Improvement Initiative - Greece The aim of HOPE Genesis NPO (HOPE Genesis) is to reveal, analyse and study the causes behind the issue of low birth rates in Greece to develop actions and movements that will reverse the negative birth to death ratio. The Executive Committee consists of 16 distinguished professionals from the sectors of healthcare, communications, media, business, marketing and culture, and the team is supported by volunteer gynaecologists, nurses, midwives, administrative staff and other volunteers who share the same goals and vision. The Medical Team consists of 80 volunteer doctors, midwives, and other health professionals that are located in 15 different regions across Greece. HOPE Genesis fulfils its mission through the following programmes: 1. Adoptions of frontier regions and remote islands: by covering all the costs of pregnancy, childbirth, transport and accommodation of pregnant women at affiliated hospitals and medical centres. 2. Provision of in vitro fertilization (IVF) services: by covering all costs of IVF treatments for women who wish to become pregnant but face fertility issues. 3. Remote medical monitoring of the program’s beneficiaries (telemedicine devices): This is achieved through advanced and pioneering medical Bluetooth devices and a specially designed platform, so as to ensure the safety of pregnant women and their babies at all times. 4. Preschool children’s activity centres and nursery schools: by establishing preschool children’s activity centres and nursery schools in the areas where HOPE Genesis operates. 5. Conducting research: by documenting and setting out the birth deficit issue. 6. Planning the “Neighbourhood Nanny” programme: By creating infant and preschool children’s care services to help women combine motherhood and employment. 7. Conducting meetings and workshops: by raising awareness and training different groups as well as the general population. 8. Participation in the “Renaissance” program in frontier regions: by reinforcing local communities and native populations, under the auspices of H.E. the President of the Hellenic Republic Katerina Sakellaropoulou. 9. Fertility Awareness Campaign for Greece: by informing and raising awareness of reproductive health issues and providing financial support to women that are facing infertility issues. “Our flagship service, the one we actually started with, is the adoption of remote regions in order to provide free services to pregnant women or to women who want to become pregnant,” explains Project Manager Eva Papadaki. “Up until now, more than 450 families have benefited from the program in regions which, for more than three to five years, had zero to few births, or a high negative birth to death ratio. This positively and directly affects the socio-economic welfare of the local communities.” HOPE Genesis is the only organisation in Greece that practically deals with the demographic issue and the birth deficit and its contribution is twofold. “Firstly, it has helped keep the subject in the frontline of the news by constant surveys, relevant presentations, domestic and international media coverage and strategic partnerships,” Eva elaborates. “Secondly, it has helped in the actual increase of the birth rates in remote areas in need.” For the accurate review of its operations, the company uses its own metrics, including an annual or bi-annual appraisal and rating system for each project, which is also communicated to its sponsors and strategic partners. In addition, HOPE Genesis participates in workshops and seminars – such as the one organised by the Centre for Sustainability and Excellence – which evaluates its actions in comparison to other non-profit efforts. “It is worth mentioning, that a major sponsor used the Social Return on Investment (SROI) methodology for our common actions, which indicated that for every 1 euro invested, a social value equivalent to 3.80 euros was created. This result gives a very clear picture of the efficiency of our programme,” Eva adds. HOPE Genesis is no stranger to winning awards for its dedication and commitment to its cause, as well as for consistently experiencing positive results. Recently, HOPE Genesis was awarded for a second consecutive year at the Bravo Sustainability Awards 2021 – at the Bravo Society pillar regarding actions to support families on remote islands in an effort to reverse the birth deficit. Eva tells us, “HOPE Genesis works collaboratively with institutional and state authorities, EU and International academia, sponsors and donors, supporters, and volunteers, in order to establish a coherent strategy to reverse the birth deficit that currently exists and invest in policies that will enable Greece’s population to grow sustainably again. This collaboration reinforces our efforts to actually make a difference.” Most recently, the organisation was recognised in the Global Health & Pharma Social Care Awards 2022 and bestowed with the prestigious title of Best Birth Rate Improvement Initiative in Greece. It will continue on its mission to be the most dedicated business in the industry. Contact Details Contact: Eva Papadaki Company: HOPE Genesis NPO Web Address:

8 GHP / Social Care Awards 2022 Dec21438 Valuing Individual People is a day care centre witha difference. Aiming to ensure that its care is personalised to theneeds of the individual throughperson-centred care plans, eachperson is at theheart of the decision-makingprocess for the service they receive.Wefindoutmore as the company is named in theGlobalHealth& PharmaAwards 2022. Best Adult Dementia Day Care Centre – West Midlands Valuing Individual People (VIP) is an award-winning day centre specialising in adult care and supporting individuals to live well with all types of dementia, sensory impairments, and disabilities. Based in Redditch and Bromsgrove, the centre is open from 9am to 5pm from Monday to Friday. Operations Manager, Paula Watts, tells us more about working within this vital sector and the techniques employed by the centre to ensure that the very best service is always provided. “All of our members are given time and choice to help make their own decisions,” she begins. “We have many different techniques to help members do this, such as picture cards, sign language, letting members read lips or write down what they want or need, even taking someone’s hand and an eye gesture and a smile lets us know what the member would like.” The region has a large percentage of older adults which is beneficial to VIP as a lot of families wish to keep their loved ones at home for as long as possible. The centre helps do this by providing daily respite care which, in turn, gives the family and their carers a wellearned break. During the Covid pandemic VIP managed to stay open, apart from the very first lockdown, with all of its policies and procedures been updated and inspected accordingly. “We are proud to say we pass with flying colours,” Paula elaborates. “VIP works closely with social workers, doctors, nurses, and consultants, as well as the members’ families, to give all our members the best caring opportunities we can offer. Although it was affected for a short while, the centre is now back to full running capacity. “A lot more people heard about us through the pandemic and we helped many family carers through the worst times, as well as giving the members somewhere caring and compassionate to come to in order to have time for themselves, to make friends and stay part of their community.” Having worked in the care industry for many years, Paula is very aware of the different practises that take place and firmly believes that the level of care VIP provides is how everyone should be looked after who needs help to continue with their way forward in life. “Dignity, time and respect should be available for everyone and in a non-institutional way,” she says. “We should always look after our families, and that is without doubt what we have here, every member and colleagues are our family members.” It’s not just qualifications that VIP looks for when recruiting new team members either. Whilst the majority of the staff are qualified to level 5 and above, with ongoing training provided at weekends by VIP, it is also having the right attitude that makes a person a great fit for the centre. “For me, if they talk to the members as normal friends chat and have eye contact that is a big plus. Yes, their qualifications matter but to show they care, not just talk the talk, is a big plus. I can honestly say our staff stay with us because they are all treated fairly and we have a very open door policy. Our staff know we will endeavour to sort out any problems which may arise and help them confidentially sort things as much as we can.” Recently, VIP was recognised in the Global Health & Pharma Social Care Awards 2022 and named Best Adult Dementia Day Care Centre in the West Midlands. The award is testament to the dedication and commitment of Paula and the entire team. Regarding the future, VIP is now looking at franchise options to ensure that the right package of care can be given to each and every person. Contact Details Contact: Paula Watts Company: Valuing Individual People Web Address:

GHP / Social Care Awards 2022 9 , Jan22590 Our Checked In Care technology is an enabler for solving social care needs by creating new, improved approaches for the delivery of social sector care and support. Needs such as more effective communication between all stakeholders associated in the delivery of care, a single view of a care recipient’s service plan and service delivery, as well as worker access to information and tools so they canmore easily and effectively deliver care and support. And care provider management get improved oversight and control. Everyone in the care ecosystem benefits – people who are vulnerable, unable to support themselves or just in need of extra support; care recipient family; provider management and the board; provider staff; as well as informal support networks. A world where all people live their best lives with choice and dignity At Checked In Care, we are passionate about creating improved social, health and wellbeing outcomes. We partner, we collaborate, and we engage with like-minded people and organisations to do this effectively, efficiently and affordably. Partnerships underpin everything we do. We partner with our residential aged care, retirement living, home care and disability care provider clients. Our solution enables them to provide improved care experiences for their care recipients whilst optimising business efficiency and delivering high quality outcomes. Our vision for ‘a world where all people live their best lives with choice and dignity’, drives us and provides focus for our work. At Checked In Care we help provide a more person-centered and preventative model of social care that is rooted in supporting a person’s wellbeing, offering opportunities for an improved quality of life. Our technology connects people and activates communities to enable all people to live self-determined and meaningful lives. Coproduced with the person in the centre, our technology improves the operational efficiency of global social, health and care ecosystems. Checked In Care have several apps that support care recipients, their family and care staff throughout the whole care journey. Starting before formal care delivery begins, then continuing with the delivery of formal care and beyond. Checked In Care app Our award winning Checked In Care app gives care providers a way to deliver a better customer experience, better employee experience and better care experience. With Checked In Care providers get a connected digital solution that helps them streamline their operations so they can do more with less. Our easy to use care experience app connects you: • Increased cost efficiency and transform care delivery • Communication made easy and efficient • Seamless integration with existing and new systems and tools • Customised for a personalised care experience I am OK app Our FREE ‘I am OK app is for people not in formal care and provides support when family can’t physically be there. It provides family members with peace of mind. They know their loved one is ‘OK’. Community Circles Plus app Our Community Circles Plus app activates and mobilises the natural support system of a person. Their family, friends, neighbours, community resources and volunteers, that form part of their overall care and support system. We are constantly evolving our platform as we seek to use technology to solve social problems and streamline systems of care and support for care providers and people requiring care and support. Problems such as how to use digital solutions to support the care experience moving to a self-managed model. And how to connect the natural supports of family, friends and community to support the need of people for physical, emotional and social wellbeing and a sense of connectedness to community. Also, problems such as how to manage transition of in-home care models to the new Government ‘support at home program’. While we are well on our way to achieving our vision, we continue to be committed to challenging our thinking to design new digital ways of working that help solve social problems. Connect with us today. Contact: John Perkins Company: Checked In Care Web Address:

10 GHP / Social Care Awards 2022 Jan22162 Technology is the future of the care industry. Indeed, with the numerous challenges that the industry is facing – largely the increase in demand – it is inevitable that technology will begin to seep into residential homes, residences, and care facilities. Lilli is one of the leading companies working within this area, and its primarymission is to allow people to live in their homes for longer whilst continuing to receive non-invasive care, therefore increasing independence, and bolstering quality of life. Lilli, a company that offers proactive health monitoring technology, has grown exponentially over the past couple of years. Indeed, the company achieved a 50% oversubscription of its Pre-Series A funding round, which raised £4.5 million in March 2021. Lilli also acquired a chief strategy officer, chief commercial officer, chief technology officer, and a chief medical officer, boosting the team from four members in August 2020 to 22 by the end of 2021. A notable achievement during a turbulent time in which everyone was working remotely. The goal behind Lilli is simple – to enable millions of people to live independently in their own homes for as long as possible. As this issue begins to creep further into the public sphere, primarily due to an ageing population and the rising pressure on resources in the health and social care sector, Lilli has decided to take action. Through the use of SaaS technology, the company hopes to revolutionise remote monitoring for home care by moving away from conventional, reactive, alarm-based approaches to a highly accurate, preventive methodology. How does Lilli aim to do this? Largely through utilising behavioural analytics and sensor technology to create a baseline of an individual’s typical behaviour. In essence, the company places sensors within the home that monitor a range of actions – movement, temperature, night-time activity, and eating and drinking habits, for example. When the resident deviates from this routine or demonstrates wildly abnormal behaviour, Lilli’s technology sends alerts to the care circle, providing them with the chance to investigate and make that allimportant early intervention. Such technology is beneficial within the homes of the elderly or the vulnerable, namely those with learning disabilities or long-term neurological or mental health conditions. Lilli has cultivated a diverse clientele, working to aid those who have a high degree of independence, and also those that need a little bit of extra help. Either way, Lilli hopes to bolster their independence and allow them to live a full life without any significant intrusions. As such, Lilli gains much of its business through local authorities, housing associations, private care organisations and the NHS, because its technology allows for them to allocate resources to areas where it is needed most. Consequently, Lilli’s technology saves time, money, and resources, with benefits radiating from the organisation to the resident. Subsequently, the company is constantly searching for ways to advance its technology and is constantly innovating and refining its technology in relation to what works in the real world. A significant portion of this conducted through working alongside its clients to understand where their pain-points are and how best to resolve them. Henceforth, Lilli maintains a close relationship with decision-makers and frontline staff alike in the social care sector, and it uses these insights to inform its product development so that it continues to meet the needs of its clients. Over the past few years, the care industry has been under a great strain due to greater demand and a lack of funding. A Freedom of Information request from The Observer newspaper revealed that across 96 English councils there were 60,664 hours of undelivered home care in December 2021, compared with 15,905 in April. That’s a big increase in shortfall that has a major impact on individuals. As a result, the UK Government plans to invest £150 million on driving greater adoption of technology and digitisation in social care, with the aim of supporting independent living. This is further complimented by Build Back Better policy saw the government pledge to invest £5.4bn in adult social care over the next three years, including £1bn for initiatives such as improvement of digital and technological infrastructure. At the forefront of the industry, Lilli will benefit greatly from these investments, and therefore, it has a bright future ahead. Throughout the upcoming year, for example, Lilli will be entering an execution phase, in which it will be looking to further extend its offering to more housing associations and the wider private care space, such as domiciliary and homecare agencies. In the long-term, the company has plans to extend its operations overseas, with plans to launch in both the United States and Europe. Contact: Josh Murphy Company: Lilli Web Address: Best Health Monitoring Technology Specialists 2022

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