Social Care Awards 2022

6 GHP / Social Care Awards 2022 , Jan22450 Witha renowned reputation for providing excellent care for the elderly, vulnerable adults and the terminally ill,MaidstoneHome Care Limitedhas been recognised asKent’s Most TrustedPWDandDementiaHome CareAgency. Established as a family-owned andmanaged care agency,Maidstone tailors each care package to suit the delicate and specifically requiredneeds of its clients, all whilstmonitoring and adapting services to meet the evolvingnecessities of each individual – delivering carewithdignity and respect. Most Trusted PWD & Dementia Home Care Agency - Kent Based in the beautiful village of Aylesford, Maidstone Home Care Limited was founded on a simple mission – to provide outstanding care to its clients and to treat every person with dignity and respect while making sure they are clean, comfortable, and free from pain. A top tier service that captures the dedicated and compassionate nature of the establishment’s founders. Director Lois Laing expands on this notion and states, “We firmly believe that we lead by example. We do everything in our power to uphold the mission, vision and values that we set all those years ago when we first had our dream of how we wanted our ideal care agency to run. We are a small care agency, and we have purposefully stayed this way. Lyn (co-founder) and I are proud to say that we know every Client under our care and every carer employed.” At Maidstone’s, formerly known as ‘Lyn’s Care LTD,’ is reputable and proud of its high-quality delivery, a priority that is well regarded within the establishment. To keep their innate reputation for providing excellence in the healthcare sector, Maidstone only recruits, trains and develop people with a caring and empathetic nature. Thus, ensuring that the company will uphold its exceptionally high standards whilst providing a continual comprehensive training program with constant support for employees to develop skills that match the company’s integrity. “We have always been extremely selective in who we hire, and this has benefitted our care agency greatly. Every carer we have is genuinely caring, loyal, professional, and they really do go above and beyond their call of duty, especially in these last two challenging years,” explains Lois. For many businesses across the nation, the past few years have been a constant struggle due to the Covid-19 pandemic and its surrounding effects such as restrictions, guidelines, isolation and more. For Maidstone, it has been nothing short of difficult. However, Lois expands on the silver lining that has enabled the company to overcome these challenges and recognises its team as the benefactor. “Maidstone’s is a team that pulls together when we have staff shortages due to isolating; a team that pulls together to make sure that clients in need have food parcels, personal hygiene products, pads etc. The NHS is coming through for us to make sure we have everything that we need to do our jobs properly. Being a carer may not be the most glamourous job in the world, but Lyn and I are proud to be carers and work alongside our colleagues. They are the most wonderful, selfless and caring people we know.” Regardless of the shortages of carers across the whole care sector, Lois, Lyn and their incredible team at Maidstone have remained in good spirits and are continually amazed at the truly selfless length its carers will go to in order to keep clients and other colleagues safe. Maidstone’s is a total encompassing establishment that facilitates the true nature of caring, starting from the founders and is instilled throughout the workplace - capturing the wonderful essence of being a carer at Maidstone. Most notable, Maidstone is recognised for going above and beyond in order to ensure clients are well taken care of, even outside their premises and thus have been accredited for their care packages. Under circumstances where elderly patients are under ‘end of life’ care and don’t have family support to aid in the basic and essential items, Maidstone ensures they are not without by providing the care they so desperately require. Therefore, Maidstone offers the essentials such as bedding, blankets, washing bowls, flannels, shower gels, creams, incontinence pads, toilet rolls, wet wipes, bin backs, pyjamas and in some rare cases basic food items. “two of our wonderful Carers, Sue and Julie thought outside the box and were able to obtain a fund to help those in need and starter kits have now been made up. Not only does it offer the personal hygiene items detailed above, but it shows that although our patients may not have family around them, they are not alone. They have us there to support them, look after them and be there for them in such a poignant time in their life and to deliver our care with human kindness,” explains Lois. A truly devoted team of carers works within the walls of Maidstone. Despite the difficulties that many businesses face, the establishment has banded together to provide a continual and exceptional duty for care for its patients and workers, entirely deserving of the title Most Trusted Care Home Agency in Kent. Company Name: Maidstone Home Care Contact Name: Lois Laing Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected]