Social Care Awards 2022

GHP / Social Care Awards 2022 7 , Dec21476 Founded in 2015 by Dr Stefanos Chandakas, MD, MBA, PhD, Obstetrician-Gynaecologist and Endoscopic Surgeon, HOPE Genesis is a Greek non-profit company operating in the health and social welfare sector, which aspires to reverse the trend of declining birth rates in Greece. We find out more about the company in the wake of it being named in the Global Health & Pharma Social Care Awards 2022. Best Birth Rate Improvement Initiative - Greece The aim of HOPE Genesis NPO (HOPE Genesis) is to reveal, analyse and study the causes behind the issue of low birth rates in Greece to develop actions and movements that will reverse the negative birth to death ratio. The Executive Committee consists of 16 distinguished professionals from the sectors of healthcare, communications, media, business, marketing and culture, and the team is supported by volunteer gynaecologists, nurses, midwives, administrative staff and other volunteers who share the same goals and vision. The Medical Team consists of 80 volunteer doctors, midwives, and other health professionals that are located in 15 different regions across Greece. HOPE Genesis fulfils its mission through the following programmes: 1. Adoptions of frontier regions and remote islands: by covering all the costs of pregnancy, childbirth, transport and accommodation of pregnant women at affiliated hospitals and medical centres. 2. Provision of in vitro fertilization (IVF) services: by covering all costs of IVF treatments for women who wish to become pregnant but face fertility issues. 3. Remote medical monitoring of the program’s beneficiaries (telemedicine devices): This is achieved through advanced and pioneering medical Bluetooth devices and a specially designed platform, so as to ensure the safety of pregnant women and their babies at all times. 4. Preschool children’s activity centres and nursery schools: by establishing preschool children’s activity centres and nursery schools in the areas where HOPE Genesis operates. 5. Conducting research: by documenting and setting out the birth deficit issue. 6. Planning the “Neighbourhood Nanny” programme: By creating infant and preschool children’s care services to help women combine motherhood and employment. 7. Conducting meetings and workshops: by raising awareness and training different groups as well as the general population. 8. Participation in the “Renaissance” program in frontier regions: by reinforcing local communities and native populations, under the auspices of H.E. the President of the Hellenic Republic Katerina Sakellaropoulou. 9. Fertility Awareness Campaign for Greece: by informing and raising awareness of reproductive health issues and providing financial support to women that are facing infertility issues. “Our flagship service, the one we actually started with, is the adoption of remote regions in order to provide free services to pregnant women or to women who want to become pregnant,” explains Project Manager Eva Papadaki. “Up until now, more than 450 families have benefited from the program in regions which, for more than three to five years, had zero to few births, or a high negative birth to death ratio. This positively and directly affects the socio-economic welfare of the local communities.” HOPE Genesis is the only organisation in Greece that practically deals with the demographic issue and the birth deficit and its contribution is twofold. “Firstly, it has helped keep the subject in the frontline of the news by constant surveys, relevant presentations, domestic and international media coverage and strategic partnerships,” Eva elaborates. “Secondly, it has helped in the actual increase of the birth rates in remote areas in need.” For the accurate review of its operations, the company uses its own metrics, including an annual or bi-annual appraisal and rating system for each project, which is also communicated to its sponsors and strategic partners. In addition, HOPE Genesis participates in workshops and seminars – such as the one organised by the Centre for Sustainability and Excellence – which evaluates its actions in comparison to other non-profit efforts. “It is worth mentioning, that a major sponsor used the Social Return on Investment (SROI) methodology for our common actions, which indicated that for every 1 euro invested, a social value equivalent to 3.80 euros was created. This result gives a very clear picture of the efficiency of our programme,” Eva adds. HOPE Genesis is no stranger to winning awards for its dedication and commitment to its cause, as well as for consistently experiencing positive results. Recently, HOPE Genesis was awarded for a second consecutive year at the Bravo Sustainability Awards 2021 – at the Bravo Society pillar regarding actions to support families on remote islands in an effort to reverse the birth deficit. Eva tells us, “HOPE Genesis works collaboratively with institutional and state authorities, EU and International academia, sponsors and donors, supporters, and volunteers, in order to establish a coherent strategy to reverse the birth deficit that currently exists and invest in policies that will enable Greece’s population to grow sustainably again. This collaboration reinforces our efforts to actually make a difference.” Most recently, the organisation was recognised in the Global Health & Pharma Social Care Awards 2022 and bestowed with the prestigious title of Best Birth Rate Improvement Initiative in Greece. It will continue on its mission to be the most dedicated business in the industry. Contact Details Contact: Eva Papadaki Company: HOPE Genesis NPO Web Address: