Social Care Awards 2022

8 GHP / Social Care Awards 2022 Dec21438 Valuing Individual People is a day care centre witha difference. Aiming to ensure that its care is personalised to theneeds of the individual throughperson-centred care plans, eachperson is at theheart of the decision-makingprocess for the service they receive.Wefindoutmore as the company is named in theGlobalHealth& PharmaAwards 2022. Best Adult Dementia Day Care Centre – West Midlands Valuing Individual People (VIP) is an award-winning day centre specialising in adult care and supporting individuals to live well with all types of dementia, sensory impairments, and disabilities. Based in Redditch and Bromsgrove, the centre is open from 9am to 5pm from Monday to Friday. Operations Manager, Paula Watts, tells us more about working within this vital sector and the techniques employed by the centre to ensure that the very best service is always provided. “All of our members are given time and choice to help make their own decisions,” she begins. “We have many different techniques to help members do this, such as picture cards, sign language, letting members read lips or write down what they want or need, even taking someone’s hand and an eye gesture and a smile lets us know what the member would like.” The region has a large percentage of older adults which is beneficial to VIP as a lot of families wish to keep their loved ones at home for as long as possible. The centre helps do this by providing daily respite care which, in turn, gives the family and their carers a wellearned break. During the Covid pandemic VIP managed to stay open, apart from the very first lockdown, with all of its policies and procedures been updated and inspected accordingly. “We are proud to say we pass with flying colours,” Paula elaborates. “VIP works closely with social workers, doctors, nurses, and consultants, as well as the members’ families, to give all our members the best caring opportunities we can offer. Although it was affected for a short while, the centre is now back to full running capacity. “A lot more people heard about us through the pandemic and we helped many family carers through the worst times, as well as giving the members somewhere caring and compassionate to come to in order to have time for themselves, to make friends and stay part of their community.” Having worked in the care industry for many years, Paula is very aware of the different practises that take place and firmly believes that the level of care VIP provides is how everyone should be looked after who needs help to continue with their way forward in life. “Dignity, time and respect should be available for everyone and in a non-institutional way,” she says. “We should always look after our families, and that is without doubt what we have here, every member and colleagues are our family members.” It’s not just qualifications that VIP looks for when recruiting new team members either. Whilst the majority of the staff are qualified to level 5 and above, with ongoing training provided at weekends by VIP, it is also having the right attitude that makes a person a great fit for the centre. “For me, if they talk to the members as normal friends chat and have eye contact that is a big plus. Yes, their qualifications matter but to show they care, not just talk the talk, is a big plus. I can honestly say our staff stay with us because they are all treated fairly and we have a very open door policy. Our staff know we will endeavour to sort out any problems which may arise and help them confidentially sort things as much as we can.” Recently, VIP was recognised in the Global Health & Pharma Social Care Awards 2022 and named Best Adult Dementia Day Care Centre in the West Midlands. The award is testament to the dedication and commitment of Paula and the entire team. Regarding the future, VIP is now looking at franchise options to ensure that the right package of care can be given to each and every person. Contact Details Contact: Paula Watts Company: Valuing Individual People Web Address: