Social Care Awards 2023

11 GHP Social Care Awards 2023 Cheshire Psychology and The CTAD Clinic supports those with mental health struggles and offers training for professionals so they can better support their patients. We take a closer look at the company and what it does, after its recent recognition in the Social Care Awards 2023. Mental Health Clinic of the year 2023 - Northwest England ental health awareness has grown in the last few years, especially since the Covid-19 pandemic, as collectively we have faced uncertainties that intensified stress and anxiety. Even though mental health is more widely acknowledged now, it isn’t always understood, and speaking to someone that understands can bring a world of change to someone struggling. Cheshire Psychology is a small private organisation made up of The CTAD Clinic (The Complex Trauma and Dissociation Clinic) which provides support for people and professionals in relation to complex trauma and dissociation. The clinic is located outside of Malpas, but its services are also available through satellite clinics in Winsford, Northwich, and online. It offers assessments and diagnosis for PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) and dissociative disorders, as well as one-to-one therapy, supervision, consultation, and training. Even though there may be similarities, each person struggles differently, therefore The CTAD Clinic has an approach where therapy adapts to the patient and their struggles, to help them in the best way possible. An example of this is that the clinic uses electronic mail as part of the treatment process, helping people to remain connected to the therapeutic process between sessions. The separate identities are known as alters, and in some cases, alters may wish to communicate with the clinicians; access to email conversations facilitates this. Cheshire Psychology is always looking to improve and hopes to be able to make its services available for all, so people can seek the support they need to better their quality of life and wellbeing. Its services can be accessed privately, but referral from a GP or mental health professional is also an option that enables patients to be covered through NHS funding. As well as providing support, the clinic helps professionals and people with dissociative disorders with information to increase understanding and advocate for guidelines-driven therapy, with the aim to optimise patient care. For anyone who is struggling with their mental health, it is important that they reach out to someone who can help, and the bravery of doing so opens up opportunities for the improvement of their mental wellbeing. Cheshire Psychology’s client testimonials speak for themselves as one shares, “After having a traumatic accident at work, I was referred to Dr Mike Lloyd for CBT. Not being sure as to what CBT was all about, I was a little apprehensive as to what to expect. I needn’t have worried as Mike made me feel totally at ease. The therapy Mike has given me has helped in my return to work and stopped me avoiding the scene of my accident. I would recommend Dr Mike Lloyd to anyone needing this kind of treatment without hesitation.” Cheshire Psychology and The CTAD Clinic’s efforts to best support those with their mental health doesn’t go unrecognised, as it now holds the title of Mental Health Clinic of the Year 2023 - Northwest England. We look forward to seeing its ongoing support reach many more professionals and people in need of it for many more years. For more information on mental health struggles, the clinic has its own YouTube channel, The CTAD Clinic ( com/channel/UCzH2zZ12Atjmy4l2ewu7unw) where it discusses a variety of topics that may be helpful while waiting for treatment. Company: Cheshire Psychology and the CTAD Clinic Email: [email protected] Web Address: M Jan23409